My Little Pony Year 7 Dance ‘n Prance Ponies

One of the most involved sets of ponies, the Dance and Prance ladies were able to “dance” by turning the brooch on their necks and letting their tails go. Barrettes ans bows that came with the ponies helped stabilize the tail and make the pony turn in a circle and when let go, they did a spastic little hop across any flat surface. Of the 6 ponies 2 were unicorns, there were no pegasus and all ponies had the same pose. They came with either a comb or brush, mesh ribbon, earrings, bow clip and stole. Prance ‘n Dance Ponies were also issued in Argentina.

Tap Dancer


Songster (Argentina variant)

Swinger (Argentina variant Disco)


D.J. (Argentina variant)