My Little Pony G1 USA Year 1: 1982-1983

Anniversary Cotton Candy

Year one in the MLP line consisted of only 6 ponies, known as the Collector Ponies. These ponies would be re-issued in brighter colours in 2008 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of MLP.

From the US collector pony package backcard: My Little Pony is a pretty pony with long, shiny hair. She likes you to comb her hair so it stays silky and soft. You can braid her tail and tie a ribbon in it too! Collect and play with all 6 little ponies. There’s a pony in each of your favorite colors.


For as long as anyone can remember Butterscotch has always won Ponyland’s Annual Gymnkhana. She’s fast and nimble, strong and exceptionally athletic- over the hedges and fallen tree trunks, round the toadstools and through the gate to finish.

Blue Bell
Blue Bell loves to explore the woods and to find the first bluebells of Spring. She treads daintily through the bushes and pushes the leaves away until she smells the delicious perfume of her favourite flowers- ah! Lovely!

Over the hawthorn hedge Minty had spotted a large patch of her favourite mint. She knelt down to smell the delicious aroma, nibbled a leaf and then lay right down in it- rolling over and over until her whole body smelled of mint too. (In the fact file Minty has a purple body)

If ever any pony were a little bit sad or lonely, Snuzzle would be the first to notice and go over and nuzzle her head against theirs. Soon they would cheer up and start to laugh and smile again.

Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy loves sweet things; sweet nectar from the flowers, sweet honey from the bees, sweet grass from the valley. However, she is also a bit lazy and tries to find her treats a little too close to home. Blossom’s flower garden is always a tempting place to grab a snack.

Blossom keeps busy digging in her beauiful garden- as well as chasing Cotton Candy out of it! The ponies say that all the colours of the rainbow are reflected in her lovely flowers.

*pony descriptions taken from the My Little Pony Fact File, 1987