Cabbage Patch Kids Wednesday: CPK Adoption Papers

Almost as exciting as getting a ‘Kid was getting your hands on their adoption papers and sending in to have your ‘Kid ratified by BabyLand General Hospital as really yours! Remember, this was back in the day when things MUST be mailed in, with a STAMP and came back in a minimum 6 weeks processing time… what an agonizing wait!

4 thoughts on “Cabbage Patch Kids Wednesday: CPK Adoption Papers

  1. I git my cpk world traveler’s cpk baby at a resale shop and it was still attached to some of it’s actual box. He has his I went to russia T-shirt, and Russian outfit,socks(missing his shoes), the world travelers bag and the tag is still there and the passport (new) and the plane ticker still in holder (new) but the holder has wear ans tear but I am missing the most important part the birth certificate ….How do i get his birth certificate

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