My Little Pony USA G1 special Issues

Other Special G1 issues in the USA
Mail order, Special Offers, Playsets, outfits, Animal Families, etc

Mail Order

Birthday Pony MLP 10th year anniversary pony

Pink Baby Ember

Ember, “My Beautiful Baby Pony” pink version Horseshoe Points mail order offer- property

Ember, My Beautiful Baby Pony (in blue, lavendar, pink)
Birthflower Ponies – January (carnation), February (violet), March (daffodil), April (daisy), May (Lily of the Valley), June (rose), July (water lily), August (poppy), September (morning glory), October (cosmos), November (chrysanthemum), December (holly)
Collector Ponies – Bluebelle, Butterscotch, Cotton Candy, Blossom, Minty, Snuzzle
Hollywood Pony
Spike (Dragon from the Dream Castle)
Lucky the Stallion Baby Brother pony

Stocking the Holiday Pony
Wedding Ponies – Satin ‘ Lace (So-Soft ), Satin ‘n Lace (light pink), Satin ‘n Lace (dark pink). Coat ‘n Tails / Tux ‘n Tails (Big Brother), Bridal Beauty Pony (all-white)
Baby Blue Ribbon
Rainbow Ponies: Moonstone, Parasol, Confetti, Flutterbye, Pinwheel, Trickles
Baby Buggy w/ Beddy Bye Eyes Baby Cuddles
Sparkle Ponies (w/cheek symbol) Napper, Sky Rocket, Star Dancer, Star Hopper, Sunspot, Twinkler
Pretty Mane Ponies: Scribble, Dabble
Baby Sister Ponies Li’l Cupcake, Li’l Sweetcake
Pearlized Baby Ponies (pearly body) Baby Blossom, Baby Cotton Candy, Baby Firefly, Baby Glory, Baby Moondancer, Baby Surprise
Baby Birthday Ponies: Baby Gametime, Baby Sugarcake
Sweet Scoops
Baby Twice-as-Fancy: Baby Dancing Butterflies, Baby Love Melody, Baby Milky Way, Baby Sugarberry, Baby Sweet Tooth, Baby Up Up & Away
Mommy and Baby Ponies: Mother Love and Baby Beachy Keen
Merry Treats (Christmas pony)
Candy Cane Ponies– Molasses, Sugar Apple, Mint Dreams, Sugar Sweet, Lemon Treats
Collector’s Ponies – Snuzzle, Butterscotch, Blue Belle, Blossom, Minty, Cotton Candy
Fairy Tale Ponies-Rapunzel (earth pony), Goldilocks (shaped like G2 ponies)
Glitter Sweetheart Sister Ponies– Thin ponies with longer legs than Flutter Ponies, each wore an earring and has symbol printing from rear all the way up the the ears and down both legs- Twinkler, Sunblossom, Starflash, Bright Night
Glow ‘N Show Ponies – like Sparkle ponies but with shaped glitter in the plastic- Dazzle Glow, Bright Glow, Star Glow, Happy Glow
Sweet Scoops with Mummy Charm
Sparkle Ponies– (had a little symbol on their cheek as well as rump) – Stardancer, Sky Rocket, Sun Spot, Twinkler, Napper, Star Hopper
First Boy Baby Ponies– Little Clipper, Lucky
Twice as Fancy Baby Ponies- Baby Up Up and Away, Baby Milky Way, Baby Love Melody, Baby Sugarberry, Baby Sweet Tooth, Baby Dancing Butterflies
Party Babies– Baby Sugar Cake, Baby Game Time
Pretty Mane Ponies-(shaped like flutter ponies)- Dabble, Scribble
Baby Bonnet School of Dance w/ 2 swan friends, 2 bee friends, 2 rabbit friends

Playsets and Ponies

Playset Babies and Ponies: Baby Tiddley-Winks, Baby Half Note, Lemondrop, Majesty, Sprinkles
Party Pack w/ So Soft Best Wishes, Twinkle Eye Party Time,
Twice as Fancy Ponies in playsets – Scoops, Pillow Talk, Fifi, Sundance
Scrub-a-Dub Tub Gift Pack Ponies– Sunny Bunch, Spring Song, Sky Rocket
Slumber Party Gift Pack– Baby Sleepy Head, Baby Sleep Tight, Pink Dreams flutter pony, Baby Night Cap, Pillow Talk twice as fancy
Party Pack Baby Sea Pony Baby Celebrate
Scrub -a -Dub Tub Gift Pack– Spring Song Sweetheart Sister pony, Sky Rocket sparkle pony, Sunny bunch Merry-go-round pony
Baby Bonnet School of Dance #1 w/Baby Half Note beddy bye eye, #2 w/Baby Half Note w/freckles
Princess and Baby Buggy set w/ Princess Sparkle baby pony
Purse sets – Purple Purse w/ Baby Crumpet, Pink Purse w/ Baby Sleepy Pie
Baby Blue Ribbon with Adventures in Ponyland game
Listen ‘n Fun Baby Ember with a star symbol and cassette tape “Ember’s Dream”

