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My Little Pony G1 USA Issues

Girls with Cotton Candy, Butterscotch and Bluebelle

Not just a childhood fascination faded with the passage of the 1980s, I would argue that My Little Pony was instrumental (along with Strawberry Shortcake) in bringing women of the new millenium into the traditionally male hobby of toy and model collecting with more and more ladies buying, selling, customizing and attending trade shows and conventions of their favourite toy lines.

Women have proven to be just as meticulous and discriminating in their pony collections as men with their Star Wars sets and die cast compilations and have traversed the globe to find others who share their passion. Today, My Little Pony delights the children of those little girls of the 80s and welcomes in “Bronies” to the stable; male fans who also love the magic of those colourful little horses.  And it all started right here in the USA.

The Pony Pages here at focus mainly on the Generation 1 line and wouldn’t be possible without the many pony fans who have shared their information and personal collections on the web. In particular, @WhitneyMLP whom I think of as Pony Princess Whitney, has graciously lent many photos of her vast collection to these pages and  is a wonderful source of knowledge on international versions. Follow her on Instagram @WhitneyMLP to see more of her awesome stuff. Otherwise, unless specifically marked, all ponies and artwork belong to and are not for sale.

Princess Whitney @whitneyMLP

Now let’s get on to the ponies! Use the links below to access USA ponies by year:

Hasbro My Pretty Pony 

My Little Pony Year 1 1982-1983

My Little Pony Year 2 1983-1984

My Little Pony Year 3 1984-1985

My Little Pony Year 4 1985-1986

My Little Pony Year 5 1986-1987

My Little Pony Year 6 1987-1988

My Little Pony Year 7 1988-1989

My Little Pony Year 8 1989-1990

My Little Pony Year 9 1990-1991

My Little Pony Year 10 1991-1992

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