Holiday Treats

Waiting for dinner or candy or something!

Waiting for dinner or candy or something!

What defines holidays more than those special foods prepared or available only during those times? I can’t fathom a Valentine’s without those nasty little conversation hearts or an Easter without the Cadbury Creme Egg Bunny.


1. Brach’s cupid mix
2. Cherry Jelly hearts
3. Chocolate covered whipped marshmallow hearts
4. Brach’s Cherry Cordials




1. Cadbury’s Creme eggs
2. Cadbury’s Mini eggs
3. Brach’s Easter Mix
4. Jordan Almonds
5. Panorama Sugar Eggs
6. Coconut Nests
7. Jelly Beans
8. Foil Eggs
9. Palmer’s chocolate crisp coins, bunnies
10. Chocolate Crosses
11. Chocolate figures in dark, white or milk chocolate
12. PAAS dye kits
13. M&M’s pastel Easter candies
14. Hershey’s Chocolate bunnies
15. Hershey’s pastel Easter kisses
16. Hershey’s pastel Miniatures
17. Whopper’s Robin Eggs
18. Marshmallow Peeps
19. Jelly Bird Eggs
20. Brach’s Jelly Bean Nougat
21. Brach’s Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Eggs
22. Reece’s Peanut Butter Eggs


1. Chocolate “gold” coins
2. Brach’s mellowcreme Christmas mix
3. Hershey’s Christmas kisses
4. Cookie exchanges
5. Whitman’s Samplers
6. Russell Stovers boxes
7. M&Ms Christmas colour candies
8. Brach’s Christmas Peppermint Nougats
9. Nestle Crunch Christmas Bells
10. Cadbury Christmas Decorations
11. Chocolate Advent Calendars
12. Brach’s Holiday Mix (hard candy)
13. Brach’s Cut Rock
14. Christmas Ribbon candy
15. Brach’s Spice Drops


1. Candy corn
2. Brach’s Autumn Mix
3. Reese’s Pumpkins

Thanksgiving / Fall
1. Brach’s Harvest Mix
2. Brach’s Indian Corn
3. Kraft Milk Caramels (for caramel apples)
4. Candy apple kits (dips, wrappers)

Back to School

1. Kinder Eggs