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For a list of Little Golden Books from the 1980s click here. For a list of Disney Little Golden Books, click here. yello80s monster book To me, Little Golden books define childhood- they’re cheap, they’re decent read aloud stories and they don’t skimp on art. You see Little Golden Books you know they’re going to have a great kid story. I would like to get into collecting these but frankly I don’t have any more room… sigh!       Little Golden Shape books- Bambi, Cinderella’s Castle, Tigger, The Clock Book A Child’s Garden of VersesRobert Louis Stevenson The Colour Kittens – Margaret Wise Brown A Day on the Farm – The Little Golden Book of Hymns – Elsa Jane Werner and Corinne Malvern The Monster at the end of this Book starring Lovable, Furry old Grover Old Mother Goose and other Nursery Rhymes The Poky Little Puppy The Saggy, Baggy Elephant MGM Tom and Jerry‘s Party Walt Disney‘s Santa’s Work Shop The Lord is my Shepherd The Tiny, Tawny Kitten Guess Who Lives here The Little Golden Book of Jokes Big Bird’s Big Red Book I Dont’ Want to Go! Little Cottontail Rocket Raccoon & Groot My First Counting Books Things in My House Hansel and Gretel Jack and the Beanstalk Little Brown Bear The Big Enough Helper Sesame Street Count all the Way to Sesame Street Sesame Street I think that is Wonderful Walt Disney’s Three Little Pigs Little Golden Picture Dictionary Huckleberry Hound and the Christmas Sleigh Winnie the Pooh meets Gopher The Christmas Story Where is the Bear? Pick up Sticks Animal Quiz Kix Cereal Little Golden Book promo courtesy retrorocker Baby’s Birthday Littlest Raccoon Beany Goes to Sea The Big Brown Bear Counting Rhymes Tom & Jerry’s Christmas Jingle Bells Santa’s Surprise Book Baby’s Christmas Rupert the Rhinoceros The Blue Book of Fairy Tales Three Bedtime Stories Baby’s First Book    
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The First 12 set Three Little Kittens Bedtime Stories (misc. authors) The Alphabet from A to Z Mother Goose Prayers for Children The Little Red Hen Nursery Songs The Poky Little Puppy The Golden Book of Fairy Tales Baby’s Book (Bob Smith) The Animals of farmer Jones (Leah Gale) Three Little Pigs and Other Counting Rhymes Books By or Illustrated by Eloise Wilkin  A Day at the Playground Baby Dear* The Christmas ABC* Baby Listens* Baby Looks* Baby’s birthday* The Christmas Story* Baby’s Christmas* Birds* Come Play House* The Boy with a Drum* Busy Timmy* A Child’s Garden of Verses* Eloise Wilkin’s Mother Goose First Book of Bible Stories Fix it, Please Georgie Finds a Grampa Good Morning, Good Night Good Little, BAd Little Girl Guess Who Lives Here Hansel & Gretel Hi! Ho! Three in a Row Jamie Looks Linda and Her Little Sister The Little Book My Dolly and Me My Baby Brother My Little Golden Book About God My Kitten My Teddy Bear My Snuggly Bunny My Puppy The New Baby New Brother, New Sister Baby Dear The Night Before Christmas Noises and Mr. Flibberty-Jib Play With Me Prayers for Children So Big The Twins We Help Daddy We Help Mommy We Like Kindergarten Where Did the Baby Go? Wiggles Wonders of Nature Books by or Illustrated by Garth Williams during the 1980s Animals’ ABC* Animal Friends* Baby Farm Animals* Baby ANimals* BAby’s First Book* Bunny’s ABC* My First Counting Book Things I Like Three Bedtime Stories The Very Best Home for Me! The Friendly Book The Golden Sleepy Book Home for a Bunny The Kitten Who Thought He Was a Mouse Books by or Illustrated by Richard Scarry during the 1980s Albert’s Stencil Zoo* The Animals of Farmer Jones* The Animals’ Merry Christmas* Best Balloon Ride Ever!