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My Little Pony G1 Ponies, USA issued part 2

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Year 5  1986-1987

So Soft Ponies Twinkle-Eyed Ponies: (jewel eyed) Bright Eyes, Locket, Mimic, Quackers (Rainbow Pony), Speedy, Tic-Tac-Toe (Rainbow Pony)
Twice-as-Fancy Ponies: (extended bum symbols and additional forehead / cheek symbol) Dancing Butterflies, Love Melody, Milky Way, Sugarberry, Sweet Tooth, Up Up & Away
Princess Ponies: (shimmery hair and raised jewel bum symbols) Princess Primrose / Chumster, Princess Royal Blue / Wishful, Princess Serena / Cheery, Princess Sparkle / Hugster, Princess Starburst / Eager, Princess Tiffany /

Friendly Flutter Ponies: Cloud Puff, Tropical Breeze, Wind Drifter, Wingsong
Big Brother Ponies: (Clydesdale-styled with hat) 4-Speed w/ bandanna, Quarterback, Salty, Slugger, Steamer, Tex

Baby Ponies w/ First Tooth: Baby Bouncy, Baby Fifi, Baby Lickety-Split, Baby Northstar, Baby Quackers, Baby Tic-Tac-Toe
Newborn Twins: Dibbles & Nibbles (pegasus), Doodles & Noodles, Jangles & Tangles, Milkweed & Tumbleweed,

Rattles & Tattles (unicorn), Sniffles & Snookums (unicorn)
Sea Sparkle Baby Sea Ponies w/ animal floaties: Dipper / turtle floatie, Salty / lobster floatie, Sea Breeze / lobster floatie, Sea spray / lobster floatie, Surfy / turtle floatie, Wavy / alligator floatie
Pony Friends: Creamsicle (giraffe), Kingsley (lion), Spunky (camel), Zig Zag (zebra)

My Little Pony Twice as Fancy Ponies courtesy elithecat

My Little Pony Sweet Shoppe Ponies courtesy iencoder

Slumber Party Gift Pack Ponies Baby Nightcap, Pillow Talk, Pink Dreams (flutter pony), Sleep Tight (newborn), Sleepy Head (newborn)
So Soft Sleepy Newborns: (w/ beddy bye eyes) Hushabye, Pink Dreams, Sweet Dreams

Year 5 Playsets and Ponies

Pony Purse w/ Baby Crumpet
Perm Shoppe w/ Fifi
Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe w/ Scoops

Year 6 1987-1988

Twice as Fancy: (extended symbols across body and cheeks) Bonnie Bonnets, Buttons, Merriweather, Munchy, Night Glider, Yum Yum
Princess Ponies: (Raised jeweled symbol, tinsel in mane) Princess Dawn, Princess Misty, Princess Moondust, Princess Pristina, Princess Sunbeam, Princess Taffeta
Sundae Best Ponies: (pastel coloured, raised symbols, scented like deserts) Banana Surprise, Peppermint Crunch, Coco Berry, Crunch Berry, Sherbet, Swirly Whirly
Brush ‘n Grow Ponies: (very long silky mane / tail, several colours streaked in mane/ tail, tail can be pulled out longer and pulled back in by turning the pony’s head side to side) Bouquet, Braided Beauty, Curly Locks, Pretty Vision, Ringlets

Twisty Tail Happy Tails Ponies: (tail spins around when you squeeze the pony’s sides) Romper, Squeezer, Tabby, Tall Tales, Tossles, Woosie
Magic Message Ponies: (symbol could be rubbed to reveal a new symbol version) Cloud Dreamer, Cuddles, Floater, Magic Hat, Mirror Mirror, Windy

Sweetberry Ponies: (berry confections on their symbols) Blueberry Baskets, Boysenberry Pie, Cherry Treats, Cranberry Muffins, Raspberry Jam, Strawberry Surprise
Big Brother Ponies: (Clydesdale styled, came with a matching hat) Barnacle, Chief (Fireman’s helmet), Salty, Slugger (baseball hat), Steamer (Engineer cap), Wigwam (Indian headdress)
Peek-a-boo Baby Ponies: (heads could swivel to ‘peek-a-boo’) Baby Graffiti, Baby Noddins, Baby Ribbs, Baby Snippy, Baby Sweet Stuff, Baby Whirly Twirl

