My Little Pony Year 6 Sundae Best Ponies

Sundae Best Banana Surprise property whitneymlp

Sundae Best ponies combined ice cream flavour-themed raised cutie marks and desert -scented plastic to make the sweetest ponies ever! Sundae Best ponies came with a candy-shaped brush, ribbon and ice cream cone-shaped barrette.

Peppermint Crunch  (2 Mexican variants exist)

Swirly Whirly – UK name Butter Kiss (1 German variant, 1 Spanish, 2 Mexican variants exist)

Sherbet – UK name Sorbet Surprise 

Crunch Berry – UK name Cherry Berry 

Banana Surprise (2 Mexican variants and 1 Spanish variant exist)

Coco Berry – UK name Chocolate Chip (1 German variant exists)