Attention all Cabbage Patch Fans- Mini CPK sale on eBay!

For the many CPK fans who visit Yello80s every month I have some CPK items up on eBay for sale under Seller ID:  Aeru2 (individual links to auctions by photos). Check out these vintage poseable cuties from Panosh Place/ Coleco, many more photos on listings:

Football boy










Red-haired girl










Brunette Girl










Blonde Girl Variant 1










Blonde Girl Variant 2











The Snowman in full with Introduction

In 1982 a gentle picture book by Raymond Briggs about a boy’s nighttime adventure with his snowman was brought to life to become a beloved 80s animated classic: the Snowman. This wordless animation introduced a new classic Christmas tune Walking in the Air to the world. When the special aired in the UK it originally had an introduction by Briggs himself speaking about his own boyhood Christmas but in subsequent airings had alternative openers including one with David Bowie, which is the one which aired in the US. For the film’s 20th anniversary DVD release yet another, animated opener was recorded. Here is the original special with the Raymond Briggs operning as it was intended to be viewed:

The Snowman courtesy xBeps

Happy Birthday Yello80s!

Yay-ay! It’s anothee birthday for Yello80s! Let’s have a nostalgic look at what was on tv this very day back in the day:

Courtesy The Museum of Classic Chicago Television (www.FuzzyMemories.TV)

Courtesy The Museum of Classic Chicago Television (www.FuzzyMemories.TV)

Commercials, 1985 courtesy Pannoni 9

Courtesy marcowuzmypimp

Courtesy WhooshWhooshHere

Courtesy ClassicDoc

The Big-A$$ 2017 Yello80s Christmas Wish List

Well fellow 80s kids, 2017 was yet another bumper year for 80s throwback so let’s get to the best of the best for your 80s-themed Christmas hauls and here’s this year’s big Yello80s Wish List  for everybody on your list:

Care Bear union suits.  These debuted at Target over the Hallowe’en season with Gumpy for guys and Cheer for girls. They’re pretty roomy and very soft and you can still pick them up through Hot Topic.

Care Bears Polite and Perfect Panda Kidrobot dolls. Very sweet “dunny” renditions of the lost care bears Perfect and Polite Panda as well as some of their friends can be ordered direct from KidRobot.

Rainbow Brite complete collection on DVD. I can’t believe it’s taken so long but finally the whole series is in one place! Catch it at Hallmark. 

Rainbow Brite dolls. To date, Rainbow Brite, Tickled Pink, Stormy and their respective sprites and horses are available in full size from Hallmark along with a ton of new paraphanelia including books and ornaments. All available at Hallmark.

Super Mario Brothers ugly sweaters from Target. Target has done us proud with a ton of 80s stuff this year but these so-ugly-they’re-cute sweaters will do you office-Christmas-party-proud.

Puppy, Pony and Kitty Surprise are all back around with the ultimate surprise- how many babies will you get?? Find em at Walmart.

Fat-Bottomed Girls still make the world go round with an ultra deluxe box set of Queen’s hits, Queen: News of the World. Pick it up at Amazon.

Cabbage Patch Kids are back all over the place but for handstitched originals you’ve got to go right to the patch at Babyland General.

Hallmark took a couple of years off between G1 My Little Pony ornaments after their Cotton Candy issue, but they’re back with a real classic- you can pick up this sweet Moondancer ornament at Kohl’s.

Last year the My Little Pony G1 pegasus Firefly mini and book box set was out at Barnes and Noble and featured some nice backcard artwork but was a little skimpy on the likeness of the actual horse. This year you can get a much nicer Glory and hopefully some more of that awesome artwork in the accompanying book at Barnes and Noble. 

Colorforms are out again this year and we’ve seen Holly Hobbie and Snoopy so far at Target but you can pick them up at Land of Nod too. 

Fisher Price was a huge part of most kids’ Christmases from the 1950s and still today. Pick up some 80s favs at Target including the classic tape recorder, chatter phone and music box record player.


Best Buy comes out of left field with every boys’ favourite stocking stuffer redone by KidRobot: MAD BALLS!