Lemon Drop from Show Stable year 2

Lemon Drop originally came with year 2’s Show Stable and Brandy dog toy -property

Brush Me Beautiful Boutique w/ Catnip Cat
Dream Castle #1 w/ Majesty and Spike
Dream Castle #2 w/ Spike
Home Sweet Home #1 & 2 w/ dog Brandi
Lullaby Nursery 1985 w/ Baby Tiddley-Winks, 1987 w/ Baby Tiddly-Winks beddy-bye-eyes
Baby Pony Collector’s case for 9 baby ponies
Glitter Island w/ Baby Clipper
Paradise Estate1986
Perm Shoppe w/ Twice as Fancy Fifi
Poof ‘n Puff Perfume Palace
Rock-a-Bye bed
Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe w/ Sweet Scoops
MLP Carry Case for 6 ponies
Sweet Dreams Crib (stable)
MLP Collector’s Case for 12 ponies (Dream Castle)
Waterfall Set w/ Sprinkles
Petite Pony playsets
Carousel w/ Topper & Whirly
Royal Pony Palace w/ SunDrop & Magic Star
Whinny Winks Inn w/ Little Flitter
Happy Hearts Cottage w/Puddles
Pony Prints Cabin w/Flurry
Mane Delights Beauty Shoppe w/Misty
Happy Hoof Market w/Tabby
Twinkle Treat Ice Cream Shoppe w/Floater

Special Giveaway Ponies

Lil Tot (charity pony given to children with cancer)
Chuck E Cheese Baby Pony (Chuck E. Cheese)
Valentine’s Day Pony (purple, Current, Inc. )
Valentine’s Day Pony (white, Current, In.)
Christmas Baby Pony / Baby Stockings (Rice Krispies giveaway)

Christmas Baby Pony Rice Krispies mail order year 9

Christmas Baby Pony mail order through specially marked Rice Krispies boxes in year 9. Property

Plush Ponies

Hasbro Softies stuffed ponies with embroidered symbols- Cotton Candy, Bow tie, Parasol (2 variants), Firefly (2 variants), Blossom, Glory, Windy, Posey, Cherries Jubilee, Moondancer (2 variants), Star Shine (2 variants), Posey, Lickety Split,
Mother and Baby sets (1986)- Lickety Split and baby, Surprise and baby, Lofty and baby.
Applause softies (symbols painted on) – Firefly, Blossom, Glory, Cotton Candy

Charms and Miniatures

McDonald’s Happy Meal Pony Charms – Minty, Blossom, Butterscotch, Snuzzle, Blue Belle, Cotton Candy
Mummy Charms (came in packaging on specially marked boxes)- Tell-a-tale, Paint-a picture, Laugh-a-lot, Fair Play, Little Helper, True Blue, Hugs and Kisses, Sweet Tune, Ticklish, Fun Lover, Morning Sunshine, Yours Too, Happy Dancer, Tiny Tumbler, Pretty Please, Sweet and Special, Sweetheart, Secret Keeper, Funny Face, Curtain Call, Sweet Scoops, Pixie Pony, Powder Puff, Sweet Tune,
Petite Ponies Pony Tail Ponies (1 3/4″ tall w/ hair tails)- 2 sets of four, unnamed
Petitie Ponies Pretty ‘n Pearly – set of 5 (moulded w/ pearly finish)
Petite Ponies Pretty Pony Parade – (moulded) set of 10, unnamed
Petite Ponies Sun Sparkle Ponies- (moulded, see-through coloured plastic) set of 5, unnamed

Megan and Sundance issues

Pony and Doll sets– Megan and Sundance mail order, Sundance and Megan, Twice as Fancy Sundance and Megan, Sundance with light pink hair and symbol printed all over body and Megan, So Soft Sundance with Megan mail order, Molly and Baby Sundance (beddy-bye-eye)

Megan and Sundance outfits– Picnic in the Park, Sweet Dreams, Flower Darlings, By the Sea, Country Jamboree, Ice Princesses
Playsets: Megan’s Place

