Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 2013 Schedule on ABC

Cover of "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving"
Cover of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
Ok so it’s a little early but get your DVR‘s set up now because I’m one of those people who files in the back of my mind when my favourite holiday shows are on, then thinks about it about a week before the day, then thinks about it about…oh, 3 hours after it actually showed. This is why I have everything on DVD. But who’s with me on this- isn’t it all part of the experience to sit there through the commercials, knowing other families across America are laughing at the¬†Allstate Mayhem guy and wondering who picks out all that wierd, pop-ish music for Apple at the same time?? I’m a sucker for that. I never want commercials to go away! So anyway for 2013 A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is airing on ABC Thursday 28th November (that’s Thanksgiving btw) at 8p EST and will air with Spanish audio via SAP. Following will be the Peanuts special This is America, Charlie Brown: The Mayflower Voyagers. I don’t know about you but Black Friday was never a shopping day in my house, it was put up the tree day so ABC will be getting me in the mood on Friday 29th November with Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (squeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!) at 8p EST followed by Shrek the Halls at 8:30. For more ABC programming see TV by the Numbers for the full holiday schedule right up to New Year’s Eve.  
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