Cabbage Patch Kid Names 2

Cabbage Patch boy - Yello80s collection
Cabbage Patch boy – Yello80s collection

Disclaimer: Yello80s cannot identify or price any Cabbage Patch Kid dolls or products. The information you find on the Cabbage Patch pages is as up to date as possible and for entertainment only. There are many good online guides to help you figure out what year your ‘Kid was made in and independent craftsmen/women who do beautiful jobs restoring, rerooting hair and customizing ‘Kids. The Cabbage Patch Kid Names lists are gathered from reader submissions of their dolls’ names or auctions for vintage dolls or their adoption paperwork as well as found through thrift store and yard sales. The list is compiled as an online source to satisfy curiosity, foster nostalgia and perhaps serve as a guide to rename your ‘Kid. Again, Yello80s cannot identify CPKs by names. Yello80s does not participate in selling CPK through this site.

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Wow, so there are so many Cabbage Patch Kid names out there that I had to start a second page. Thanks to everyone who has submitted their Kid’s name and I’ll keep searching to make this the longest list of those unique names on the web! If you have a vintage cloth-faced Kid and would like replacement adoption papers please follow these instructions from the official Cabbage Patch Kid site:

“Replacement papers are only available for certain Handstitched Soft Sculptured Originals (those with a fabric face). Replacement papers are not available for any vinyl faced Cabbage Patch Kids. There is a $25.00 non-refundable fee for researching the Little People and Original Cabbage Patch Kids’ history. If we determine replacement papers are available, you will be notified of the cost of those particular replacement papers and given the opportunity to purchase them.
If you have an Original Handstitched Soft Sculpted Cabbage Patch Kid or Little Person, send your email request for replacement papers to Please include the following information: Full front and back photos of the baby (with and without clothes), the full original name of the baby, the name of the first adopting parent and if available, the individual baby registration number. Baby registration numbers may be found on the back of the original birth certificate, in the third line of the Adoption Paper, and beginning in the late 1980’s, on the fabric tag on the side of the baby.”

Cabbage Patch Kid Names List 2

Cecily Lindy
Lily Rose
Lindsey Ronnie
Cristy Azalia
Brandon Perry
Ramsey Jesse
Sydeney Elmer
Jerrie Ike
Kelvin Eugene
Shelby Lowell
Sydney Emilie
Clinton Alvin
Melvin Blane
Caterina Lotti
Madella Ellynn
Quincy Marcia
Loralie Emmalynn

property Yello80s
property Yello80s

Leland Gifford & Kendall Robby (twins)
Julian Tommie
Marv Keith
Roxy Coral
Trixy April
Betti Eliza
Adrian Lombardo
Joni Jacinda
Irene Yuliana
Corona Gail
Trixie Cari
Quenton Grant
Irvin Ellis
Brooks Geoffrey
Marcella Gizella
Austen Rodolfo
Bree Belle
Fannie Debra
Dyane Jenny
Kellie Lydia
Mara Bren
Skyler Ryan
Quinn Laney
MacKenzie Paris
Elyse Melanie
Cedric Jimmy
Ida Wilona
Hattie Nelli
Rudy Jackie
Cornela Annie
Britta Daniela
Janet Kira
Mira Patricia
Cassey Violet
Tilly Kathleen
Jewell Cloris
Blair Eric
Vin Sandy


Pammy Fae
Sherwin Gibb
Monte Duke
Brenna Rebecca
Alberto Cordell
Tracie Delores
Lamont Timmy
Brandon Adlai
Dexter Dorian
Jacky Glen
Werner Lon
Sharon Levinia
Mala Taffy
Mara Tania
Jewell Cloris
Hal David
Gilbert Morley
Jill Britta
Bufus Allen
Irene Faith
Rickie Hope
Justine Eldora
Donna Belinda
Adrian Theodore
Justin Charles
Denney Chapin
Becky Ronda
Adelaide Libby
Martina Lisette
Carroll Alistair
Roy Willy
Alina Marlene
Agatha Ivy
Jaqueline Alma
Gilbert Morley
Hanna Myra
Colleen Daphne
Stephanie Ivana
Joanna Janice
Rockwell Cordell
Rhet Dave
Gabriel Tom
Millie Donna
Cody Thurman
Caroline Karin / Cicely Leanor (Twins)
Martin Ira
Helen Fanny
Shana Marie
Olly Vincre
Rose Erica
Keely Zelda
Nancy Dawn
Jenae April
Jo Niles
Marisa Deanna
Sonia Karissa
Ibabette Dulcy
Ruby Diane
Darrin Lionell
Ophelia Faye
Betty Bernadette
Levinia Audra
Chadwick Raynol