Newborn Twins: Big Top & Toppy (crouching on front legs), Bunkie & Speckles, Jabber & Jebber, Peeks (lifting front leg) & Puddles, Sand Castle & Shovels, Sniffles (lifting front leg) & Sticky
Summer Wing: (shorter legs than Flutter Ponies, w/ coloured butterfly wings) Buzzer, Glow, High Flier, Lady Flutter, Little Flitter, Sky Dancer
Watercolor Baby Sea Ponies: (pastel coloured w/ animal floaties) Foamy / frog floatie, Misty / duck floatie, Sealight / turtle floatie, Seashore / fish floatie, Seawinkle / alligator floatie, Wavedancer / lobster floatie
Pony Friends: Cha Cha (alpaca), Cutesaurus (dinosaur), Edgar (elephant), Oakly (moose)

Year 7 1988-1989

Merry Go Round Ponies: (painted on carousel ‘saddle’ and trappings) Brilliant Blossoms, Diamond Dreams, Sparkler, Sunnybunch, Tassles, Flower Bouquet

Candy Cane Ponies: (Desert-themed symbol, curly striped hair) Caramel Crunch, Lemon Treats, Mint Dreams, Molasses, Sugar Apple, Sugar Sweet

Sunshine Ponies: (beach themed symbols, hair changes colour in sunlight) Beach Ball, Mainsail, Sand Digger, Seaflower, Shoreline, Waverunner
Perfume Puff Ponies: (very poofy mane/ tail, perfume atomizer symbols) Dainty Dahlia, Daisy Sweet, Red Roses, Lavender Lace, Sweet Lily, Sweet Suds

Dance n Prance Ponies: (knob on bottom of neck wound to make pony’s tail twirl and pony move) D.J., Player, Songster, Swinger, Tap Dancer, Twirler
Princess Brush ‘n Grow: (same as the Brush n Grow series but with forehead gems) Brilliant Bloom, Glittering Gem, Skylark, Star Gleamer
Loving Family Ponies: (mummy, daddy and baby pony sets) Mommy, Daddy and Baby Apple Delight, Mommy, Daddy and Baby Sister Bright Bouquet, Mommy, Daddy and Baby Brother Sweet Celebrations

Sparkle Ponies: (translucent, glittered plastic bodies and tinsel in mane/ tail) Napper, Sky Rocket, Star Dancer, Star Hopper, Sunspot, Twinkler
Baby Fancy Pants Ponies: (painted on ‘diaper’ with print) Baby Bows, Baby Dots ‘n Hearts, Baby Glider, Baby Splashes, Baby Starburst, Baby Sunnybunch

Playtime Baby Brother Ponies: (turnable heads) Baby Countdown, Baby Drummer, Baby Leaper, Baby Paws, Baby Racer, Baby Waddles
Newborn Ponies: (tiniest ponies) – Dangles, Shaggy, Squirmy, Tappy (crouching on front legs), Wiggles, Yo-Yo
Windy Wing Ponies: (shorter legs than Flutter Ponies rainbow coloured butterfly wings) Cool Breeze, Flurry, Moon Jumper, Starry Wings, Sun glider, Whirly
Sweetheart Sister Ponies: (long legs and muzzles, extended symbols across the flanks and down the legs) Dainty, Fancy Flower, Flowerburst, Frilly Flower, Spring Song, Wild Flower
Baby Ponies and Pretty Pals:  (baby pony that came with a playset and animal friend) Baby Fleecy and Baby Woolly (lamb), Baby Stripes and Baby Nectar (panda), Baby Luckyleaf and Baby Leafy (calf), Baby Pockets and Baby Hoppy (kangaroo)

