Soft Drinks

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Pepsi Diet Pepsi Crystal Pepsi Coke Diet Coke New Coke TAB Tang Drink tablets Kool-aid A&W Root Beer Barq’s Root Beer Barq’s Cream Soda Hires Root Beer A&W Cream Soda Blue Cream Soda Canada Dry Tahitian Treat Cherokee Red Soda IBC Root Beer YooHoo Mello Yello Orange Crush Welch’s Grape Soda Vimto Ribena Robison’s Barley Water Tango Mountain Dew 7up Cherry 7up Sprite Horlick’s Ovaltine Orange Jigger Irn Bru Idris Fiery Ginger Beer Old Jamaican Ginger Beer 5Alive Capri Sun Squirt Schwepp’s Ginger Ale Shasta Fanta Canada Dry Ginger Ale Hawaiian Punch Lipton Tea Tetley Tea Typhoo Tea Folger’s Coffee Nescafe Coffee Mr. Pibb Um Bongo Lucozade Dandelion and Burdock

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