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Hello fellow 80s kids,80s computing

Though we grew up in the early stages of the internet (I was one of the only kids I knew with access to Mosaic back in the day and I FILLED UP Usenet groups with tons of stupid stuff), we’re now in one of the unique groups in history to take advantage of technology but know what it was like before it during the years we can most benefit from both. We’re not too old and jaded against what our kids are going to be into and we’re not old enough to be done discovering and using.  (And yes, it gives me a super thrill when my blog gets mentioned anywhere- just a little feel right there. I’m a proud geek in that department!)

I hand you, children, the interwebs. And let’s end this right here: it’s one internet, not plural, and it’s one web. Wide and worldly, just one.  Moving on.

Discovered this week on  and – two excellent 80s flings (plus manga! plus cosplay! plus merch!) you need to check out and subscribe to so you’ve got one more thing to check out in the bathroom at work. Don’t lie, you do it.


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