Property Yello80s
Property Yello80s

Brandy Annette
Rose Constance
Bernard Peter
Patrick Gil
Eloisa Delta
Sheryl Maddie
Tamara Yvonne
Riva Larice
Cornelle Joan
Edna Leona
Al Karl
Aaron Felix
Leah Amber
Kyra Lianna
Terry Bram
Gina Fredericka
Cecily Lindy
Ace Thurmon
Joelle Arleen
Sigmund Clinton
Doria Simone
Nelda Sonia
Willomena Billy
Mamie Bridget
Bart Salvatore
Mariska Wendaline
Cecelia Moira
Bruce Sylvester
Dena Eugenia
Jocelyn Lina
Liliana Janiyah
Faith Mindy
Baxter Richard
Miriam Sue
Cleve Angelo
Linette Dolores
Maurie Bert
Minnie Chrissie
Norah Diana
Gael Lili & Sigmond Gill (twins)
Trevor Denton
Tammy Kimera
Derek Meyer
Wylma Larina
Fay Deb
Charlotte Althea
William Marty
Nanette Dyane
Tracy Connie
Debra Donne
Janet Jacky
Janis Gael
Rosaleen Meryl
Jeffrey Cleveland
Macy Krissy
Angela Ema
Lanie Nessa
Courtney Leora
Joelle Camryn
Sharleen Cassidy
Rosanna Veronica
Lolita Adria
Jocelyn Carin
Belva Nelli
Jillie Elana
Cissie Hatty
Lara Jacalyn
Darcie Octavie
Randolph Brad
Annette Sasha
Laverne Juana
Trudi Glori
Avis Stephi
Leanne Karlotte
Alain Myran
Lorrie Rochelle
Melvyn Gill
Leslie Emelda
Ramsay Skipp
Benson Leon
Agnella Joletta
Fernanda Lulu
Frederick Lindsey
Charlotte Alexandria
Cleo Rebecca

Property Yello80s

Samantha Lynnea
Dolores Loreli
Jane Delinda
Carrie Genie
Erma Rachel
Florida Jpellen
Casey Baldwin
Jinny Ksrena
Lorrenzo Ellas
Kathleen Evey
Doralynne Odelia
Farica Raquel
Biron Blaine
Katrine Tabitha
Karl Kaleb
Dort Calantha
Julie Betta
Ansel Gunter
Narah Felice
Emogene Helen
Rudolph Garry
Ryan Melvin
Joseph Vince
Allen Adan
Lori Sonya
Eldon Cester
May Emiline
Lane Lorelei
Marni Lina
Hanna Lynn
Alta Lora
Luella Eunice
Bethany Veda
Nora Henrietta
Rania Tansy
Egbert Stuart
Lorraine Marna
Louella Ailsa
Lilah Prudence
Cassie Minda
Shorona Cynthia
Hayden Robert
Elenore Charita
Stephanie Olga
Trudi Lisa
Link Clayton
Marcella Lorri
Erica Peggy
Whitley Alec
Darda Ilene
Dorita Rosalyn
Marlow Ritchie
John Randy
Maxie Howard
Noelle Zara
Lee Val
Terry Merrill
Elberta Gil

65 thoughts on “Cabbage Patch Kid Names 2

  1. I just LUCKED into a 1978 1982 Blonde Boy in CPK overalls with the patch on the overalls copy write for 1983. Original pacifier and socks. This boy even has an original CPK diaper on! Im looking to name him with an original name since it didnt come with birth certificate getting it at Goodwill. I had 2 when I was little a blonde girl with pigtails named Penny and a brown headed boy named Bobby. I was 3 and would give anything to still have them now. Any suggestions on names for my sweet blonde boy?

