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Winnie the Pooh dress label from Sears & Roebuck for Easter

Holidays are all about family and charity but… wait, no. In the 80s holidays were also all about those sweet treats only available during the season. Before the days of selling Hallowe’en candy right after Easter (I’m looking at you, CVS), those premium snacks were all the more special because they disappeared after the holiday for at least 2 months before the next holiday and our waistlines were smaller too! Let’s relive those glory days on the Holiday Treats page at Yello80s! Come on and join us!  If you’ve got anything in your sweet tooth memory we’ve missed please comment and share!

What was in your Happy Meal in- 1980?

English: Picture of entire bronze Happy Meal p...
English: Picture of entire bronze Happy Meal presented to Robert Bernstein on 10th anniversary of Happy Meal. Award text commemorates Robert as creator of the Happy Meal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who didn’t love a Happy Meal growing up? It seems you can’t get much more 80s than a McDonald’s kiddie meal but when did McDonald’s actually begin selling those little boxes of joy and what was in those early boxes? Check our Happy Meal promotional page for 1980 and see how Happy Meals came riding into the big 80s. Did you have any of these toys?



Do you remember? Food slogans from the 80s!

Kool Aid 80s flavours property antiquesnavigator.com

What brand of frozen vegetables was only the best for the Captain’s table?

How about the drink that wasn’t just for breakfast anymore?

Or, what candy contained a glass and a half of milk in every pound?

Test your memory for these memorable grocery items on the Food Slogans page on Yello80s.com and as always add any memories you have in the comments!

Make it an 80s meal night with Yello80s!

It’s gone from stores but you can still make Jell-o 1-2-3!

Let’s see how good your stomach’s memory is:  how many of these do you recall eating in the 80s?

Arby’s Jamocha Shake?
Jell-o 1-2-3?
Crunch ‘n Munch?
Chef Boyardi Beefaroni?
Nestle Scotcharoos?
Cinnabon Rolls?
McDonald’s Hotcakes?
Jell-o Pudding Pops?
Entenmann’s Louisiana Crunch Cake?

Well you can have all those at home with recipes right here on Yello80s- even Pizza Hut Pan Pizza! Sure, you can Uber your dinner home these days but get the kids and try out some of these orignal and clone recipes so they and you can have a taste of your childhood as it was yesteryear. New Recipes are always coming and we’re always open to any family recipes you’d care to share from the 80s! Come on over and eat! 

****And of course, eat smart with these recipes- many were thought up before we knew what we were really eating.

Updates to the Yummiest Page on Yello80s

That’s right! The Junk Food Page has been updated on Yello80s with lots more of your lunch box and after school favourites from the most delicious decade of the 20th century! Check it out here!

Do you remember scarfing down one of these guys?!  

TMNT Pies wrapper property fridgecandymag

Free General Mills Retro Cereal tee!

No, you can’t print this, you have to buy the cereal just like the old days.

General Mills
kicking it old school in high gear!!!!  Grab three boxes of GM cereal in specially-marked retro boxes, cut off the order form and send in the clearly marked receipt and you could be the proud owner of a retro cereal tee! Yeah, I know cereal is expensive but I got 3 large boxes (not the 12 oz) for $2.99 each at Target and had coupons from the paper.

This is for real just like in the day- no online participation kids, you’ve got to fill out a form and use a stamp. The cereals you’r e looking for are Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, or Cocoa Puffs at Target stores. No fear if you can’t find the box you want (after I spent 20 minutes trying to climb a shelf to get that last box of Lucky Charms, not knowing they’d moved them all to the end cap….) – you can pick any shirt on the form. Ergo: 2 boxes Lucky Charms + 1 box Cheerios = 1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch tee if that’s what you’re after. Get em quick though, only til supplies run out!

Yello80sAdvent countdown day 17: Justin Wilson

You remember Justin Wilson– the larger than life, slightly Colonel Sanders-looking Cajun who taught us all how to cook gator on his tv cooking show with the cool catchphrase “I guar-on-tee!” In this promo from the Louisiana Public Broadcasting system, Mr. Wilson plugs his new Christmas cooking special.

Courtesy Chris Hadley

Weird Jell-o recipes- Grasshopper Cubes

grasshoppercubesjello1ywJell-o is to the U.S. what tofu is to Asia– a nearly tasteless building block in its original form to make all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff. It seemed like everybody wanted to put some sort of vegetable in it during the first half of the 20th century but the latter half brought out the sweet and sometimes bizarre side of everybody’s favourite gelatin. In 1976 Women’s Day printed a recipe for Grasshopper Cubes (I was not able to locate the actual recipe so I’m going from the commercial) but I included this because of the obsession with everything grasshopper that ran through the 80s:

Lime green Jell-o (mix per package directions)
Peppermint flavouring (I guess as strong as you can hack)
Chill til firm
Cut into cubes with a warm knife
Dip the pan in warm water to loosen
Toss in a trifle dish
Top with Cool Whip and what looks to be Andes Candies

Mint + Lime??? Yeah, this isn’t one Yello80s is going to try. Blech, blech, and blech.