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My Little Pony Year 3 Baby Ponies

The Baby ponies came to store shelves as “play and care” pony sets. They came with a crib or rocker and a list of accessories such as a blanket or bib, bottle, toy (stacking toy, rattle or pull duck) , baby block necklace , diaper box and cloth diaper, sticker and ribbon and a teddy bear shaped hair brush.

Baby Firefly

Baby Surprise
“Happy Birthday, Baby Surprise!” shouted all of the ponies at once. Hundreds of colorful balloons filled the room, giving the birthday party a very cheerful feeling. Baby Surprise pranced with excitement! “Open your present,” prompted Surprise, her mother. Inside of the brghtly wrapped package was a cute little rocking chair- just her size!

Baby Surprise was delighted. “Thank you all so very much!” As she spoke, the ribbons on the balloons magically wrapped themselves into her mane and tail. “Whoa! Whee!” Baby Surprise shouted as the ballooms started to carry her up, up and away.

At first she was frightened, but soon enjoyed the ride when she realised that her pegasus wings could steer. Gently flapping her wings, she returned to the party and landed right in her new rocking chair. Ever since that day, Baby Surprise has used balloons as “training wheels” to learn how to fly!

Baby Blossom

Baby Cotton Candy

Baby Glory

Baby Moondancer