My Little Pony G1 Ponies, Europe and Asia issued

My Little Ponies were issued in several countries around the world. Below you will find a listing of ponies and playsets that were either issued only in that country or a variation of the U.S. ponies were sold only there. United Kingdom G1 Issue Ponies  Earth Ponies:  Gypsy, Honeycomb, Hopscotch, Snowflake,  Milky Way, Pretty Beat, Woosie, Cupcake, Posey, Shady, Wind Whistler, Cherries Jubilee, Lemondrop, Coco Berry (sweet shoppe?) Baby Ponies: Baby Applejack, Baby Bowtie, Baby Lemondrop, Baby HalfNote Sea Ponies:  Seaspray, Surfdancer Groom and Style Ponies:  Applejack, Bowtie, Tootsie, Moondancer Rainbow Ponies:  Twisty Tail, Windy, Confetti (Wedding Bells version) Movie Star Ponies:  Buttons (2 variants) Mountain Boy Ponies:  Fireball, Ice Crystal, Lightening, Sunburst, Thundercloud, Tornado Adventure Boy Ponies:  Quarterback, Tug, Trucker, First Base, Tracks Loving Family Baby Ponies:  Baby Brother Apple Delight, Baby Brother Bright Bouquet, Baby Sweet Celebrations Princess Brush n Grow Ponies:  Princess Glittering Gem, Princess Star Gleamer,  Princess Brilliant Bloom, Princess Skylark Sweet Kisses Ponies:  Candy Kisses, Kiss ‘n Makeup, Kiss ‘n Tell Starlight Baby Ponies:  Baby Explorer, Baby Mischief, Baby Nightsong, Baby Stella Baby Sea Ponies:  Rippy, Sea Star, Sunshower, Tiny Bubbles, Water Lily Cookery Ponies:  Cherry Sweet, Nice ‘n Spicy, Sweet Delight, Vanilla Treat Flower Ponies:  Bluebell, Daffodil. Snowdrop, Tulip Romance Ponies: Love Letter, Love Story, Love Token, Love-in-a-Mist Schooltime Ponies:  Music Time, Painting Time, Playtime, Sportstime Playschool Baby Ponies:  Baby Alphabet, Baby Count-a-Lot/ Baby Abacus, Baby Pictures, Baby Schoolbag My Little Pony Tales Ponies:  Bon Bon, Bright Eyes, Clover, Melody, Patch, Starlight, Sweetheart Nurse Ponies:  Nurse Loveheart, Nurse Sweetheart, Nurse Tenderheart Rollerskate Ponies:  (w/wheeled skates on each hoof)  Hip-Hop, Jazzie, Melody Great Hair Ponies:  (w/ long crimped hair)  Highlights, Ringlets Hair-Do Ponies: (really wierd looking, IMHO) Bangles, Beautiful Bows, Starlight Family Ponies:  Mommy, Daddy and Baby Berrytown, Mommy, Daddy and Baby Meadowsweet, Mommy, Daddy and Baby Sunbright Best Friends Ponies:  (with small ‘friend’ figure) Baby Billie and bunny, Baby Katie sand kitty, Baby Susie and Spot (dalmation) Sweetie Baby Ponies: (symbols all over body and legs)  Baby Candy ( 2 variants), Baby Licorice, Baby Lollipop Baby Jewelry Ponies: (tinsel in hair) Baby Diamond, Baby Ruby, Baby Sapphire Seaside Baby Ponies:  (symbol trails up flank from hoof) Baby Splash, Baby Splish, Baby Splosh Bedtime Newborn Ponies:   Baby Moondream, Baby Stargaze, Baby Sunset Surprise Newborn Ponies:  Baby Bouncy – giraffe and teddy bear symbol issues, Baby Cuddles-  Teddy bear and elephant symbol issues, Baby Snoozy:  duck and rabbit symbol issues Newborn Twins: Fleecy and Fluffy, Tickles and Giggles,  Tuggles and Toddles Activity Club Baby Ponies: (fan club giveaways)- Baby Bridesmaid, Baby Fun ‘ Games / Baby Gametime, Baby Pony (white/white, no symbol), Baby Ribbons ‘n Hearts / Baby Valentine, Baby Boy Pony Surprise Twins Pony:  Mommy and blue and pink babies Princess Sparkle Ponies:  Princess Pearl w/ Fiery dragon, Princess Pearl w/ Flash dragon, Princess Aquamarine w/ Prickles dragon, Princess Sapphire w/ Smokey dragon, Princess Ruby w/ Sparks dragon, Princess Amethyst w/ Spiny dragon Fancypants Baby Ponies: Baby Dots ‘n Hearts Playtime Baby Pony:  Baby Glider, Baby Paws, Baby Drummer, Baby Splashes, Baby Starburst Tropical Ponies:  Hula Hula, Surfing Days, Summer Heatwave, Sail Away Rainbow Curl Ponies:  Rainbow Magic, Rainbow Rider, Rainbow Cloud, Rainbow Storyteller Glittering Sweetheart Sister Ponies:  