My Little Pony Wear 

Pony Outfits w/ Shoes: Pony-Naut, Academy Award, Rockin’ the Night Away, Abra-Ca-Dabra, Galaxy Glamor, In the Centre Ring
Baby Pony Wear:  (came with pocket palls to fit in the pocket’s outfits and shoes) Elephant suit, Party Dress, Bathrobe, Clown Suit, Dragon Suit, Jumper, Snow Suit, Bunny Suit, Overalls, Lion Suit,Sleeper
Mother / Baby Pony Wear (matching outfits): Sunday Stroll, Snow Angels, Sun & Fun, Prima Ballerinas, Pony Workout, Ready for Rainbows
Play ‘n Wear: Pretty as a Picture, Milk ‘n Cookies, Pony Holiday, Sidewalk Surfer, Hit the Slopes, Get into the Groove
Pony Pack accessory sets :  4 total
Pony Wear sets: Pony Royal, Parade Pizzazz, Great Skates, Sweet Dreams, Best of the West, The Tea Party, Pom Pom Pony, Flash Prance, Pony Luv, Neon Lights, Strike up the Band, Having a Luau, Party Time, City Kids, Something Old- Something New, Sweetness and Lace, Hearts and Candy, From the Designer Collection, Pageant Queen, Lights Camera Action
Pretty Ups Accessory sets: Kittens and Teddies, Seashore, Ribbons and Lace, Birds and Flowers

My Little Pony Accessories (these came packaged with the ponies or playsets)

Combs/ Brushes : Tooth comb, Long tooth comb, Crescent Moon comb, Shooting star Brush / Rainbow variant, Shooting star comb, Sun hairpick, Bird brush, Butterfly brush, Flower pick / painted variant, Flower brush, Star pick / glitter variant, Teddy Bear brush, Ducky comb, Fish comb, Shell brush / comb, Whale brush, Puppy brush, Racecar comb, Frog brush, Grasshopper comb, Kittens brush, Puppies comb, Ribbon/ Bow comb, Candy comb, Grooming brush w/ handle, Heart handled brush / comb, Lollipop brush

Hair Accessories:  Ribbons, Bird barrette, Ice Cream Cone barrette, Ice Cream Sundae Barrette, Lollipop barrette, Flower barrette (2 variants), Hearts barrette, I Luv You barette, Shooting Star barrette, Circle Crown clip, Diamond Crown clip, Oval Crown clip

Baby Things:  Bassinet (various colours), Highchair, Playpen (various colours), Baby Blankets, Rocker (various colours)/ Snail variant, Sandbox, Seesaw, Stroller (various colours), Wagon, Ducky pull toy, Rattles, Ring Stacker Toy, Xylophone, B-A-B-Y necklace (various colours), Bibs (heart / Butterfly / Teddy Bear), Bows for around the neck, Nightgowns for Newborn Ponies (various patterns), Diapers and box, Panties, Bottles (various sizes and colours), Divided dishes w/ spoon (various colours)

First Tooth Baby Pony Accessories: Glo-Worm doll, toothbrush and toothpaste, sipper cup, teether ring,  tooth pillow

My Little Pony Animal Families

L’il Litters:
My Little Bunny Families – flocked mother w/cottony tail and forelock, w/2 babies – Happy Hopper, Fancy Floppy, Adorable Angora, Cuddly Cottontail
My Little Kitty Families– cottony tails, flocked mother w/2 babies- Cutie Calico, Happy Tabby, Dreamy Siamese, Precious Persian
My Little Puppy Families – flocked mother, hair in pigtails w/ 2 babies- Lady Labrador, Sweet Spaniel, Dalmatian Dots, Pretty Poodle
Nursery Families– flocked moms w/2 babies and 3 toy items
My Little Kitty– Perky Persians, Sudsy Angoras, Slumber Time Siamese
My Little Puppy– Sweet Dreams Poodles, Funtime Spaniels, Scrub-a-Dub Spaniels

My Little Pony Collector’s items

Accessory set– Box with snap closure, wallet, mirror, pony picture in frame. All purple with MLP logo.
Address book– 1986, blue, Baby Sundance and Molly on front
Bank– ceramic coin bank shaped like pony with moulded hair- Bow Tie, Blossom
Bed Blanket– Pink Satin Trimmed edges, several ponies on front playing in the clouds around a castle and the MLP logo
Twin/ full/ queen bed Set– fitted bottom sheet, top sheet and 2 pillow cases – several ponies playing in the clouds around a castle and the MLP logo
Food Tray– 1983, blue with flower print on edges. Several ponies under the MLP logo rainbow playing in a field by a stable.
Bubble Bath– Shaped like a pony with head -cap which has rooted hair. Merry go-round pony
Candy Container– shaped like a little the pony nursery with a baby pony head moulded on in the window and a little bottle-shaped door on the side.
Cake Set– included a spatula, flexible candy moulds, icing tips and piping tube, rolling pin, eggbeater
Cassette Player– 1983 player itself moulded like a green field with Cotton Candy and fence on top with stable sticker (made in each of the collector ponies)

