Crystal Pepsi is back and I’m so excited!

2016 Crystal Pepsi– not too shabby!
In 1992 clear products were seen by the public as being ‘healthier’. Ivory soap had come out with a clear version of it’s product, there were ‘gel’ versions of toothpaste (can I get a whoop for Crest Sparkle??) and while 7Up and Sprite had been around with clear sodas for some time, Pepsi debuted their first ‘clear cola’ hoping to jump on the bandwagon. **As it so happens, this was not the first clear soda. White Coke was produced for the Russians and bet you didn’t know Fanta was invented by the Nazis as a clear cola. But back in the States, Crystal Pepsi hit the ground running, debuting the marketing campaign during the Superbowl with the iconic Right Now commercial with Van Halen following soon after with the diet version but not all products that start strong finish strong- or even make it to finish. Pepsi’s competitor Coca-Cola brought back their Tab soda in a clear form and took Pepsi down by the end of 1993. This was known as a ‘kamikaze’ maneuver as you’ll notice Tab Clear didn’t survive past the 90s either and that was the whole idea (the end of the soda was not, as urban legend at the time speculated, because of the clear colour. Colour and perceived taste have proved to be the downfall of products before such as the green and purple editions of Heinz ketchup). Pepsi did bring back Crystal for a limited run coinciding with their phone app release but the actual back-on-the-shelves can be attributed to an aggressive write in campaign by fans. Courtesy Markswier So is it the same formula? I remember Crystal Pepsi being rather like a Pepsi with a lemon squeeze, fizzy and without the caffeine which was a big deal with my mother. I didn’t know anybody at the time who was concerned with calories so much as FAT so I can’t comment on the calorie comparison and the original soda boasted all natural flavours, no caffeine no artificial preservatives. 2016 Crystal Pepsi has added caffeine and is made with ‘genetic modification.’ Hmm. Not seeming so healthy anymore. It tastes enough like the original for me but I’d like a diet version with a little more fizz. If you’re looking for Crystal Pepsi I know for sure Kmart and Target are selling it but the soda is only out for a few weeks so get thee drinking! What else is cool? On the Pepsi home page you can play the Crystal Pepsi version of Oregon Trail.

2 thoughts on “Crystal Pepsi is back and I’m so excited!

  1. I think you were remembering the 2ND version that Pepsi had back in the day. “Crystal, from the makers of Pepsi” which was the one that had lemon in it. It came out a few months after the original Crystal Pepsi had been dropped. Personally, I liked the original, but greatly disliked the lemon version. This new version, it’s OK but I am disappointed it’s not the original formula.

    1. Thanks so much for the info! Very valuable pop knowledge.
      You’re right, I probably didn’t have the first
      Version where I lived at the time. I’m disappointed they
      Felt the need to caffeinate but then again Pepsi just
      Added aspartame back in their diet sofas so….

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