Your kids can still rise to the top of playground-envy with several styles of BMX bikes found at Dicks Sporting Goods.

If you loved toting around your shackled My Pet Monster on the schoolground, you can be a hit at your next 80s party with the complete Animated Series on DVD at Amazon.

Those legendary battles between the folks over Trivial Pursuit can live on in your own home with the Classic Edition from Walmart.

Christmas trees will rejoice with several 80s themed keepsake ornaments including the wacky Beetlejuice and Skeletor from He-Man: Masters of the Universe available in stores and online through Hallmark.
Fans of the 80s old and new who have latched on to Stranger Things will love pulling an all-nighter with Hasbro’s Stranger Things Monopoly Edition at Walmart and rocking out in Dustin’s very own trucker hat available from multiple Ebay sellers.

And last but not least, this year has been inundated with plug and play 8 bit consoles celebrating the glory days of the arcade. Choose from Pacman Connect and Play, Frogger Plug and Play, Space Invaders TV Game, Ms Pacman Plug and Play, Jakks Atari Classics 10 in 1, Commodore 64: 30 Games in 1 Joystick, ColecoVision Flashback, Atari Flashback 5 and so many more on Amazon. 

A Very Yello80s Halloween: the best haul ever

McDonald’s Happy Meal candy pails

Everything seems like it was better when you were a kid, or that’s what people like to think anyway. In the case of holiday candy though, we definitely had it best when we were kids.  Consider the makings of an epic 80s trick or treat haul:

Sugar Daddy
Mike n Ikes
Bach’s Harvest Mix
Popcorn balls
Sour Patch Kids
Pixy Stix
Candy cigarettes
Bubble gum cigarettes
BB Bats
Charms Blo-Pops
Tootsie Pops
Csndy apples
Indian corn
Tootsie Rolls
Dubble Bubble
Kraft caramels
Candy necklaces
Nik L Nip Wax bottles

image property

wax lips
Peanut butter candy kisses
Juicyfruit gum
Funsize (back when they were short and fat) candy bars-
Milky Way
Hershey Bars
Reece Cups
Heath Bar
5th Avenue
3 Muskateers

Special Dark
100 Grand
Oh Henry!
Baby Ruth
Clark bars
Junior Mints
Milk Duds
Almond Joy
Peppermint Patty
Now and Laters
Tart n Tinys
Brach’s Royals

image property

Banana Splits
Laffy Taffy
Bit o’Honey
Woowee Whistles
Jelly Nougats
Indian salted Pumpkin Seeds
Chups Chups
Melody Pops
Wacky Wafers
Feuit Stripe gum
Tops Bubble Gum juice
Brach’s scary tart snacks
Lifesaver creme suckers
Dinosaur Eggs

For more Halloween Candy goodness from the 80s check out our Pinterest Board!

My Little Pony Sunday: “Baby Stockings”

This beautiful baby pony from year 10 of G1 was a mail-order exclusive bought with Kellogg’s Rice Krispy cereal proofs rather than the Hasbro horseshoe points used to order other mail-order ponies. She is actually not named by Hasbro but is commonly just referred to as Baby Stockings in referene to her cutie mark.

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies offer pony

Cabbage Patch Kids Wednesday! 1984 Kids and Merchandise insert

Merchandise insert from a ‘Kid’s box, yello80s

Y’all will remember the whole deal with Cabbage Patch Kids (and the marketing genius, besides) was that you didn’t buy a doll, you adopted a one of a kind ‘Kid. Whether or not this did anything to further the acceptance of actual adopted kids into society is not something I’m going to go into (eh, could go either way) but it was a big, exciting deal to rip open that envelope that came in your ‘Kid’s huge box and find their name and the papers to send off to Babyland General make them officially yours. The last CPK I got had all her papers intact but  the original glue from 1984 had melted at some point and made it impossible to get the envelope out of the box without shredding it. But tucked inside and still intact was a special merchandise insert from 1984 that also featured the Koosas and Preemie ‘Kids. Looking at this stuff I’m ready to go hit eBay!