* Best Little Word Book Ever!* The Bunny Book* Busiest Firefighters Ever!* Chicken Little* The Chipmunk’s Merry Christmas* Chipmunk’s ABC* The City Mouse and the Country Mouse* Naughty Bunny My Little Golden Book of Manners My Little Golden Dictionary Prairie Bear Rabbit and His Friends Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Smokey the Bear The Snowstorm Surprise Three Billy Goats Gruff Timmy Visits the Doctor Winky Dink Polite Elephant Danny Bear’s Secret Floating Bananas The Gingerbread Man Goodnight, Little Bear Here Comes the Parade! Hilda Needs Help! Just for Fun Little Benny Wanted a Pony Mrs. Frumble’s Coffee Shop Disaster The Wolf and the 7 Kids When Bunny Grows Up Christmas Mice First Little Golden Books Busy Timmy Big Bird’s Busy Day (Sesame Street) Barney’s Sand Castle Curious Kitten’s First Christmas The Christmas Pageant A Day with My Dad A Day in the Park Dog Goes to Nursery School Five Little Bunnies The Friendly Beasts Happy Easter, Mother Duck How Big Are You? Henry and Theresa’s Race I Can Dress Myself (Sesame Street) I can Fly I’ll Share with You It’s Bedtime It’s Christmas (Sesame Street) I Like to Help My Mommy Good Morning, Magellan (Eureka’s Castle) Good Morning, Muffin Mouse Katie the Kitten Let’s Go All Around the Neighborhood Let’s Play Peek-a-Boo Little Squirt the Fire Engine The Little Calf That Couldn’t Moo Little Duck and the New Baby A Little Christmas Treasury R Little Quack and Baby Ducky Little Duck’s Moving Day The Little Red Hen Martha’s House Max Helps Out Mowgli and the Jungle Animals Meet My Buddy (My BUddy, a Pen Pal) Muffin Mouse on the Go Muppet Babies Be Nice! My Alphabet Ny Book of the Seasons My Book of Words My 1st Book of Animal Sounds My 1st Book of Sounds My Little Book of Poems My Little Book of Prayers My Little Mother Goose Natasha’s Daddy (Sesame Street) No Nap Today! Over in the Meadow Panda Bear’s Paint Box Panda Bear’s Secret The Perfect Lunch (Eureka’s Castle) Pinky’s 1st spring Day Pinocchio Poky Little Puppy’s Wonderful Winter Saggy Baggy Elephant’s Birthday Shake a Leg! (Sesame Street) Shut the Door! Simon Visits the Doctor A Sleepy Story Sweet and Silly Muppet Poems (Muppets) Stevie’s Tricycle The Sweetie Book of A,B,C (Tiny Toons) A Stable in Bethlehem The Tale of Chip the Teacup (Beauty and the Beast) The Three Bears The 3 Billy Goats Gruff To Grandmother’s House We Go The 3 Little Pigs The Truck That Drove all Night Tommy’s New Bed The Tweety Trap! The Very Best Picnic A Visit from Grandma and Grandpa Who am I? We Like to Do Things What Kind of Truck? The Wheels on the Bus When Dog Grows Up Who Says That? Where’s Goldie? When Dog Was Little Yes, I Love You Winnie The Pooh and the Pebble Hunt Big Little Golden Books Animals in the Woods Be Kind to Animals! The Best Nickname Big Little Golden Book of Funny Poems Bialosky and the Big Parade Mystery The Big Little Golden Book of Planets Big Little Golden Book of Knock-Knocks and Other Jokes Bugs Bunny and the Health Hog Dinosaur Discoveries DuckTales: The Road to Riches Garfield the Fussy Cat The Grab-Bag Party The House That had Enough How Come You’re So Lucky It’s How You Play The Game (Peanuts) Jumping Jacky King Mitch Had an Itch Snoopy, the World’s Greatest Author (Peanuts) The Right House for Rabbit The Secret Life of Walter Kitty