Year 8 1989-1990

Tropical Ponies: (neon colours) Hula Hula, Pina Colada, Seabreeze, Tootle Tails
Rainbow Curl Ponies: (fancy extended symbols, curly rainbow hair, pastel bodies) Raincurl, Ringlet, Streaky, Stripes
Sweetsteps Ballerina Ponies: (thinner, longer legs like Sweetheart Sister ponies but with a moulded ‘leotard’ and movable legs) Posey Rose, Silky Slipper, Tiptoes, Twinkle Dancer
Drink ‘n Wet Baby Ponies: (exactly what it sounds like) Baby Cuddles, Baby Flicker, Baby Rainfeather, Baby Snookums
Baby Sparkle Ponies: (translucent, glittered bodies) Baby Firefly, Baby Gusty, Baby North Star, Baby Starflower
Glittery Sweetheart Sister Ponies: (Extended glittered symbols down legs and up necks) Bright Night, Starflash, Sunblossom, Twinkler
Prom Queen Sweetheart Sister Ponies: (ready for the prom with earrings, skirt, perfume and combs, very curly mane/ tail) Cha Cha, Daisy Dancer, Pretty Belle, Sweet Sundrop

Year 8 Playset Ponies

Princess Baby Buggy w/ Baby Princess Sparkle (metallic hair and tinsel, metallic symbol)

Year 9 1990-1991

Rockin’ Beat Ponies: (neon colours, extended symbols across body, ‘eyeliner’) Half Note, Pretty Beat, Sweet Notes, Tuneful
Glow ‘n Show Ponies: (brightly streaked manes and tails, ‘freckled’ symbol design all over body and face) Bright Glow, Dazzleglow (pink hearts) , Dazzleglow (blue hearts), Happy Glow, Starglow
Precious Pocket Ponies: (raised ‘pocket’ symbols with attached pullout) Bubblefish, Bunnyhop (leaning back on back legs), L’il Pocket (leaning back on back legs), Sweet Pocket
Pretty Ponies: (thin and willowy like Sweetheart Sister Ponies with singular heart-themed symbols) Beautybloom, Flower Dream, Garden Glow, Rosy Love Baby Rainbow Ponies: (rainbow mane / tail) Baby Brightbow, Baby Rainribbon, Baby Starbow, Baby Sunribbon
Baby Ballerina Ponies: (poseable legs, moulded on ‘leotard’, mouled ‘bows’ on feet) Baby Softsteps, Baby Sweetsteps, Baby Tippytoes, Baby Toedancer
Teeny Tiny Ponies: (tiny with very short muzzles and curly mane/ tail) Little Giggles, Little Honey Pie, Little Tabby, Little Whiskers
Secret Surprise Ponies: (‘lock’ on neck that opened with included key to open up moulded ‘blanket’ on back to put things inside pony, came with piece of jewelry for child) Pretty Puff, Secret Beauty, Secret Star, Stardazzle
Princess Ponies: (Sweetheart Sister-shaped, long eyelashes) Princess Royal Pink, Princess Royal Purple

Year 10 1991-1992

Sweet Talkin Ponies: (battery powered. could say 3 phrases when sides were pressed) Chatterbox, Talks-a-Lot
Flower Fantasy Ponies: (printed all over) Flowerbelle, Love Petal, Sweet Blossom
Sippin Soda Ponies: (very curly mane / tail soda fountain symbols) Chocolate Delight, Strawberry Scoops
Sweet Kisses Ponies: (Sweetheart Sister- shaped, kiss themes symbols) Happy Hugs, Lovin Kisses, Ruby Lips
Sundazzle Ponies: (Sweetheart Sister-shaped, neon colours, crimped mane/ tail, ‘eyeshadow’) Sunbeam, Sunglory, Sunsplasher
Colourswirl Ponies: (‘slashes’ of colour across entire body) Lovebeam, Springy, Starswirl
Paradise Baby Ponies: (neon coloured) Baby Beach Ball, Baby Palm Tree, Baby Pineapple
Teeny Pony Twins: (tiny and short-muzzled) Bootsie & Tootsie, Rattles & Tattles, Sniffles & Snookums
Fancy Mermaid Ponies: (Top half had pony legs, bottom half is a pearly moulded fish tail, symbol on the chest) Baby Pearly, Baby Sea Princess, Baby Sea Shimmer

My Little Pony Brush n Grow courtesy Chris Glass