My Little Pony Year 7 Candy Cane Ponies

Scented like candy, the Candy Cane ponies had snack-themed cutie marks. Getting back to the 4 earth pony/ 1 unicorn/ 1 pegasus combination, this set is remembered for their luxuriously curled, candy striped hair. The packaging for these ponies advised that their curls can become slightly limp over time just like a human being’s and included instructions on how to recurl both wet and dry pony hair. Candy Cane ponies were also released in the UK, Holland, France, Germany and Spain. Like the Sundae Best ladies, Candy Cane ponies were packaged with an ice cream or candy themed barrette, comb and a ribbon. 

Lemon Treats

Sugar Apple (German name Äpfelchen, Spanish name Dulce Manzana)

Mint Dreams

Sugar Sweet  (German name Zuckerstückchen, Spanish name Algodoncito)

Molasses  (Dutch name Gemberkoekje, French name Pain d’Epice, German name Honigherz, Spanish name Cuqui)

Carmel Crunch (German name Knusperchen)