    1. I’ve got 4 pages of them! lol, truly, all of the names on the Name pages 1-4 are names that came with someone’s cabbage patch doll. I kind of like Ansel Gilroy, Basil Talbot, Mikey Anders or Cassius Jamey. Lucky you for finding a paci boy!

  2. When I was a kid in the 80’s, I got to pick out my first doll, I remember there was so many to choose from lol. I wanted them all lol. But I finally chose one, she had red hair in two pig tale braids,, and blue eyes,, she had cute dress with little roses on it .her name was Isabelle Raina. I wish I still had her. Now I am collecting and thriftly found 2 from first factory made, one from Spain , andHong Kong. And today found one made by caleco ’85.

  3. I got a cabbage patch doll when I was little named Wendy Iona ( I think thats how its spelled) She went everywhere with me. I actually still have her. I kept her hoping I would be able to pass her down some day. But my son doesn’t seem to want her lol.

  4. I had one in the 80s called hilda generva she had brown pigtails and wore a tennis outfit..left her at an exs house years ago and never got her back.. I would love another one

  5. My parents took me to the Babyland General Hospital in the early 80’s so I could adopt an original doll. I still have her to this day. I chose her out of a room full of dolls and it turned out her name was the same as my maternal Grandmother. Helen Myrna.

  6. I had a cabbage patch doll named Hezel Stacy. Just like me she had brown hair and blue eyes. We both shared the name Stacy, and had the same birthday as well.

  7. A few that I can remeber, were Ricky Corette, Maxie Dino, Marcel Montgomery, Nadia Mindy, and Jessica Louise- she was a collector editiin porcelain cabbage patch in a pink satin dress with white patent leather shoes. I cannot remember the other 3 names. Two were a set of twins-one with a tooth, and the last was a cornsilk cabbage patch.

      1. I am searching for a Donovan Tim doll as a sentimental gift for a friend for Christmas. She has a special story about that doll with her mom who passed away. I so badly want to track one down, but can’t seem to find he even existed. I believe she said he was the first boy. Can anyone guide me to where I may fund him? Google and Ebay haven’t been any help so far.

        1. I’m not sure where you could but there is a book which is a good resource for the soft CPKs made by Xavier Roverts before the Coleco mass-produced kids and your doll may be one of those issues. I believe it’s out of print but I have gotten it from library before – this is the AMazon link for the title:

  8. I had a crimp and curl doll when I was a child she was a gift from my 4th grade teachers at Christmas her name was Freda Winnie and if I knew how Valuable and unique she was I would still have her today. I miss my doll

    1. Unfortnately all dolls on Yello80s are private collection dolls and are not for sale. Ebay would be your best bet to search for a similar doll or the official Cabbage Patch Kids site Babyland General where you can customize a new doll.

  9. I’ll have to get my CPK from my Mother’s house and check his markings. I know his name is Terry Merrill, he’s bald and is dressed in red/burgundy corduroy shirt and pants with a teddy bear embroidered on the shirt.

      1. How do u find out the birth name given to mine female blonde silkhair with frecks on her face and a orange pink stripe in her hair

        1. Unfortunately unless you have saved her birth certificate there is no master list by Coleco of which doll got issued what name. If there ever had been a list as such I imagine it was destroyed when Hasbro bought out Coleco.

