My Little Pony Year 5 Princess Ponies

The Princess ponies began in Year 5 and were the first ponies to feature tinsel in their hair, a raised, sculpted cutie mark and their own sidekicks, the bushwoolies who appeared in the 1986 My Little Pony movie. Princess ponies were issues with a damsel hat, magic wand, hair pick, ribbon and bushwoolie figure.

Princess Primrose (issued in the ULK as Princess Ruby) w/  Chumster bushwoolie

Princess Serena (issued in the UK as Princess Aquamarine) w/ Cheery bushwoolie

Princess Sparkle (issued in the UK as Princess Anethyst) w/ Hugster bushwoolie

Princess Starburst (issued in the UK as Princess Amber) w/ Eager bushwoolie

Princess Tiffany (issued in the UK as Princess Pearl) w/ Friendly bushwoolie

Princess Royal Blue (issud in the UK as Princess Sapphire ) w/ Wishful bushwoolie