Colouring Books
1984 – Colouring and Activity Book, In the Country
1985- The Sea Ponies
1986- Sea Ponies: My First Colouring Book
1987- Trace and Rub
1988- Show and Tell, Magical Day, Sweets and Treats, All Day Long, Ribbons and Rainbows, All Aboard

Fashion Bag – Pink canvas shoulder bag with strap and MLP makeup- bag has MLP logo and ‘Always in fashion’ printed across front. Mail Order.
Fashion Makeup– Makeups that came with specially marked ponies to be used by child or on ponies
Fan club Packet– 1987 – Fan Club card, change purse, iron on, note pad
MLP School Folders with scenes from the movies

MLP Pony Round Up 3D stand up game
A Prize-Winning Pony Race game
Carousel Pony Board Game
Merry-Go-Round Stamper Game

MLP Gumball Machine w/Firefly and Baby Firefly figures
Ironing Board- metal
Hair Accessory Set– headband, 2 barrettes, 2 ponytail holders (6 sets)
MLP Pages for Light Brite
MLP Lunchboxes – Peek-a-Boo babies, Rainbow Curl, Candy Cane Ponies, Gusty/ Whizzer/ Sea Baby/ Megan and Sundance
White Plastic Handled Mug– Glory and Parasol
Movies– My Little Pony the Movie, Firefly’s Adventure, Escape from catrina
Party Items– Name tags, autograph poster, birthday hats, plates and cups, napkins, balloons
MLP Pencil by Number pictures to colour w/ coloured pencils
Alarm Clocks– shaped like Moondancer or Twilight with glow in the dark clock hands
Pony Jewelry– Blossom pendant, Twilight pin, Twilight bracelet
2 Pack Posters to colour with markers

Jigsaw Puzzles
125 pc puzzles
1983 Bow Tie, Blossom, Apple Jack
1985 Medley, Glory

100 pc puzzles
1985 Ponies in clouds
Posey, Majesty, Surprise, Heart Throb
1989 sweetheart sisters ponies
1987 twice as fancy ponies and newborn twins
1990 prom queen ponies
1989 Candy cane ponies
1987 ponies and babies

25 pc puzzles
1985 Firefly and Baby Firefly
1985 Peachy and Baby Cuddles
1987 Sugarberry, Baby Sniffles, Baby Snookums
1990 ballerina ponies
1988 Windy Wing ponies
1988 baby ponies and friends
1988 Fancy Pants and Playtime Brothers
1988 Baby Squirmy and Baby Tappy

Portable AM Radio w/ heaphones- Sunbeam, others
Roller Skates– Skydancer and others, white with blue velcro cuffs and wheels
MLP Shrinky Dinks
Sleeping Bags– Dream Castle, Flutter Ponies, Paradise Estate, others
Stampers – 1984 moulded like ponies- Moondancer, Firefly, Twilight, Windy, Skydancer, Cotton Candy, Bow Tie
Flat Stampers w/ Stamp Pad 1985 – Majesty, Sunbeam, Moondancer, Glory, Butterscotch, Bluebelle, Snuzzle, Minty
Shaped Sticker books– Adventure Sticker book, Fantasy Sticker book

Panini Sticker Albums
Stickers– 3D Lazer blazer holographic stickers by colorforms
Stick on digital clocks– 3-4″ 1990
Stick on digital clocks– 2 1/2 ” 1995

Books and Readalongs
Story Books-
1984 New Friends, At the Country Fair
1985 Under the big Top, Mystery Chase, Baby Firefly’s Adventure, Spike and the Magic Horseshoes
1986 Make a Wish
1991 Pretty Pony Parade, Dance ‘n Prance, Sweet Dreams

1986 The Little Ponies and the Pixie Sea Pirates

1988 Favourite Stories

MLP Annuals

1986 MLP Movie Sticker Collector’s Album

MLP Adventure Sticker Book

MLP Fantasy Sticker Book


Read along sets
1984 Adventure book/ tape
1985 The magic rainbow / tape, Lost in the Clouds / record
1986 glory the Magic Unicorn / tape

MLP Tape Case – holds 6 cassettes- by Kid Stuff
Plastic Tea Set- white
Tote Bag– Purple with pink trim and change purse attached inside, Cotton Candy moulded on front with rooted mane and tail
Vanity Set- Baby Pony Heartthrob with white plastic brush, comb and mirror
MLP Digital Watches– printed strap and moulded pony flip up cover with rooted hair and tiny included comb
Do it Yourself Wall Decorations– 1990 Priss Prints 10pc – Dainty, Sand Digger, Flower Bouquet

-The World of My Little Pony an unauthorized guide for collectors – Debra L. Birge 2nd ed.