Pound Puppies: The Puppy Nobody Wanted The Red Jacket Mixup A Sleep-Over Visit Lady Lovelylocks: Silkypup’s Butterfly Adventure Let’s Go Fishing! Little Raccoon Takes Charge Little Sister Little Raccoon’s Nighttime Adventure My Christmas Tree Old Friends, New Friends No Stage Fright for Me! Ordinary Amos and the Amazing Fish The Pandas Take a Vacation The Perfect Picnic Peter Pan and Tinker Bell and the Pirates Little Little Golden Books The Animals of Farmer Joones Baby’s Christmas Baby Farm Animals Baby Animals Beauty and the Beast Big Bird’s Busy Days (Sesame Street) Blueberry Bear Counts from 1-20 The Christmas Pageant Bunny’s New Shoes Bunnies’ ABC Count to Ten The Colorful Mouse The Christmas Story Christmas Mice Curious Kitten Around the House Curious Little Kitten’s 1st Christmas First Times Fire Engines Four Little Kittens Four Puppies Frosty the Snowman The Fuzzy Duckling Grover’s Own Alphabet (Sesame Street) I can Dress Myself (Sesame Street) Jack and the Beanstalk The Little Red Hen Little Red Riding Hood The Littlest Christmas Elf Monsters Come in Many Colors (Sesame Street) My 1st Book of Sounds Poky Little Puppy’s Special Day The Nutcracker- Rita Balducci The Merry Christmas Mystery (Winnie the Pooh) The Prince and the Pauper Rudolph the red-Nosed Reindeer – Richard Scarry Saggy Baggy Elephant The Sleepy Book – Margaret Wise Brown Theodore Mouse Goes to Sea Tootle – Gertrude Crampton The 3 Bears Tale of Peter Rabbit Scruffy the Tugboat Shake a Leg! Tawny Scrawny Lion 3 Little Pics The Velveteen Rabbit The Very Best Home for Me! Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Walt Disney’s Bambi Walt Disney’s Dumbo Walt Disney’s Mickey’s Christmas Carol Walt Disney’s Cinderella Walt Disney’s Peter Pan Walt Disney’s Snow White and the 7 Dwarves Walt Disney’s Little Mermaid We Help Daddy We Like Kindergarten We Help Mommy Welcome to Little Golden Book Land When Bunny Grows Up 12 Storybook Treats Sets: #s 1-12, 13-32 40 Little Little Golden Books Set Little Golden Books Land Series Poky Little Puppy’s Special Day Saggy Baggy Elephant: No Place for Me Shy Little Kitten’s Secret Place Tawney Scrawny Lion Saves the Day Tootle and Katy Caboose: A Special Day Little Golden Books Land Little Golden Book Sets 6 Little Golden Books from Sesame Street 10 Religious Little Golden Books Little Golden Book Christma Collection Mickey Mouse and Friends Walt Disney Classics Happy 60th Birthday, Mickey Mouse! A Billion Golden Memories Sesame Street Families Bugs Bunny and Friends Little Golden Books for Springtime All-Time Favourite Little Golden Books Little Golden Books for Christmas 1st 12 Little Golden Books Published on the Occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Little Golden Books 50 years of Little Golden Books 10 Best loved Little Golden Books 10 Disney Little Golden Books Little Golden Books Keepsake Set Little Golden Books Promotional Titles Crispy Critters Cereal Special edition books: Crispy’s Bedtime Book Crispy in the Birthday Band Cleo Storybook Greetings Hardee’s Series 1,2,3 Mattel Disney Classics Little Golden Books McDonald’s Happy Meal Little Golden Books Wienerschnitzel Hot Dog Little Golden Books Giveaways Mattel Barbie Love to Read Gift Set w/ Little Golden Book If you love Little Golden Books or want to see how much yours could be worth, be sure to get Warman’s Little Golden Books Identification and Price Guide by Steve Santi!!

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