  10. I have an Original Cabbage Patch Kids REG # KPH 24643 /40000 name of Haywood Webster, Purchased 12/24/1984. I have all the paperwork, adoption papers, birth certificate w/lisc # 737201. I’m questioning why I find no name mentioned on your list.Signature is on the Left shoe. How do I find out what it’s worth…original Adoption fee of $250.00. It was a gift so, not sure what he paid for it. Thanks

    1. Hello- sounds like Haywood is a Softie, one of the Original Appalachian Artworks ‘Kids. The CPK name list includes only Coleco-made kid names and is not an official list of what doll received what name, only a list of names gathered from birth/adoption certificates and names submitted by owners. As for any kid, its worth is determined by what people are willing to pay for it at any given time. Right now I have seen softie kids on eBay selling anywhere from $50-$300. Keep in mind that’s what they’re listed for, not necessarily what they sell for as many times a seller will take an offer of a lower priced to sell an item and some sellers undercharge as they are not sure of what they are selling. The colour of the signature on the shoe will also tell you what edition your Kid is- A:dark green, B:red, C:burgundy. D:purple, E: bronze or the special editions which would be marked on the certificate: Champagne, Sweetheart, World Class. Searching on ebay for the edition will also give you an idea of what people are paying right now.

  11. I have a soft face green eyed auburn brown hair cabbage patch doll that is roughly 2ft maybe more…her name is althea kimberly..i got her when I was in the hospital in 85 as a newborn..they said she was 1 of 200 signed on the bum….i just can’t find any info on her for my daughter.

    1. Hi Shauna, I don’t know of any of the soft-sculptures that were limited to a run of 200. Was she perhaps from an earlier year? The “World Class” edition was limited to 2500. What colour is her signature on the bum, that makes it easier to narrow down what edition she might be in.

    2. Perhaps she is one of the Kid for All Seasons dolls from 1985– check out the auction for the Fall doll-!15211!US!-1 It seems there were 2 which had darker hair, the other being the Crystal doll which is also on eBay. Now the lot isn’t the same number but she’s about the height you describe. The only other ones I can think of which may have had a very limited number would have been any really special editions they may have had through the original Babyland General Hospital sold there but I’m not sure how to find out anything further there.

  12. I found my daughter’s Cabbage Patch doll from 1984. He name is Jo Erica on the adoption certificate. She has blond hair and blue eyes. I bought her on March 30, 1984.

  13. Trying to identify several CPK. Have adoption/ birth certificates. Sebastian Merrill, Aaron Irwin, Noah Rueben, Anne Colleen, Karlotta Adriana, Magdalene Carola, Leila Kora, Marylou Carola, Odella Willa, Emeline Maude, Yetta Isabel, Frannie Lana. Thank you

    1. Hi Ann, I can’t help much with this one as you cannot identify a Kid’s year or make by it’s name- Coleco simply has not left a record of what doll was issued with what name and Coleco closed in the early 1990s and sold to Hasbro, etc etc. I’m assuming these are all Kids with soft bodies and plastic heads, as most soft sculpture dolls did not have a first and middle name so what you’d need to look at is the colour of the signature on the bum, side tag factory letters (2-3 letters inside a circle on the tag), head mold number on the back of the head right at the neck and characteristics such as glasses, crayon in hand, any special features such as sipping or talking, yarn or “silky” hair, etc. These items will give you a picture of what company, year , type of Kid and factory they came from. I’ll definitely add your Kids names to the list!

  14. My mom lost my 1985 bean bottom bald girls birth certificate I wish I could find it she means so much to me. Her name was laneda I guess but I couldn’t say it when I got her so we call her neda. Like Ned-ah
    My husband got a replacement through babyland but it still isn’t the same as I don’t know her birthday and middle name 🙁

    1. Hi Amy, I can’t help much with this one as you cannot identify a Kid’s name by its characteristics- Coleco simply has not left a record of what doll was issued with what name and Coleco closed in the early 1990s, selling CPK off to Hasbro. Bean Butt Babies are very collecible dolls though so its nice you’ve got her. What is known is that the earlier CPK dolls all had one of 3 birthdates on their certificates: 9/1, 10/1or 11/1 that might help you narrow her down.

