Cap’n Crunch Christmas Crunch is back

Cap 'n Crunch Christmas Crunch on AmazonIt’s that time of year again when everything we hold dear is slapped with some red and green and sold to millions of adoring fans as extra special ‘Christmas‘ something-or-other. So yeah, Christmas Crunch just showed up at our local Giant Eagle but I see it’s on Amazon as well. Cap’n Crunch Christmas Crunch actually debuted in 1988 but seems to skip a year here and there to be reincarnated with a new box design every cycle round. I just barely remember it as a kid though I can’t recall being the biggest Cap ‘N Crunch fan to begin with.  Mr. Breakfast has a good collection of the boxes if you’re curious. Otherwise, it’s a white box with the Cap’n in Santa gear and red and green Christmassy-shaped crunch. I think it was about as overpriced as every other cereal on the shelf so go on out and grab a box- or 20, because people get as fanatical about those holiday cereals as crack and this is one of those impossible to find after the day products. If you hate it, don’t fret- that’s what eBay is for. In fact hawking some crunch on eBay may be my new business plan for 2014….
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