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Deflocking a So-Soft My Little Pony

Hi pony brothers and sisters!

Today we’re going to learn how to deflock a My Little Pony. Sounds painful, you say? Nope,not for you or your pony. WHy deflock? Some pony collectors either don’t like the So-Soft ponies’ look or want to take the flocking off to customize their pony, some want the pony to match a baby pony that might have been issued (there were no so-soft babies made by Hasbro), some just want to clean up a So-Soft whose flocking has discoloured, become grimy and can’t be cleaned or is already falling off and then there are those like me who just prefer the bright colours of the plastic underneath. Whatever your reason, here we go!

You will need: Acetone nail polish remover (at places like Target, drug stores or pure acetone from a hardware store), q-tips, cotton balls, an x-acto knife, medical gloves to protect your fingers, a plastic tub big enough for pony to sit in, about an hour to spare.

1.**NOTE** areas you will not use acetone on are EYES, CUTIE MARKS and anything with GLITTER on it (in case you were thinking of cleaning up a non-so-soft with this stuff) First, tie up your pony’s mane and tail with some rubber bands or bulldog clips.  Soak a cotton ball in acetone and let sit on a large area of your pony like the flank or legs to loosen the flocking. and then gently being to rub. Some ponies will be easy peasy to do this to, and some will have some sort of near inhuman-strength glue so take it slow. Leave a wide area around your painted sections to go back to.

2. One little way I like to cheat on the legs and belly is to just fill up a plastic container with acetone and let my pony soak for like 30-45 sec to really loosen everything up so I can just wipe her off easily. I find those 2 cup gladware bowls fit exactly right. Be sure to hold the pony up just so her symbols are above the acetone and I just towel her off with kitchen paper before really rubbing because the acetone will saturate the flocking and can travel up to the symbols. Once I’ve done a large sweep of flocking I dip a few cotton balls in the bowl and do probably 3-4 more quick swipes to get the last bits of glue.

3. Now onto those hard to reach places and painted areas. For painted areas, I get as close as possible with a q-tip dipped lightly in acetone and then finish with an Xacto (craft) knife.  BE CAREFUL – don’t cut yourself!  I lightly scrape horizontally across painted areas to pull up the flocking. This is easier done around the eyes. Be careful with cutie marks and symbols because they’re pretty much flat so you don’t want to cut up the plastic as well. Not difficult, just takes patience and a steady hand.

Don’t do this, lol. I was a little heavy-handed with my knife!







For the hard to reach places Q-tips are a must: belly area between legs, around hair plugs, around tail plug, under the chin, any indentation such as wings, horns and mouth. The other alternative is to wrap a soaked cotton ball around them and let sit a minute and then q-tip away. This works well with horns and wings- with wings I lay pony on her side and let a cotton ball sit directly on the wing before q-tipping the flocking off.

4. Give pony one more allover swipe with a damp cotton ball or two, avoiding painted areas.  Q-tip again where necessary (flocking glue is often yellowish in colour so look for that hue and you know where some is still clinging). Now give pony a nice water bath and while you’re at it, give her a shampoo too!