Cabbage Patch Kid Names 3

Disclaimer: Yello80s cannot identify or price any Cabbage Patch Kid dolls or products. The information you find on the Cabbage Patch pages is as up to date as possible and for entertainment only. There are many good online guides to help you figure out what year your ‘Kid was made in and independent craftsmen/women who do beautiful jobs restoring, rerooting hair and customizing ‘Kids. The Cabbage Patch Kid Names lists are gathered from reader submissions of their dolls’ names or auctions for vintage dolls or their adoption paperwork as well as found through thrift store and yard sales. The list is compiled as an online source to satisfy curiosity, foster nostalgia and perhaps serve as a guide to rename your ‘Kid. Again, Yello80s cannot identify CPKs by names. Yello80s does not participate in selling CPK through this site.

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Genie Lissy
Barney Roger
Marilyn Angie
Joseph Luke
Tracy Florence
Bromwell Colin
Luna Trudy
Berton Pat
Annette Suzie
Bailey Eldon
Pippy Jude
Cornell Floyd
Beth Nessie
Erik Eldridge
Daniela Kristin
Tara Dorinda
Amy Marjorie
Eileen Glenna
Gary Gideon
Alveda Lenore
Melodie Tunia
Elliot Kevin
Claudette Hannah
Gary Normand
Linette Colleen
Leslie Ellen
Jenifer Alice
Jeffrey Nicholas
Della Frances
Georgia Dee
Timothy David
Marylin Suzanne
Nelson Bobby
Linette Kelda
Pamela Julie
Glen Hector
Disa Flora
Mohammed Reed
Alma Ingela
Eldora Adelaide
Babette Suzy
Martha Tay
Tabitha Tish
Anna Tina
Lesley Herbie
Katrine Lyne
Claudia Rita
Marcella Megan
Garth Fred
Gloria Jane
Mai Ling
Kellyn Marie
Jessica Louise
Melanie Susanne
Stephanie Anne
Anna Ruby
Farica Lisabeth
Beatrice Hope
Rebecca Adena
Libbi Alice
Henri Dana
Budd Barclay
Augustine Boyd
Cornelia Gretchen
Carroll Eldon
Tara Delia
Blaine Wilton
Levinia Holly
Virginia Diandra
Tiffany Nichole
Madella Madelain
Garcia Rani
Cristina Martika
Nella Jane
Nadia Gillian
Eartha Claire
Neal Jeffy
Isadora Melodie
Candace Octavia
Sara Peggy
Rothwell Aaron
Eugene Ramsey
Sally Portia
Francine Danya
Janela Annetta
Annabel Emmaline
Dorena Heloise
Lenora Sabrina
Edmund Denver
Naoma Della
Melitta Phylis
Georgina Faith
Rona Bessie
Mellicent Nellie
Blanche Anne
Carleen Bridget
Peggi Emma
Carmine Jake
Bette Verna
Homer Corey
Morris Ernest
Christable Lizzie
Linnea Gayle
Henrika Rebecca
Cyrus Lonnie
Andres Arnie

Cabbage Patch Kid carrier
Amy Sabrina
Venny Charlie
Dorita Rosalyn
Kimbra Cinda
Zara Serena
Erna Jaclyn
Jacky Casia
Benita Ellen
Jason Mario
Grace Angelina
Eldon Cester
Lissa Faith
Jesse Carlos
Andrea Katrine
Becky Thatcher
Adria Ellynn
Shelia Elita
Ross Nate
Alexandria Loren
Norma Erma
Cyril Ernest
Mick Ralph
Bernice Emilie
Andrea Gerda
Della Jane
Erma Karbel
Erma Emilie
Nelly Leonie
Marcel Gregory
Calvin Sean
Erica Michelle
Skip Gail