My Little Pony Year 6 Watercolour Baby Sea Ponies

Watercolour Baby Sea Ponies differ from previous Sea Ponies in that their soft coloured bodies and silky hair change colour in hot water. Like any of the colour-changing ponies, this effect can wear off with time. Watercolour babies came with new animal floaties, a comb and a ribbon.

Misty w/ duckie floatie – Orange body turned pink, Yellow hair turned white.

Foamy w/ frog floatie- Yellow body turned softer yellow, Lavender hair turned pink.

Wavedancer w/ lobster floatie – Green body turned white, Purple hair turned pink.

Seawinkle w/ alligator floatie- Purple body turned orange, Blue hair turned turquoise.

Seashore w/ fish floatie- Aqua body turned yellow, Blue hair turned white.

Sealight w/ turtle floatie- Purple body turned pink, Orange hair turned yellow.