Happy New Year from Yello80s! My Two Dads

One of those fluff shows Paul Reiser got an early start on as one of two opposites who find out they both might be the father and end up co-raising the daughter (Stacey Keach) in typical sitcom style.

Courtesy batmek22

Yello80s Advent countdown day 25: The Love Boat

The Love Boat, to me as a kid, had the longest possible opening ever. How many stars could they squeeze within a one-show segment and still have a storyline? Turns out quite a few. Here are some highlights from the 1980 Christmas episode.

Courtesy kalli2

And this cute clip featuring Judith Barsi (voiced Ann-MArie in All Dogs go to Heaven) from the 1986 Christmas episode:

Courtesy Suaviterinmodo

Yello80s Advent countdown day 21: Candy Claus 2/3

And on we boldly go to part 2 of 3…

Courtesy SACDMan

Yello80s Advent countdown day 19: Santa and the Three Bears

This cute little special was actually aired in 1970 but still had airplay through the 80s.

Courtesy Masterblaster T

Yello80s Advent Countdown day 11: BBC Christmas idents

Idents and bumpers- in the States we don’t have so much of the Christmas versions of tv logos, it’s more themed-commercials unless you count the kids’ networks. But in the UK the holidays bring out the excuse for more animation! Check out this neat- albeit shaky- compilation of BBC1, BB@ and ITV holiday idents and continuity bumpers.

Courtesy sdaonline

Yello80s Advent Countdown Day 2: Best of the Star Wars Holiday Special

I’ve never seen the entirety of what’s hailed as a Christmas special disaster but even as someone who’s not into Star Wars, I expected better. The camp factor- through the roof. And that’s probably why we all want to watch it, if only for all of Chewbacca’s family. Here’s a collection of highlights.

Star Wars Holiday Special courtesy Martin Jensen