Classic internet memes

The internet was pretty young in the 1980s but even then ‘memes were taking form. Take, for example, L337speak (Leetspeak) – the preferred jargon of the internet ‘elite’ at the time. ( You can translate all your favourite sayings into L337 and back again on for an afternoon of geekdom btw) 1 L0\/3 7|-|3 80$  = I love the 80s Or Godwin’s Law which came out of insatiable arguments on Usenet. Though it was the 90s that really defined memes and the aughts that pushed them into our everyday lives 24/7, we can thank the 80s for getting them started. CNN Edition has a nice article on some of the more unforgettable moments of internet stardom by Ben Huh, founder of Cheezburger, the meme to own them all.   Check out Cheezburger’s meme database to keep up with the times- “All your memes are in our base!” Although not created in the 80s, this is the 80s meme for me: 80s Breakfast Party image:
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