My Little Pony G1 USA Year 5: 1986-1987

Zig Zag pony friend

Year 5 of G1 brought more So-Softs, more Twinkle-Eyes, more Flutter ponies and a ton of exciting new editions from Newborns (the smallest poniest at the time), the larger, rare Soft Sleepy Newborns, and the first boy pony set to the first Princess ponies. Year 5 also brought a brand new pony pack, the Slumber Party pack and the first pony board game by Mail Order.

So-Soft Ponies

Twinkle Eyed Ponies

Twice as Fancy Ponies

Flutter Ponies

Big Brother Ponies

Princess Ponies

Sea Sparkle Baby Sea Ponies

First Tooth Baby Ponies

Newborn Twin Ponies

Pony Friends

Soft Sleepy Newborns

Mail Order, Playsets and Special Issues