My Little Pony G1 Ponies, USA issued part 1

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1981 My Pretty Pony (10″) brown, brown w/ white spots, pink (Peachy)

My Little Pony Year 1 1982-1983
Collector ponies (flat feet)  Blossom, Bluebelle, Butterscotch, Cotton Candy,  Minty, Snuzzle

Year 2 1983-1984

Earth Ponies  Applejack, Blossom,  Bowtie,  Bubbles (sitting), Cotton Candy, Seashell (sitting)

Pegasus  Firefly, Melody  (glittery symbols)
Unicorns  Glory Moondancer, Sunbeam   (glittery symbols)
Rainbow Ponies  (rainbow mane / tail, glittery symbols) Moonstone, Parasol, Skydancer, Starshine, Sunlight, Windy
Sea Ponies (w/ seashell holder)  Sealight, Seawinkle, Wavedancer

Years 1 & 2 Playsets and Ponies
Show Stable w/ Lemondrop and Brandy (dog)
Dream Castle w/ Majesty and Spike (dragon)
Pretty Parlour w/ Peachy and Twinkles (cat)

Waterfall playset w/  Sprinkles and Duck Soup (duck)

Year 3  1984-1985

Earth Ponies  Apple Jack (long curly hair), Bowtie (long curly hair),  Cherries Jubilee (long curly hair). Lickety Split, Posey, Tootsie

heartthrob pegasus pony year 3

Heartthrob property

Pegasus  (w/ glitter symbols)  Heart Throb, Surprise
Unicorns (w/ glitter symbols)  Gusty, Skyflier, Powder, Sparkler
Rainbow Ponies (rainbow mane /tail, glitter symbols)  Confetti,  Flutterbye, Pinwheel, Starflower,  Tickle, Trickles

Baby Ponies  Baby Blossom,  Baby Cotton Candy, Baby Firefly (glitter symbols), Baby Glory  (glitter symbols), Baby Moondancer  (glitter symbols), Baby Surprise (glitter symbols)
Sea Ponies (w/seashell stand)  High Tide, Sand Dollar,  Sea Breeze, Sea Mist, Wave Jumper, Whitecap

Baby Sea Ponies (w/ animal floaties)  Backstroke / fish floatie,  Sea Shimmer / turtle floatie,  Sea Star / duck floatie, Splasher / turtle floatie,  Surf Rider / fish floatie, Tiny Bubbles / duck floatie

Year 3 Playsets and ponies

Baby Buggy w/ Baby Cuddles
Lullabye Nursery w/ Baby Tiddley- Winks (freckled baby pony)

Listen n Fun w/ Baby Ember
Megan and Sundance

Sea Ponies 1984 courtesy Hatchet666gitmo

Flutter Ponies 1986 courtesy mycommercials

Year 4  1985-1986

So Soft Ponies (flocked)  Bouncy,  Buttons, Cherries Jubilee, Cupcake, Fifi, Gusty, Heart Throb,  Hippity Hop, Lickety Split,  Lofty,  Magic Star (rearing on back legs), North Star, Paradise, Posey,  Ribbon, Scrumptious, Shady,  Skippety Doo (rearing on back legs), Surprise,  Truly (rearing on back legs), Twist, Wind Whistler
Earth Ponies  Magic Star  (rearing on back legs),  Scrumptious, Skippety Doo (rearing on back legs),Truly (rearing on back legs)
Unicorns   Buttons, Fifi, Gusty, Ribbon, Twist
Pegasus   Bouncy, Hippity Hop, Lofty, Paradise, Wind Whistler

Twinkle -Eyed Ponies (jeweled eyes)  Fizzy, Galaxy,  Gingerbread, Masquerade,  Sky Rocket, Speedy, Sweet Pop, Sweet Stuff, Whizzer
Beddy-Bye Eyes Baby Ponies (eyes close when turned over)  Baby Gusty, Baby Heart Throb, Baby Lickety-Split, Baby Lofty, Baby Ribbon, Baby Shady
Flutter Ponies   (irridescent wings that ‘flutter’ when button on back is pressed, slimmer build)  Forget-me-Not, Honeysuckle, Lily, Morning Glory, Peach Blossom, Rosedust

Flutter Pony Rosedust year 4

Flutter Pony Rosedust- missing wings. Property

Pretty ‘n Pearly Baby Sea Ponies -(irridescent finish w/ animal floaties) Beachcomber w/ alligator floatie, Ripple w/ frog floatie, Sea Shimmer w/ turtle floatie, Sunshower w/ alligator floatie, Surf Rider w/ fish floatie, Water Lily w/ frog floatie
Party Gift Pack Ponies  Baby Frosting (beddy bye eye), Best Wished (flocked / unflocked), Celebrate (baby sea pony w/ turtle floatie), Party Time, Yum Yum (flutter)

Year 4 Playsets and Ponies
Baby Buggy w/ Baby Cuddles (beddy bye eye)
Baby Bonnet School of Dance w/ Baby Half Note (beddy bye eye)
Pony Purse w/ Baby Sleepy Pie (beddy bye eye)
Lullaby Nursery w/ Baby Tiddley-Winks (beddy bye eye)
Molly and Baby Sundance
Megan and Sundance