When I was a kid the Sunday paper was a big deal. There was no internet or 24 hour news channels to get the up to the minute news so my family and the families of friends poured over the Sports Section, clipped out the special coupons and of course read the funnies because the Sunday paper ran in colour (I could never get the attraction of Mary Worth)! Though newspaper susbscriptions are alive and well, more often than not people tell me they only get the Sunday paper for the coupons and recycle the rest. Comics run in the 1980s Tumbleweeds Family Circus Hagar the Horrible The Wizard of ID Ziggy Cathy Garfield Tarzan Andy Capp Broomhilda Calvin & Hobbes (Hobbs or Hoh-bees? You decide.) Little Orphan Annie Lulu Mary Worth Marvin Peanuts Pogo Prince Valient Dick Tracy Doonesburg For Better or For Worse Heathcliffe Dennis the Menace The Farside Dilbert Beatle Bailey Archie

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