Back to School the radical way

So let me just say, can we not go 2 weeks at all in consumerland without having to buy school stuff? Now that our local grocer has put the Halloween candy out in this 3rd week of July , Target has stuffed their shelves with Back to School crap. Target and I are on the outs about how stupid they make it to pay your bill on time so I was not happy to be shoved into another storewide campaign but Yoobi brand may have just saved it. Have you seen these oversize erasers like we had back in the day that also sport 80s motifs???

Anybody remember buying one of those pink hunky erasers at their school store and then about halfway through the year putting holes in it with every manner of available office supply in an effort to ruin it so you could get a new one because come on, nobody can make an eraser that good last all year?? Me too ;p

I can see what’s on its way into my basket!

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