The Yello80s Christmas Countdown Day 20

Watch it wiggle, see it jiggle! The late 80s holiday wasn’t complete without Jello Jigglers or at least the intent to make them. Here’s the recipe:

The Yello80s Christmas Countdown Day 14

In the 80s you could score this half-gallon thermal mug to keep warm on frosty winter days. Who says they’ve got a “half-gallon” mug??

The Yello80s Christmas Countdown Day 10

Printed glasses featuring cute scenes, cartoon characters and logos were big premiums from restaurants and food companies in the 80s and of course took advantage of the holidays to push a product. This one from Pepsi depicts a Christmas “toyland.”

The Yello80s Christmas Countdown Day 7

Of course everyone wanted toys but the cool grandparents on the block also made sure you had some junk coupons in your stocking for when 50 cents actually bought something,

Updates to the Sweet Sweet Holiday food page on Yello80s!

Winnie the Pooh dress label from Sears & Roebuck for Easter
Holidays are all about family and charity but… wait, no. In the 80s holidays were also all about those sweet treats only available during the season. Before the days of selling Hallowe’en candy right after Easter (I’m looking at you, CVS), those premium snacks were all the more special because they disappeared after the holiday for at least 2 months before the next holiday and our waistlines were smaller too! Let’s relive those glory days on the Holiday Treats page at Yello80s! Come on and join us!  If you’ve got anything in your sweet tooth memory we’ve missed please comment and share!

Sippin it up with boxed milk

These days boxed drinks are regulated to the preschool set or asian grocery stores (Vitasoy, anyone?) but back in the 80s you could find just about anything in a box ready to pop in a lunchbox – Hi-C, YooHoo, and milk. Ugh. It just sounds horrible to me but when a drink called Sip Ups debuted with its catchy commercial of smiling dancing kids I whistled a different tune. It seems kind of redunant now- I mean, we all drank milk in half-pint boxes at school already- but I can see the straw would have been a draw until Burple and the like came out and blasted the milk box right into the retroverse. Trademarked by Dairymen, Inc., Sip-ups came in Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry and may have also had a blueberry flavour but this has been debated.

One more knock to Chuck E Cheese

Ready for church with Chuck E Cheese
Since its beginnings the ShowBiz Pizza/ Chuck E Cheese empire has had its stops and stops but it seems to me that since the title rat was totally overhauled in 2013 it was the beginning of the end of the 80s glory days. Now the actual end has a date with the phasing out of the animatronic band that both entertained and scared the hell out of 80s kids birthday parties across the land. Citing the need to keep up with kids’ expectations of technology, Chuck E Cheese will be getting rid of the animatronic bands over the next few years. Now of course the band has been overhauled multitple times over the years but there’s something inordinately sad about saying goodbye to that “new” old technology. So until that final concert let’s look back at how Chuck E was back in those sweet days of pizza, rats in the restaurant and crying: 1982-1990 Chuck E Cheese Advert compilation courtesy BrenBill

What was in your Happy Meal in- 1980?

English: Picture of entire bronze Happy Meal p...
English: Picture of entire bronze Happy Meal presented to Robert Bernstein on 10th anniversary of Happy Meal. Award text commemorates Robert as creator of the Happy Meal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Who didn’t love a Happy Meal growing up? It seems you can’t get much more 80s than a McDonald’s kiddie meal but when did McDonald’s actually begin selling those little boxes of joy and what was in those early boxes? Check our Happy Meal promotional page for 1980 and see how Happy Meals came riding into the big 80s. Did you have any of these toys?