Yello80s salutes the treasures lost in 2016

2016. What a freaking year for political mayhem, world mayhem, violence and mayhem of all new proportions. And then there was the seemingly mass passing of many cultural treasures- musicians, actors and writers. While I’m looking forward to 2017 and a whole new year to blast from the past, I felt we needed to salute those not coming into the new year. In 2016 the world said goodbye to, among many others:

Alan Thicke (actor, Growing Pains)
Bob Coburn (radio)
Gair Allie (baseball player, Pittsburgh Pirates)
Henry Heimlich (inventor of the life-saving technique)
Craig Sager (sportscaster on TNT)
Wade Bourne (writer)
Jimbo Elrod (football player, Kansas City Chiefs)
Mark Fisher (singer, Britpop)
Valerie Gell (singer, the Liverbirds)
Harry Jones (football player, Philadelphia Eagles)
Bob Krasnow (executive at Elektra Records, co-founded Rock n Roll Hall of Fame)
John Glenn (American astronaut)
Peter Vaughn (actor, Game of Thrones)
Billy Chapin (child actor)
Micky Fitz (singer,The Business)
Muhammed Ali (champion boxer)
Kay Starr (Wheel of Fortune)
Rick Steiner (producer, Hairspray)
John Carson (actor, Doctor Who)
Julie Gregg (actress, The Godfather)
Claire Labine (author/ producer, General Hospital)
Robert Vaughn (actor, The Man from U.N.C.L.E.)
Leon Russell (musician, The Wrecking Crew)
David Mancuso (dj)
Gwen Ifill (journalist, PBS NewsHour)
Milt Okun (singer)
Lisa Lynn Masters (actress, The Stepford Wives)
Jay Wright Forrester (computer engineer)
Mentor Williams (songwriter, Drift Away)
Sharon Jones (singer)
Larry Fullerton (inventor)
Prince (singer, Prince and the Revolution)
Ron Glass (actor, Firefly)
Fritz Weaver (actor, Thomas Crowne Affaire)
Tony Martell (music exec)
Jim Delligatti (creator of the Big Mac)
Michiyo Yasuda (animator, Studio Ghibli)
Lorenzo Freeman (footballer, Pittsburgh Steelers)
Kazunari Tanaka (voice actor, Gundam series)
Tom Barnes (journalist, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
Patricia Barry (actress, Days of our Lives)
Robert Bateman (composer, Please Mr. Postman)
Thomas Mikal Ford (actor, Harlem Nights)
Jack Greenburg (Civil Rights Activist)
Fulton Walker (footballer, Miami Dolphins)
Jean Alexander (actress, Coronation Street)
Patty Duke, Eddie Applegate (actors, the Patty Duke Show)
Fidel Castro (dictator, Cuba)
Prince (singer)
David Bowie (singer)
Jose Fernandez (pitcher, Miami Marlins)
Carrie Fisher (actress, Star Wars)
Nancy Reagan (former First Lady, U.S.)
Janet Reno (1st female attorney general, U.S.)
Keith Emerson (singer, Emerson, Lake and Palmer)
Florence Henderson (actress, Brady Bunch)
Gene Wilder (film actor)
Gary Shandling (comedian)
Harper Lee (author, To Kill a Mockingbird)
Abe Vigoda (actor, The Godfather)
Gary Marshall (producer, Happy Days)
George kennedy (actor, Cool Hand Luke)
Doris Roberts (actress, Everybody Loves Raymond)
Robert Vaughn (actor, the Man from UNCLE)
Zsa Zsa Gabor (actress, Green Acres)
Kenny Baker (actor who portrayed R2D2 in Star Wars)
Leonard Cohen (singer-songwriter)
Maurice WHite (singer, Earth, Wind and Fire)
Merle Haggard (singer)
Glenn Frey (singer, The Eagles)
Attrell Cordes (singer, P.M. Dawn)
Elie Wiesel (Holocaust Survivor, Nobel Prize Winner)
Henry Heimlich (creator of the Heimlich Maneuver)
Anton Yelchin (actor, Star Trek)
Alan Rickman (film actor, Die Hard)
George Michael (singer, Wham!)