Food in the 80s Week: Slice

Other than Crystal Pepsi, one of my favourite Pepsi products of yesteryear was Slice, that lemon-limey not quite Sprite-y uncola with such refreshing ads- cos they got the juice!. Pepsi also owned 7up rights in many places so Sprite didn’t have the international presence as strong as Pepsi itself. Pre-Siera Mist, Pre-Crush, Pre-Tropicana, Slice was issued as a diet soda as well and in several other regular and diet flavours such as apple, mandarin orange, fruit punch, grape, strawberry, peach and pineapple. 1980 Slice Advert courtesy ilovetvcommercials80 Slice unfortunately is gone forever but you can find other favourite drinks gone by at this ABSOLUTELY AWESOME SITE for purchase as well as just awesome trivia and history. Unfortunately they are not selling Slice…. but you can find just about everything else your heart desires.
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