  15. My daughter has a 2006 cabbage patch kid use to have a fresh scent has earnings and real eyelashes and underwear and her name is Janae Margarita

  16. My daughter has twin boys Reginal Barney and Sherwood Arley, they are missing their original outfits. Can you tell me where I can get the clothes

    1. CPK clothing can be hard to find- unless you know exactly what the outfits were to search specifically for them it’s sort of a free for all. Ebay is always a good resource but many times people sell clothing in lots and they can get pricey. You might want to check out a CPK group on Facebook- I’m a member of Cabbage Patch Kids Worldwide Collectors and many people sell CPK clothing on there or they can also give you lots of info. Those ladies know EVERYTHING about years and types of clothing. Good luck and I’ll add your babies’ names to the name list 🙂

      1. I have 1983 doll named Marlena Bernice with certificate and adoption papers and didn’t see that name on the list

  17. I used to have a cabbage patch kid back in the 2000’s named Rebecca Michelle. I still think thats kind of a pretty name haha. She had longe medium-blonde hair and blue eyes. Don’t have her anymore though.

    1. I’d say that’s a pretty name and a 2000s kid would have been manufactured by either Mattel (late 1990s), Toys R Us (2001), Play Along (2003) Babyland Exclusive (sold only through cabbagepatchkids online, 2009) or Jakks Pacific (2011).

  18. I have an original Cabbage patch kid girl with brown hair and pig tales, her marking on her left butt cheek is in green, she is the 1978, 1982 addition, that’s when they first come out with them, I am trying to find out what her name is if anyone could help that would b great.

    1. There is no record known from Coleco of what names were issued with what papers- sadly if you do not have your original box papers for your ‘Kid there is no way to confirm what their original name was. The Yello80s CPK Names list contains names from still-boxed ‘Kids, collector’s ‘Kids names and random loose birth papers which are no longer attached to ‘Kids.

  19. I have got from an opportunity shop this morning a CPK blonde hair Caucasian blue eyed boy 14 inches high blue and orange vertical stripped top blue jeans holding a blue key …could you tell me his name ?

    1. There is no record known from Coleco of what names were issued with what papers- sadly if you do not have your original box papers for your ‘Kid there is no way to confirm what their original name was. The Yello80s CPK Names list contains names from still-boxed ‘Kids, collector’s ‘Kids names and random loose birth papers which are no longer attached to ‘Kids.

    1. You will not find a doll’s worth by the name- there are no official records of Cabbage Patch Kids by name from Coleco. To get an idea of market worth for a doll such as yours try searching on eBay for dolls with the same characteristics such as head mold number, any special features such as teeth or glasses, year, with box, boy or girl, clothing style (for example if she is wearing overalls or a dress), if she has a pacifier, etc. Because worth is determined by how much people are willing to pay, it can fluctuate but you’ll get an idea of what someone would pay for her at the present.

  20. I have a red silk hair green eyes girl doll with the number 58 in a square on the back of her head. Any idea what that means?

      1. I have a copyright 1978. 1982. Original Appalachian art works inc. Manufactured by coleco inc. Has a stamped 5 in a square and a stamped 3 kind of across from it. Factory code OK. Trying to get info on it and what it could be worth

        1. Sounds like he/she is a headmold 5. I would check out or for more identifying info. A CPK’s worth is only going to be what someone is willing to pay for it at any given time. Once you find out how to identify your kid go to eBay and search for similar kids to see how much they are going for if you’re looking to sell yours.

  21. Hello! I’m loookong for s old cabbage patch doll by the name of Mary penny. Anyone know where I. An find a picture or even the doll?

    1. It would be almost impossible to locate a doll by name for the reason that there is no master list known to exist of kids by name (mine is collected from various sources and not tied to Coleco) and the possibility that the Kid is with their original name papers to be identified with is pretty slim. If you recall what she looked like your best bet would be to search on ebay to see if someone is selling a similar doll or search features at Babyland General Hospital

  22. Hi I have two cabbage patch kids dolls .one is named Laura Naomi the other is Baylee .Ashlea Could you please help me find out info on these please .are they real what yr. and what they are worth . Thanks connie

  23. My mom has a 1985 coleco original cabbage patch kid on her birth certificate says her name is Maggy Edith my mom is interested in finding more out about her doll can anybody help us find this doll and possibly what it could be worth

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