Moonshimmer, Starflash, Sunblossom, Bright Night Glowing Magic Ponies:  Dazzleglow, Brightglow, Happyglow, Starglow Pocket Friends Ponies:  Jingle Pocket, Wriggle Pocket, Hopping Pocket, Singing Pocket Secret Surprise Ponies: Sparkling Secret, Shimmering Secret, Spangling Secret, Shining Secret Rainbow Baby Ponies:  Baby Sunribbon, Baby Starbow, Baby Brightbow, Baby Rainribbon Teeny Weeny Ponies: Little Lullabye,  Little Rattles Princess Sparkle Playsets and Ponies Cascade, Good Weather, Tutti Frutti Grooming Parlor w/ Kisscurl  (2 variants) Prize Day w/ Rosette Picnic Day w/ Sweet Clover Baby Pony Play & Care set w/ Baby Gusty Baby Pony Play & Care set w/ Baby Heart Throb Baby Pony Play & Care set w/ Baby Lickety- Split Baby Pony Play & Care set w/ Baby Ribbon Baby Pony Stroller w/ Baby Bow Tie + Snuzzle Baby Buggy w/ either Baby Cuddles or Baby Beddy Bye Eyes Cuddles Gymkhana Set w/ Butterscotch Baby Bonnet School of Dance w/ either Baby Bonnet or Baby Beddy Bye Eyes Bonnet Waterfall Set w/ either Sprinkles or Cascade Party Pack w/ Tutti Frutti Show Stable w/ Lemon Drop Schoolhouse playset Kitchen playset Holiday Pony set w/ Good Weather Bed and Crib set (for Surprise Twins pony) Spain Issued Ponies (Mi Pequeno Pony) “Piggy” Ponies: Algodoncete (2 variants), Blossom (2 variants), Bubbles, Butterscotch, Blue Belle, Cotton Candy, Fresita, Lemon Drop, Minty, Peachy, Rayito, Snuzzle , Applejack, Lemon Drop, Peachy, Bow Tie, Cherries Jubilee, Hopscotch, Lickety-Split, Posey, Snowflake, Tootsie Rainbow Ponies: Confetti, Moonstone, Flutterbye, Parasol, Pinwheel/ Molinillo, Starflower, Tickle, Trickles Twinkle-Eyed Ponies:  Fizzy/ Espumita,  Gingerbread, Galaxy, Masquerade, Whizzer Twice as Fancy Ponies:  Up Up and Away / Globitos, Milky Way / Via Lactea, Dancing Butterflies / Mariposa, Love Melody/ Melodia Big Brother Ponies: Tex, Steamer, 4-Speed, Salty Flutter Ponies:  Honeysuckle / Dulcemiel, Forget-me-Not / No-Me-Olvides, Peach Blossom / Meloncotòn Sundae Best Ponies:  Swirly Whirly,  Banana Surprise Family Ponies:  Mommy and Daddy Bright Bouquet,  Mommy and Daddy Apple Delight, Mommy and Daddy Sweet Celebrations Baby Ponies:  Baby Lemon Drop, Baby Moondancer / Rayo-de-luna, Baby Bow Tie, Babby Tiddly Winks, Baby Gusty / Bebé Airecitos , Baby Ribbon, Baby Lickety Split, Baby Heart Throb Also–  Secret Surprise Ponies (Mil Secretos),  Teeny Tiny Baby Ponies (Pequenines),  Baby Ballerinas (Baby Bailarina), Rainbow Baby Ponies (Bebes Arcoiris), Romance Ponies (Amorosos), Rockin Beats (Rockeros), Precious Pocket Ponies (Sorpresitas), Glow ‘n Show Ponies (Luminosos), Talking Ponies (Palabritas), Good Weather Pony (Turista),  Cookery Ponies (Pastelero), Kitchen Playset (Pasteleria) Ponies Issued in Scandinavia Earth Ponies: Cupcake, Truly Ponies Issued in the Netherlands (Mijn Kleine Pony) Baby Ponies:  Cat Pony,  Delphine Pony, Flower Pony (Baby Blumen),  Rabbit Pony, School Ponies Adult Ponies: Butterfly Pony (Vlinder Pony), Candy Pony, Diary Pony, Heart Pony, Love Pony, Shell Pony, Singalong Pony, Star Pony Italy Issued Ponies (Mio Mini Pony) Earth Ponies:  Blu / Blue Belle (3 variants), Applebelle, Cannella / Butterscotch (7 variants)  , Lilla / Blossom (5 variants)  Minty (9 variants) , Pinky / Cotton Candy (5 variants) ,  Polly / Snuzzle (3 variants), Ben/ Bubbles (2 variants), Melania / Melozzo Applejack (4 variants), Ondina/ Seashell (2 variants) , Timmy / Tommy Bow Tie (7 variants), Ciliegia / Cherries Jubilee (2 variants), Fortunato / Lickety Split (2 variants), Penelope / Posey, Titti / Tootsie, Confetti (2 variants) , Blossom, Blue Belle, Bow Tie (2 variants), Butterscotch, Michele / Flutterbye, Hopscotch, Lemon Drop, Lickety Split, Minty (3 variants), Moondancer, Turchino / Moonstone (3 variants), Rose / Parasol (2 variants) , Pilla / Pinwheel, Penelope / Posey (2 variants ), Polidoro / Powder (2 variants),   Melissa / Surprise, Barnaba / Tickle, Trillo / Tickles , Pan / Twilight, Viola /Windy Pegasus and Unicorns:  Berenice / Firefly (2 variants), Clio / Glory , Luna, Sole / Sunbeam (2 variants),  Moondancer (4 variants), Eva / Skyflier (2 variants), Gustavo / Gusty, Ippoloto / Sparkler (3 variants) , Tobia / Heart Throb (2 variants), Cleopatra / Medley,  Giallo / Skydancer, Snowflake, Sparkler, Stella / Starflower , Sunbeam, Azzirro / Sunlight, Bianco / Starshine (2 variants), Sea Ponies: Ambra Marina / Seaspray Playset Ponies:  Limone / Lemon Drop (3 variants), Pesca/ Peachy (5 variants) , Re Unicorno / Majesty (male- 2 variants), MioMiniPony (Sprinkles), Maristella / Surf Dancer (2 variants), Giada Marina / Wavebreaker Greece Issued Ponies: (Mikgo you Novu) Collector Ponies:  Bluebelle (Elsi), Lemondrop (Zizi), Butterscotch (Lemonitsa), Blossom (Lili), Peachy (Melenia), Cotton Candy (Rozalyn), Bowtie (Xionoyla), Minty (Chloe) Star Ponies: Glory (Avgerinos), Twilight (Astrofeggia), Medley (Melodia), Moondancer (Priggipopoula), Firefly (Pigassos), Sunbeam (Chrysomallousa) Fairytale Ponies: Sunlight (Anatoli), Windy (Anemos), Skydancer (Astrapi), Starshine (Neraida), Moonstone (Ouranos), Parasol (Protovrohi) Easter Ponies: Birthday (Lambaditsa), Ladybug (Paschalitsa) Baby Ponies:  Baby Blossom, Baby Blue Belle, Baby Bow Tie, Baby Butterscotch, Baby Cotton Candy, Baby Cuddles, Baby Firefly, Baby Glory, Baby Lemon Drop, Baby Medley, Baby Minty, Baby Moondancer, Baby Peachy Germany Issued Ponies  (Mein Kleine Ponys) Rainbow Ponies (Regenbogen Ponys):  Nightlight (Natchlicht), Raindrop (Regentropfen), Starshine (Sternenglanz), Skydancer (Himmelstanzer), Flutterbye (Hummelchen), Moonlight / Moonstone (Mondschein) Princess Ponies: Princess Primrose, Princess Royal Blue, Princess Sparkle, Princess Starburst, Princess Serena, Princess Tiffany Sweet Talkin Ponies:  Chatterbox, Talk-A-Lot Other: Twinkle Eye Speedy, Coco Berry, Swirly Whirly, Sweet Clover Baby Ponies:  Baby Moondancer, Baby Glory, Baby Surprise, Baby Firefly Euro Babies: Baby Heart Throb (non-beddy bye eyes), Baby Hopscotch, Baby Honeycomb, Baby Lemon Drop, Baby Buttons, Baby Cherries Jubilee Nesthaeckchen Baby Ponies: Baby Shummerlein, Baby Blubberchen, Baby Wurfelchen France Issued Ponies  (Hooves are marked Made in France) Applejack, Blossom, Bow Tie and variants, Bubbles -sitting, Cotton Candy and variants + prototype, Firefly, Glory, Medley, Moondancer, Moonstone and variants, Parasol, Seashell- sitting, Skydancer and variants, Starshine and variants, Sunbeam, Sunlight, Twilight, Windy and variants India Ponies  (Hooves marked made in India) Earth Ponies: Cotton Candy, Butterscotch, Snuzzle, Blossom, Blue Belle, Minty Japan MLP - mlptp.netJapan Issued Ponies  (Kawaii Ponii) 1985: Hasbro liscened to Japanese company Takara- ponies looked nothing like the originals, more like a cross between MLP and Hello Kitty. These were clothed poseable dolls with hair you could style and huge heads Baby Ponies: (Kawaii Ponii- cute Pony)  Lili, Popo Ponies: Pinky, Milky  5″ tall standing, clothing is marked Takara Stylish Pony (Changeable Doll) Dress sets (Osharena ponii no kisekae doresu) G2 Keychains Issued from Japan Baby Pony keychains w/ attached hair comb  – Baby Milky Way, Baby Dancing Butterflies, Baby Sugarberry, Baby Starbow, Baby Rainribbon, Baby Sunribbon, Baby Stockings, Baby Stockings

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  1. German Starshine’s correct name is “Sternenglanz” with an “e”, would be super nice if you could correct it on your page. I am from Germany btw. 🙂

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