Strawberry Shortcake

An American Greetings staple, Strawberry Shortcake started out like her contemporaries the Care Bears, Holly Hobbie and the Shirt Tales as a greeting card character produced by the Those Characters from Cleveland division. A cheerful rag doll with lots of colourful friends, Strawberry Shortcake debuted as a series of rag dolls, baby dolls, poseables and miniatures made by Kenner toys in the late 1970s. Known for their wonderful berry scent, the collection of dessert-monickered 5 1/2″ dolls came out in 1979 with Strawberry Shortcake, Blueberry Muffin, Apple Dumpling and Tea Time Turtle, Huckleberry Pie, Purple Pie Man and Captain Cackle in the lineup. But most 80s kids will remember the second wave best from 1980/ 1981 when the dolls got their distinctive pets. A second wave of redesigned dolls debuted in 1991 and since then, Strawberry Shortcake has taken on several redesigns so that the children of the 80s Children are still making merry with the Queen of Berry.


Full list of Strawberry Shortcake Characters from the TV show, Movies and Toys

1980s Dolls and pets

Stawberry Shortcake & Custard Cat 1980, 1981
Apple Dumplin & Teatime Turtle 1980 (flat turtle on all fours, 2nd issue turtle is sitting on back legs)
Blueberry Muffin & Cheesecake Mouse 1980, 1981
Angel Cake & Souffle Skunk 1981
Butter Cookie & Jelly Bear 1981
Almond Tea & Marza Panda 1983
Lemon Meringue & Frappe Frog 1980, 1981
Apricot & Hopsalot 1980
Crepe Suzette & Eclair Poodle 1983
Mint Tulip & Marshland Mallard 1983
Raspberry Tart & Rhubarb Monkey 1980, 1981
Cafe Ole & Burrito Donkey 1983
Lem n’ Ada & Sugar Woofer 1983
Purple Pieman & Captain Cackle 1980
Sour Grape & Dregs Snake 1981
Cherry Cuddler & Gooseberry Goose 1981
Orange Blossom & Marmalade Butterfly 1980, 1981
Lime Chiffon & Parfait Parrot 1981
Huckleberry Pie & Pupcake Dog 1980, 1981

Later 80s additions
Dancing Strawberry Shortcake
Peach Blush with Honey Lamb / Lemonie Belle Lanb 1985
Banana Twirl (no pet) 1985
Baby Needs a Name / Baby Without a Name
Plum Puddin’ w/ Elderberry Owl (Plum Puddin’ started off as a male character and then returned 2 years later as a female)
Fig Boot the monster
Escargot the snail
Flitter-Bit -Strawberryland Airlines
Maple Stirrup the Pony and the Oatsmobile
The Berry Princess
The Berrykins: Strawberrykin, Blueberrykin, Raspberrykin, Orange Berrykin, Lemon Berrykin, Lime Berrykin, Plum Berrykin, Peach Berrykin, Banana Berrykin, Mint Berrykin, Rainbow Berrykin 1985
Raisin Cane w/ Dirt the worm

Onscreen/ Print-Only Characters
T. N. Honey & Honeykin Bee
Mr. Sun
Lucky Bug the Ladybird
Tamale the mole
Horseradish the horse
Honey Pie Pony
Coco Nutwork
Berry Busy Bug
Philbert Wormly III the inchworm

International Dolls issued from:

Kenner Strawberryland Miniatures List

Almond Tea w/Marza Panda & cart, Almond Tea w/ Lantern, Almond Tea sitting on cushion
Angel Cake on the telephone, Angel Cake in bathtub, Angel Cake w/ Souffle
Apple Dumplin sitting on Tea Time Turtle, Apple Dumplin on a sled, Apple Dumplin w/ wagon
Apricot w/ Hopsalot & wheelbarrow, Apricot and Hopsalot dancing, Apricot patting Hopsalot’s head
Blueberry Muffin w/ hoe, Blueberry Muffin w/ basket, Blueberry Muffin w/ Cheesecake
Butter Cookie w/Jelly Bear & baby buggy, Butter Cookie & Jelly Bear
Cafe Ole w/ Burrito, Cafe Ole w/ Guitar, Cafe Ole w/ Burrito & sombrero
Cherry Cuddler on rocking horse, Cherry Cuddler & Gooseberry, Cherry Cuddler/ Gooseberry & balloons
Crepe Suzette & Crepes, Crepe Suzette w/ Eclair & bone
Huckleberry Pie w/ Pupcake, Huckleberry Pie fishing
Lemon Meringue w/ flower bunch, Lemon Meringue w/ handmirror, Lemon Meringue picking flowers, Lemon Meringue w/ Frappe
Lem ‘n Ada w/ Sugarwoofer
Lime Chiffon dancing, Lime Chiffon w/balloons, Lime Chiffon w/ Parfait Parrot
Mint Tulip w/ Marshland Mallard & flowerpot, Mint Tulip w/shovel, Mint Tulip w/ Marshland Mallard sleeping in wooden shoe
Orange Blossom w/Marmalade, Orange Blossom painting Peach Blush w/Mellonie Belle & mirror, Peach Blush w/ Mellonie Belle & fan
Plum Puddin in nightgown w/ Elderberry Owl & books, Plum Puddin w/Elderberry Owl & pencil
Purple Pie Man w/ pie, Purple Pie Man w/Berry Bird
Raspberry Tart w/ sundae, Raspberry Tart on skates, Raspberry Tart w/ bowl of berries, Raspberry Tart w/ Rhubarb & Seesaw
Sour Grapes, Sour Grapes w/ Dregs
Strawberry Shortcake w/berries, Strawberry Shortcake w/ berry basket, Strawberry Shortcake on skateboard, Strawberry Shortcake w/ broom, Strawberry Shortcake w/ Custard, Strawberry Shortcake in nightie, Strawberry Shortcake w/ watering can, Strawberry Shortcake w/ birthday cake, Strawberry Shortcake w/Custard & string, Strawberry Shortcake w/ present, Strawberry Shortcake w/bird picking berries, Strawberry Shortcake w/Custard & Tricycle

Kenner Deluxe Miniatures – Alphabetical List

Almond Tea / Marza Panda w/tropical set
Angle Cake / Souffle w/writing desk
Apricot / Hopsalot w/vanity
Blueberry Muffin / Cheesecake w/ piano
Butter Cookie / Jelly Bear w/ swing
Cafe Ole / Burrito w/pottery wheel
Cherry Cuddler / Gooseberry w/ airplane
Crepe Suzette / Eclair w/ teapot-shaped stove
Lemon Meringue / Frappe w/ sewing machine
Lime Chiffon / Parfait Parrot w/full length mirror
Mint Tulip / Marshland Mallard w/ flower cart
Orange Blossom /Marmalade w/painting easel
Peach Blush / Melanie Belle w/trellis
Plum Pudding /Elderberry w/ Chalkboard
Raspberry Tart/ Rhubarb w/car
Strawberry Shortcake w/cowboy hat & rocking horse
Strawberry Shortcake /Custard w/sailboat
Strawberry Shortcake /Custard w/reading lamp & rocking chair



Berry Bake Shoppe
Berry Happy Home
Doll Carrying Cases
Snail Cart (came with Escargot the Snail)
Berry Cycle Tricycle
Berry-Shaped Carry Case
Berry Patch Carrying case for miniatures
Flitter-Bit the Butterfly
Gazebo Garden House
Big Berry Trolley
Berry Merry Worm (Philbert Wormly III)
Berry Happy Home
Oatsmobile with Maple Stirrup
Berry Baby Basinette
Berry Baby Buggy
Raspberry Soda Shoppe
Strawberry Shortcake plastic dollhouse
Dollhouse furniture sets: Berry Cozy Kitchen, Berry Snuggly Bedroom, Berry Cheery Living Room, Berry Snuggly Bedroom, Berry Dainty Dining Room
Strawberry Shortcake Mini House
Dancing Strawberry Shortcake
Kenner Berry Babies – drink and wet dolls w/ bottle
Kenner Blowkiss dolls (blows a scented kiss when squeezed)
Rag dolls – JC Penney mail order, Little Debbie mail order, Kenner versions w/ vinyl heads
Sleepy dolls- w/pet and sleeping bag, Kenner
Pasty Pleaser dolls, Kenner
Plush pets in several sizes


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