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If you love reminiscing about 80s teen books you MUST check out Cliquey Pizza, hands down winner of 80s greatness. Peacharino has colour cover shots, lots of series synopsis and tons of great author info. If you’re looking for something obscure or can’t recall the title, head to Loganberry Books where you can stump the bookseller and find cherished titles. The Junior Great Books Series Tales of Ulm- Grace Chetwin The Best Little Girl in the World Chronicles of Prydain- Lloyd Alexander 1. the Castle of Llyr 2. Taran, Wanderer 3. The High King 4. The Foundling 5. The Black Cauldron 6. The Book of three The Westmark Trilogy – Lloyd Alexander 1. Westmark 2. The Kestrel 3. The Beggar Queen The Last Unicorn Black Beauty The Call of the Wild – Jack London The Journey of Natty Gann The Chronicles of Narnia- C.S. Lewis 1. The Magician’s Nephew 2. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 3. The Horse and His Boy 4. Prince Caspian 5. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader 6. The Silver Chair 7. The Last Battle Go Ask Alice- Anonymous Are You There, God, it’s Me, Margaret The Austins – Madeleine L’Engle The Wrinkle in Time Trilogy -Madeleine L’Engle 1. A Wrinkle in Time 2. A Swiftly Tilting Planet 3. A Wind in the Door Many Waters – Madeleine L’Engle In Our House Scott is My Brother – Carol C.S. Adler Cat Man’s Daughter – Barbara Abercrombie The Magic Glits – Carol C.S. Adler Binding Ties – Carol C.S. Adler Get Lost Little Brother – Carol C.S. Adler The Evidence that wasn’t there – Carol C.S. Adler If you need me – Carol C.S. Adler Fly Free – Carol C.S. Adler Roadside Valentine – Carol C.S. Adler Shadow’s on Little Reef Bay – Carol C.S. Adler Carly’s Buck – Carol C.S. Adler The Silver Coach – Carol C.S. Adler Split Sisters – Carol C.S. Adler Kiss the Clown – Carol C.S. Adler Once in a While Hero – Carol C.S. Adler The Cat that was Behind – Carol C.S. Adler The Wolves of Willoughby Chase series- Joan Aiken A Whisper in the Night books- Joan Aiken Dido and Pa – Joan Aiken A Bundle of Nerves – Joan Aiken The Shadow Guests – Joan Aiken Foul Matter – Joan Aiken If I were You – Joan Aiken Return to Harken House – Joan Aiken Nightfall – Joan Aiken Blackground – Joan Aiken Haunting Christmas Tales – Joan Aiken If I were You – Joan Aiken No More Candy – Patricia Aks You don’t have to be a perfect girl – Patricia Aks All That Glitters series – Kristi Andrews Best Friends series – Susan Smith Blue Ribbon series – Chris St.John Caitlin books – Francine Pascal Campus Fever series – Joanna Wharton Caprice Romances – Ace Tempo books Dance books series – Caroline B. Cooney Cedar River Daydreams books – Judy Baer Center Stage series – Ellen Ashley Changes – Barbara A. Steiner Charisma Inc. – Ruth Glick & Eileen Buckholtz Cheerleaders series – Caroline B. Cooney Crystal Falls – Meredith Hill Class of ’88 series- Linda A. Cooney Couples series – Linda A. Cooney Crosswinds books – Sylvia Smith-Smith Dawn of Love series – Dee Austin Degrassi books Diana Winthrop Mysteries – Kate Chambers Dream Girls books – Rosemary Joyce Electric High – Jane Foster Thornton Elizabeth Gail books- Hilda Stahl Endless Summer series – Linda Davidson Fat Glenda series – Lila Perl Fifteen series – Signet Vista First Kiss books- Ivy First Love – Silhouette First Love- Blossom Valley series – Silhouette The Girls of Canby Hall – Emily Chase Going for It series – Avon Going Places – Laurel-Leaf The Gymnasts -Elizabeth Levy Remember the Moonlight – Margaret Dana Heart to Heart – Ballantine Heartbreak Cafe – Janet Quin-Harkin Headlines- Pan Hearts and Diamonds – Leonore Fleischer Heavenly Romances Homeroom series – Nancy Norton Dream your own Romances – Wanderer Follow Your Heart Romances – Archway Make Your Dreams Come True – Warner Turning Points – Signet Living Hope Series – John Benton Junior High Series – Kate Kenyon Keepsake Romances – Crosswinds Junior Prom – Patricia Aks Senior Prom- Patricia Aks The Two Worlds of Jill- Patricia Aks Who