My Little Pony G1 Ponies, Central/ South America and Africa issued

My Little Ponies were issued in several countries around the world. Below you will find a listing of ponies and playsets that were either issued only in that country or a variation of the U.S. ponies were sold only there. Peru Issued Ponies Earth Ponies:  Blossom, Cherries Jubilee, Bow Tie (2 variants), Parasol, Confetti, Tootsie (3 variants), Applejack (2 variants), Cotton Candy (2 variants), Posey (2 variants) Pegasus Ponies:  Blossom, Skydancer, Starshine (2 variants), Firefly (2 variants), Medley (2 variants) Unicorns:  Bow Tie, Windy, Moonstone (2 variants), Glory Baby Ponies: Baby Blossom, Baby Cotton Candy, Baby Medley, Baby Moondancer, Baby Bow Tie   Brazil Issued Ponies Year 1  1983 Circo de Cavalinhos Minty (Graminha), Cotton Candy (Algodao Doce), Bluebelle (Estrlinha), Butterscotch (Caramelo) (released with outfits, hats and shoes) Year 2 1983/1984 Meu Querido Ponei Minty (Graminha), Cotton Candy (Algodao Doce), Bluebelle (Estrlinha), Butterscotch (Caramelo), Applejack (Rosquinha), Bubbles-sitting (Quindim), Pretty Parlor w/ Peachy (Ponei Palace w/ Drops) Year 3 1984  Arco-Iris Poneis Gusty (Bola de Neve), Parasol (Pingo de Chuva), Sunlight (Ceuzinho), Bow Tie-sitting  (Lacinho), Heart Throb (Asinha de Mel), Starshine (Asinha de Acucar), Blossom (Florzinha dos Campos) with  (Poneilandia) playset Year 4 1985 Circo de Cavalinhos 2 (No symbols, came with outfits, hats and shoes) Bow Tie (Tenista), Gusty (Escoses), Bubbles Festinha), Parasol (Noivinha) (Symbols and w/ playsets) Baby Cuddles with Baby Buggy Playset (Chocalinho w/ Carrimho de Passeio), Sprinkles with Waterfall Playset  (Asinha do Orvalho / Ponei Cascata), Baby Tiddley-Winks w/ Lullaby Nursery Playset (Papinha) Year 5 1985/1986 Baby Poneis (with boxed accessories) Baby Lofty (Asinha do Ceu), Baby Gusty (Bola de Neve), Baby Cotton Candy (Algodao-Doce) Pinta Tinta: Pony statues with paints and brush to make your own- Medley, Applejack and Firefly So Soft Ponies: (Os Fofinhos) Cotton Candy (Algodao Doce), Blue Belle (Torraozinho), Butterscotch (Caramelo), Minty (Graminha) Year 6 Circo de Cavalinhos (reissues) and Pony Friends  1986 (no symbols, came with clothing, hats and shoes)  Bow Tie (Tenista) Gusty (Escoces), Bubbles (Festinha),  Parasol (Noivinha) Pony Friends w/symbols – Ribbon (Fitinha), Magic Star – rearing pose (Varinha de Condao) Year 7 Pony Friends 1986/1987, reissues of year 6 ponies Paradise (Asinha Banho de Lua), Wind Whistler (Asinha do Apito), North Star (Asinha Rosa-dos-Ventos), Shady (Oculos-de-Sol), Twist (Batatinha Doce) Year 8 Festa Poneis 1987-1988 Dancing Butterflies (Asinha de Borboleta), Love Melody (Coracaozinho), Sugarberry (Pudim de Morango), Truly (Asinha do Amor), Up Up and Away (Balaozinho), Milky Way – rearing pose (Chuva de Estrelas), Moonstone (Asinha bola de Prata)  Columbia Issued Ponies Earth Ponies: Variants of  Blue Belle, Bow Tie,Blossom, Applejack, Daddy Apple Delight, Baby Blue Belle (Baby Star), Baby Apple Delight, Baby Blossom, Baby Bow Tie   Ponies from Venezuela (Mi Pequeno Pony) AppleJack (2 + variants), Blossom (6 variants). Cherries Jubilee (4+ variants), Cotton Candy, Firefly (3 variants), Lickety Split (4 variants), Medley (4 variants), Minty, Posey (4 variants) Starshine (5 variants), Tootsie (3+ variants)   Ponies from South Africa Applejack, Bow Tie, Cotton Candy, Moonstone, Parasol, Seashell. Windy, Bubbles, Heart