My Little Pony Year 3 Mail Order, Playsets & Special Edition

Year 3’s playsets were all about the babies with a deluxe baby buggy and entire nursery to rival year 2’s Castle playset. For horseshoe points little girls and boys could order their very own birthflower pony and in stores the first Megan and Sundance set hit shelves along with a new Baby Ember.



Baby Buggy playset with Baby Cuddles

The Lullaby Nursery with Baby Tiddly Winks


Mail Order Poniesthere were two versions of each pony, the first being the US offers and the second being the alternate international release.

The Birthflower Ponies

January – Carnation (white pony / pink hair/ pink symbol)

January alternate- Carnation (white pony /pink hair/ pink and green symbol)

February- Violet (white pony / pink hair /violet symbol)

February alternate- Violet (pink pony / aqua hair/ violet and green symbol)

March – Daffodil (white pony/ pink hair/ pink symbol)

March alternate – Daffofil (white pony/ blue hair/ yellow and green symbol)

April – Daisy (white pony/ pink hair / blue symbol)

April alternate– Daisy (pink pony/ yellow hair / yellow and green symbol)

May – Lily (white pony / pink hair/ green symbol)

May alternate – Lily (green pony / yellow hair / white and green symbol)

June – Rose (white pony / pink hair / red symbol)

June alternate – Rose (pink pony/ pink hair / pink and green symbol)

July – Water Lily (white pony / pink hair/ blue symbol)

July alternate – (yellow pony / red hair / yellow and green symbol)

August – Poppy (white pony / pink hair / red symbol)

August alternate – Poppy (blue pony/ blue hair/ white and green symbol)

September – Morning Glory (white pony / pink hair / blue symbol)

September alternate – Morning Glory (blue pony / white hair / blue and green symbol)

October  – Cosmos (white pony / pink hair / pink symbol)

October alternate -Cosmos (yellow pony / yellow hair/ yellow and green symbol)

November – Chrysanthemum (white pony / pink hair / orange symbol)

November alternate – Chrysanthemum (pink pony / pink hair / orange and green symbol)

December – Holly (white pony/ pink hair / green symbol)

December alternate – Holly (green pony / white hair/ pink and green symbol)


Special Issues

Megan doll and Sundance pony – came with bridle, comb, ribbon, brush and sticker for Sundance. 

Baby Ember – came with a Listen ‘n Fun book and cassette with the story Ember’s Dream. This was the only Ember issued with a cutie mark and the only one available in stores.