English: A ZERO bar that has been split in hal...
English: A ZERO bar that has been split in half. It is a white fudge candy bar and made by Hershey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Candy deserves a page of its own, there’s such a wealth that was available in the 80s. See what you remember scarfing down from your own childhood and if you haven’t already, read Candy Freak by Steve Almond for an irresistible memoir of all things sugary. For 80s junk food click here. Alpine White Nestle Bars Nestle Chocolate with Almonds Airheads Warheads Wax candy- Lips, Nik’l Nip bottles, Sticks Candy bones, bracelets, dots on paper rolls, necklaces, watches, rings, lipsticks Ring pops Candy Cigarettes Sixlets Laffy Taffy Jolly Ranchers 5th Avenue 100 Grand Charms Nestle White Chocolate advert courtesy Internet Lurker Chuckles Sunkist Fruit Gems Nerds Bottlecaps Razzles Cadbury the Perfect 10 ad courtesy Retro TY: The Pulse of Nostalgia Fun dip- Lik ‘m Aid Pear Drops Dolly Mix Milka Kinder Eggs Kinder Happy Hippos
An assortment of Jolly Rancher candies
An assortment of Jolly Rancher candies (Photo credit: Wikipedia
Pop Rocks Fruit Salad Caramac Caramello Andes Mints Boyer Smoothie peanut butter cups Valomilk Hershey Kisses Butterfinger Raisinettes Swedish Fish Whatchamacallit Advert 1989 courtesy Rob Lemons Violet Crumble Kit Kat Mr. Big Nestle Turtles Fererra Roche Caramilk Cadbury’s Pep Cherry Blossoms After Eights Nestle Big Turk Rolos Runts Red Hots Reece’s Pieces, Peanut Butter Cups Tootsie Rolls, Tootsie Pops, Midgees Starburst Sweet Tarts Twizzlers Wacky Wafers Reeses Pieces Alien Ad courtesy VintageC OmPlus Whoppers Maltezers Hershey Bars, w/ Almonds, Dark, Hershey Miniatures Astropops Sugar Daddy, Sugar Babies Atomic Fireballs Jawbreakers Dinosaur Eggs Charms pops- Blowpops Candy whistles Bar None Watchamacallit Bonkers Amazing Fruits Botan Rice Candies Skittles Taste the Rainbow ad courtesy haikarate4 Bounty Bars Nestle Coffee Crisp Now ‘n Laters Parma Violets Bassett’s Sherbert Fountain BB Bats
English: Loose Reese's Pieces candies.
English: Loose Reese’s Pieces candies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Boston Baked Beans Lemonheads Mike n Ikes Brown Cows Cow Tails Big Hunk Candy Bingos Gummy everything Fruit Slices Chewels Chick-o-stix Chunky Bars GooGoo Clusters Twizzlers Lips advert Brandon Allen Chupa Chups Everlasting Gobstoppers Candy Floss Circus Peanuts Haribo Gummies Mallow Cups Good ‘n Plenties Rolo TV ad courtesy SaturdayMorningAlive Hot Tamales Krackle Bars Mr. Goodbar Dum Dum pops Sno Caps
Haribo's Gummi bears were first introduced in ...
Haribo’s Gummi bears were first introduced in the 1920s in Germany. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Care Bears Gummy Bears Goobers Jelly Belly M&Ms, M&Ms Peanut, tan M&Ms, (no red or blue M&ms) Brach’s pick-a-mix Starlight Mints Butterscotch Cadbury Buttons Ice Cubes Brach’s Mellow Cremes Snickers Milky Way Mars Bars Marathon Bars Cadbury Dairy Milk, Fruit and Nut, Crunchy, Flake, Whole Nut Cadbury CurlyWurly Cadbury Wispa Cadbury Boost Cadbury Twirl Cadbury Inspirations Fry’s Turkish Delight Bassette’s Jelly Babies Aero
Pixy Stix 331/365
Pixy Stix 331/365 (Photo credit: Crashmaster007)
Kendall Mint Cake Almond Joy, Mounds Pixie Stix Necco Wafers Root Beer Barrels Brach’s Nougat Goetz Carmels Brach’s Milk Maid Caramels Brach’s Caramel Royals Kraft Milk Caramels Salt Water Taffy Bonkers ad courtesy AnnainCA Brach’s Butter Toffee Brach’s Hi-C Fruit Slices Brach’s Chocolate Stars Maple Nut Goodies Divinity Chunky Candy bar ad courtesy pukenshette Jujyfruits Dots Gumdrops Trolli Gummies Sather’s Gummies See’s Candies Lifesavers Lifesavers Butterscotch Mary Janes O Henry! bar Godiva Chocolate
Cadbury eggs
Cadbury eggs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Lindt Twix Skittles Dove Milk Chocolate Marathon Chocolate bar ad courtesy haribokey Hershey’s Symphony Baby Ruth Bit-O-Honey Junior Mints Heath Bars Skor Peppermint Patty 3 Muskateers Walnettos York Peppermint Patty ad courtesy bebouswirl Walnut Whips Penguin Bars Canadian Mints (pepto-bismal mints) PayDay Ice Blue Brach’s Mint Coolers Brach’s Chocolate Caramels Brach’s Filled Strawberry Candies Swiss Colony Chocolate Candylicious Brach’s Candies ad courtesy cgmcav
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