How charming! The flash charms are back at Michael’s

I don’t even know what they’re called but if you were a girl in the 80s you probably had or wanted a plastic chain of these goofy charms or if you were a little older, may have collected and traded them to hang on your backpack. 

I had very few of these; my mother didn’t consider them a necessity and I admired the TONS some girls in high school could manage to thread onto one zipper pull. They were of the weirdest things: toilet seats, baby bottles, horse heads as well as the standard popular things of the day: records, roller skates and soda bottles.  

I have a few in my collection I can’t seem to part with but they were a lagniappe from an eBay purchase. However, I spied them in all their junky glory at Michael’s recently. The crafts chain is selling reproduction charms and chains for $1.99 a pop and no updating here: check em out —


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