My Little Pony G1 Year 6: 1987-1988

Braided Beauty Brush’n Grow

Year 6 in G1 brought some novel new lines with the Brush ‘n Grow ponies, Magic Message ponies, Sundae Best ponies as well as a new line of baby ponies and expansion of the Princess, Big Brother, Newborn twins and Twice as Fancy lines.  A second and much harder to find Pony Friends set and the issue of a first wedding pony exclusive capped off the exciting year 6 for G1 My Little Pony.

Twice as Fancy

Magic Message Ponies

Sundae Best Ponies

Big Brother Ponies

Newborn Twins

Princess Ponies

Brush ‘n Grow Ponies

Happy Tails Ponies

Peek-a-Boo Baby Ponies

Water Colour Baby Sea Ponies

Sweet Berry Ponies

Summer Wing Ponies 

Pony Friends

Playsets / Mail Order