Needs a Stepsister – Patricia Aks Lisa’s Choice- Patricia Aks Love Knots – Patricia Aks Impossible Love – Patricia Aks A Song for Mandy – Dawn Alderidge Katie – Dawn Aleridge The Versper Holly Series – Lloyd Alexander 1. The Illyrian Adventure 2. The El Dorado Adventure 3. The Drackenberg Adventure 4. The Jedera Adventure 5. The Philadelphia Adventure You’re really a model now – Marcie Anderson Nothing to Cheer About – Marcie Anderson The Bridesmaid Wears Track Shoes – Marilyn D Anderson I’m Nobody Who are You? Mary Anderson Step on a Crack – Mary Anderson The Rise and Fall of a Teenage Wacko – Mary Anderson R.I.S.K. – Mary Anderson Tune in Tomorrow – Mary Anderson Do You Call that a Dream Date? – Mary Anderson Who says Nobody’s Perfect? – Mary Anderson Castle Crespin – Allen Andrews The Pig Plantegenet – Allen Andrews Dear Lola, or, How to Build Your Own Family – Judie Angell Don’t Rent my Room – Judie Angell Leave the Cooking to Me – Judie Angell A Word From our Sponsor, or, My Friend Alfred – Judie Angell In Summertime It’s Tuffy – Judie Angell Secret Selves – Judie Angell The Wierd Disappearance of Jordan Hall – Judie Angell Tina Gogo – Judie Angell One Way to Asonia – Judie Angell First the Good News – Judie Angell The Original Preppy Joke Book – D.J. Arneson Zorro and the Pirate Raiders – D.J. Arneson Zorro Rides Again – D.J. Arneson Sometimes in the Dead of Night – D.J. Arneson The Most Famous Ghost of all and other stories – D.J. Arneson The Haunted Planet – D.J. Arneson God’s Radar – Fran Arrick Nice Girl from Good Home – Fran Arrick Steffie Can’t come out to Play- Fran Arrick Things are Seldom What They Seem – Sandy Asher Just like Jenny – Sandy Asher Ballet One Series – Sandy Asher Daughters of the Law – Sandy Asher Everything is not Enough – Sandy Asher Missing Pieces – Sandy Asher Dinner Ladies don’t count- Bernard Ashley Terry on the Fence – Bernard Ashley Lifelines series – Victora Althoff Dawn of Love series – Dee Austin Which Way Series – R.G. Austin The Preppy Problem – Stephanie Austin Kelly Blake series – Yvonne Green We Hate Everything But Boys (WHEBB) – Linda Lewis Magic Moments books – Signet Make Me a Star series- Susan Beth Pfeffer The Makeover Club – Suzanne Weyn Megan the Klutz – Alida Young Merivale Mall series – Jana Ellis Mirrors – Danielle Barlette Moonstone Mystery Romances- Archway On Our Own – Janet Quin-Harkin Overnight Sensation series – Fran Lantz Palm Beach Prep – Lynx/ Tor The Party Line – Carrie Austen Paris McKenzie – Elizabeth Howard Pen Pals series- Sharon Dennis Wyeth Perfect 10 – Holly Simpson Private Eyes – Julia Winfield Roommates – Susan Blake / Alison Blair Roots of Love – Stuart Buchan Satin Slippers – Elizabeth Bernard Seniors – Eileen Goudge Silver Skates – Barbara J. Mumma Sisters- Jennifer Cole Sorority Girls – Ann Hunter Lowell Sorority Sisters – Marjorie Sharmat The Stepsisters – Tina Oaks Sugar and Spice – Janet Quin-Harkin Sunfire series – Scholastic Sunset High – Linda A. Cooney / Ballentine Susan Sand Mysteries – Marilynn Ezzell Sweet Dreams series – Bantam Sweet Dreams nonfiction series Sweet Valley High – Francine Pascal Swept Away – Eileen Goudge Teen Witch – Megan Barnes Three of a Kind – Marilyn Kaye Two by Two – Warner Paperbacks Two Hearts – Pacer Victoria – Francine Pascal The Whitney Cousins – Jean Thesman Wildfire series Windswept series Wishing Star books – Scholastic The Zodiac Club The Girl Inside Private School – Steve Charles Twilight series (80s) The Things I did for Love – Ellen Conford Bridge to Terabithia – Katherine Patterson Flowers in the Attic- V.C. Andrews Petals on the Wind – V.C. Andrews If there be Thorns – V.C. Andrews Heaven – V.C. Andrews Garden of Shadows – V.C. Andrews Seeds of Yesterday – V.C. Andrews Dark Angel – V.C. Andrews Fallen Hearts – V.C. Andrews Web of Dreams – V.C. Andrews Midnight Whispers – V.C. Andrews Gates of Paradise – V.C. Andrews Logan Family Series – V.C. Andrews Sources: Cliquey Pizza Loganberry Books

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