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My Little Pony G1 USA Issues

Before My Little Pony was manufactured as its own toy line in 1982, Hasbro put out the 10″ My Pretty Pony in its Romper Room toy line. There would be two of these large ladies, one a golden brown with no cutie mark and one pink with dark pink hearts on the rump just like the later Peachy who would come with the Pretty Parlour playset.  My Little Pony as we know them from their own 10-year generation 1 line would come in several sizes and versions but none would ever be as large as My Pretty Pony. Now, on to the little ponies!  Use the links below to access ponies by year issued.




My Little Pony Year 1 1982-1983

My Little Pony Year 2 1983-1984

My Little Pony Year 3 1984-1985

My Little Pony Year 4 1985-1986

My Little Pony Year 5 1986-1987

My Little Pony Year 6 1987-1988

My Little Pony Year 7 1988-1989

My Little Pony Year 8 1989-1990

My Little Pony Year 9 1990-1991

My Little Pony Year 10 1991-1992


Collector ponies: (flat feet earth ponies) Blossom, Bluebelle, Butterscotch, Cotton Candy, Minty, Snuzzle

Year 2 1983-1984
Earth Ponies: Applejack, Blossom, Bowtie, Bubbles (sitting), Cotton Candy, Seashell (sitting)

Pegasus: Firefly, Melody (glittery symbols)

Unicorns: Glory Moondancer, Sunbeam (glittery symbols)

Rainbow Ponies: (rainbow mane / tail, glittery symbols) Moonstone, Parasol, Skydancer, Starshine, Sunlight, Windy

Sea Ponies: (w/ seashell holder that suctioned onto a bathtub wall) Sealight, Seawinkle, Wavedancer


Years 1 & 2 Playsets and Ponies
Show Stable w/ Lemondrop and Brandy (dog)
Dream Castle w/ Majesty and Spike (dragon)
Pretty Parlour w/ Peachy and Twinkles (cat)
Waterfall playset w/ Sprinkles and Duck Soup (duck)