My Little Pony Year 6 Princess Ponies

Princess Moondust property whitneymlp

Princess Ponies in Year 6 were largely unchanged from those in Year 5; they still had metallic, raised cutie marks, tinsel accents to the mane and tail and came with a hair pick, ribbon and magic wand. The big change to the year 6 princesses was the swap of the damsel cap to a crown-shaped barret that clipped to the pony’s forelock. These royal ladies also came solo without a dragon companion. The Year 6 Princesses carried their same names to their UK issue cousins but there were some slight variants of each. In Mexico 3 of the Princesses were issued as Prince variants. 

Princess Moondust (Mexico: Prince Emerald)

Princess Pristina

Princess Misty (Mexico: Prince Sapphire)

Princess Sunbeam

Princess Dawn (Mexico: Prince Ruby)

Princess Taffeta