My Little Pony G1 Year 4 Mail Order / Special Issues

Baby Lucky and Baby Cotton Candy

Year 4 had the interesting special issue of the Party Gift Pack, a sampler of the different types of new ponies from year 4 and enough party supplies for the ladies to have a rocking birthday bash of their own.  The first pony purse also debuted in year 4, a purse for you with a baby pony to fit in its pocket and ride along.

Party Gift Pack

Included a banner, party hats, whistle blowers, plates and cups, balloons, cake and candles, a pin the tail on the pony game, blindfolds, stickers, postcard and invitations, ribbons, combs and party panties for ponies and the following ponies:

Best Wishes (So-soft)

Party Time (Twinkle-Eye)

Yum Yum (Flutter pony)

Baby Frosting (BBE baby)

Celebrate (Pretty ‘n Pearly Baby sea pony w/ floatie)


Baby Bonnet School of Dance w/ Baby Half Note

Pony Purse (pink) w/ Baby Sleepy Pie


Special Issues

Meghan and So-Soft Sundance
Molly and Baby Sundance with Beddy-Bye Eyes


Mail Order

Stockings (Earth Christmas pony)

Hollywood (Flutter pony exclusive with the release of the My Littl Pony Movie in 1986)

Baby Lucky / Lucky the Stallion (first boy pony, came with a bowtie and comb)