Throb, Medley, Moondancer, Powder, Starshine, Sparkler, Sunlight Macau Lemon Drop - poniesandpetalsMacau Issued Ponies Blue Belle, Blosscotch (Butterscotch / Blossom) Cotton Candy (3 variants), Lemondrop, Snuzzledrop (Lemon Drop / Snuzzle) (3 variants), Minty, Peachy (2 variants)   Mexico Issued Ponies Collector/ Rainbow/ Earth/ Unicorn/ Pegasus: Cotton Candy (5 variants), Blossom (5 variants), Butterscotch (3 variants), Blue Belle (4 variants), Minty (4 variants), Snuzzle   (4 variants), Peachy (3 variants), Applejack, Bow Tie, Cherries Jubilee , Posey, Moondancer, Twlight (3 variants), Skydancer (3 variants), Starshine, Firefly, Medley , Starflower (variants), Pinwheel (2 variants) Sundae Best Ponies: Peppermint Crunch (2 variants), Swirly Whirly (2 variants), Banana Surprise (2 variants) Princess / Prince Ponies:  Prince Emerald & Princess Moondust, Prince Ruby & Princess Dawn, Prince Sapphire & Princess Misty Baby Ponies:  Baby Blossom (2 variants), Baby Moondancer (2 variants), Baby Glory, Baby Surprise, Baby Medley, Baby North Star, Baby Quackers, Twins Dibbles and Nibbles, Twins Rattles and Tattles Flutter Pony:  Honeysuckle Australia Issued Ponies (also issued in New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland) Birthday Ponies:  January / Carnation, February / Violet, March / Daffodil, April / Daisy, May / Lily of the Valley, June / Rose, July / Water Lily, August/ Poppy, September / Morning Glory, October / Cosmos, November / Chrysanthemum, December / Holly   Argentina Issued Ponies (Mi Pequeno Pony) Earth Ponies:  Applejack, Bow Tie, Butterscotch (3 variants), Cotton Candy (2 variants), Cherries Jubliee (3 variants), Confetti (4 variants), Fluttervye, Lickety-Split, Lofty, Minty (2 variants), Peachy, Shady, Snuzzle (2 variants), Songster (2 variants), Sweet Stuff (3 variants), Twilight Unicorns and Pegasus: Firefly, Flutterbye (2 variants), Glory (3 variants), Gusty (3 variants), Heart Throb (2 variants), Medley (3 variants), Moondancer (4 variants), Pinwheel (3 variants), Powder (2 variants), Sparkler (4 variants), Surprise (3 variants), Tickle (2 variants) Rainbow Ponies: (Arco Iris) Buttons, Gingerbread (2 variants), Masquerade, Parasol, Ribbon, Skyflier, Truly, Twilight, Whizzer, Wind Whistler, Windy, Paradise, North Star, Moondancer, Moonstone Stroll Ponies: (Paseo Ponies)  Confetti (Pequitas), Flutterbye (Inquieta), Heart Throb (Corazon), Medley (Armonia), Lickety- Split (Helados- 5 variants) Fiesta Ponies: Love Melody, Sugarberry, Sweet Tooth, Up, Up and Away Dance ‘n Prance Ponies: D.J., Songster,  Swinger (Disco) Brillitos Ponies:  Flutterbye (3 variants), Sundance, Sprinkles Rockin’ Beat Ponies: Novia, Felicidades Prototypes: Blanks (3 variants), Gusty, Glory (2 variants), Flutterbye (2 variants), Twilight, Sweet Stuff, Sparkler, Songster (3 variants) Baby Ponies: Baby Cotton Candy (3 variants), Baby Blue Belle, Baby Butterscotch (3 variants), Baby Applejack, Baby Sparkler (4 variants), Baby Confetti (2 variants), Baby Posey, Baby Moondancer (3 variants), Drink ‘n Wet Baby Cuddles (3 variants), Baby Starbow (Bebe Arco Iris- 3 variants) Peek-a-Boo Baby Ponies: Baby Noddins (3 variants), Baby Ribbs, Baby Grafitti, Baby Snippy Fancy Pants Baby Ponies:  Baby Sunnybunch, Baby Gusty, Baby Dots ‘n Hearts (2 variants), Baby Bows Summer Wing Ponies:  (Alitas) Cool Breeze (2 variants), Moon Jumper, Sun Glider, Whirly

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