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Short-haired Cabbage Patch Coleco girl
** Please note: all CPK pages on are meant for entertainment only, not to price, value or locate specific Cabbage Patch Kids.  No Cabbage Patch Kid, Koosa or CPK creation otherwise depicted on is for sale. Information is graciously provided from books and collectors who have studied the dolls’ history and variety and have generously shared their knowledge and personal collections for the benefit of anyone looking into this very unique icon of the 80s. Any additional information or corrections are appreciated in the comments as long as you have a verified source and leave your name to be credited. Now get on in there and enjoy! ** If you are looking for the CPK names pages they are here: For Cabbage Patch Kid Names 1/4 click here. For Cabbage Patch Kid Names 2/4 click here. For Cabbage Patch Kid Names 3/4 click here. For Cabbage Patch Kid Names 4/4 click here. If you’re looking to get into collecting Cabbage Patch Kids (or ‘Kids, or CPKs, or “Cabbies” as they are referred to by various collectors), there are several ways to identify what type of ‘Kid you’ve got or are looking to buy. The worth of a CPK is always fluctuating. Like any other collectible, a CPK is only worth what someone is willing to pay for them so a hard and fast “guide” is really impossible to come up with, but it is possible to tell if something is “hard to find” and may be more likely to go for a higher sell price among collectors. A good place to always look is eBay to see where dolls similar to yours or like one you want to purchase are going for to get an idea of current pricing.  Otherwise, general identifiers for CPKs are:  birth/adoption papers that came with the doll, box design/ packaging, colour of signature on the rear, clothing that came with the doll, head mold number, hairstyle/ type, freckles or colouring, accessories the ‘Kid came with such as a crayon or toothbrush, pacifier, and factory type. Keep in mind this page is a general guide: there are TONs and TONs of variants to Cabbage Patch Kids around the world that may not be on this list or are currently unknown.  Cabbage Patch Kid collector info pre-1990: Cabbage Patch Dolls in the pre-1990 group are split into two phases. The original soft handmade dolls called Little People created by Xavier Roberts under the Original Appalachian Artworks label ran from the late 1970s and took on the Cabbage Patch Kid name from the early to mid 1980s. Video game giant Coleco began mass-producing the second phase of dolls with hard plastic heads from the early 80s to 1990 when they sold out to Hasbro. Dolls around the Hasbro time and later have a “newer” look to them with smaller eyes, thinner bodies and updated hair types. The “classic” mass produced Coleco dolls are generally yarn-haired and chubbier overall. Little People original doll lines in the late 1970s were large, soft-sculptured dolls with adoption papers and name tags (usually without middle name) and were hand-signed until 1981. Bigger than their little Coleco brothers and sisters, these were truly one of a kind, handmade dolls made by Original Appalachian Artworks. Little People and later Cabbage Patch Kids made by Original Appalachian Artworks continued into the early 80s: Soft-Sculptured ‘Kids (Little People) 1977-1979
Little PeopleAppalachian Artworks“Helen” Blue signature (less than 1000 produced)
Little PeopleAppalachian Artworks“A” Blue signature (1000 made)
Little PeopleAppalachian Artworks“B” Red signature (1000 made)
Little PeopleAppalachian Artworks “C” Burgundy signature (5000 made)
Little PeopleAppalachian Artworks“D” Purple signature (10,000 made)
Little PeopleAppalachian Artworks“X” 1979 Christmas edition (1000 made)
Little PeopleAppalachian Artworks“E” Bronze signature (15,000 made)
Little PeopleAppalachian Artworks“SP” Preemie edition (5000 made)
2 Little People softies, a Coleco ‘Kid, a Koosa and a Show Pony
  1980-1985  Little People / Cabbage Patch Kids 
Little PeopleAppalachian Artworks1980 Celebrity edition (5000 made)
Little PeopleAppalachian Artworks1980 Christmas edition (2500 made)
Little PeopleAppalachian ArtworksGrand Edition (1000 made)
Little PeopleAppalachian Artworks1981 “New ‘Ears” edition (15,000 made) – 1st editions to be hand-stamped 
Little PeopleAppalachian Artworks“U” 1982 (unsigned) (21,000 made)
Little PeopleAppalachian Artworks1982 Christmas edition (1000 made)
Cabbage Patch Kids Appalachian Artworks1982 “Cabbage Patch” kid (2500 made)
Cabbage Patch Kids Appalachian ArtworksCPK “Cleveland” green signature (2000 made)
Cabbage Patch Kids Appalachian ArtworksCPK “A” Dark green signature (2000 made)
Cabbage Patch Kids Appalachian ArtworksCPK “B” Red signature (2000 made)
Cabbage Patch Kids Appalachian ArtworksCPK “C” Burgundy signature (10,000 made)
Cabbage Patch Kids Appalachian ArtworksCPK “D” Purple signature (20,000 made)
Cabbage Patch Kids Appalachian ArtworksCPK Oriental (1000 made)
Cabbage Patch Kids Appalachian ArtworksCPK Hispanic (1000 made)
Cabbage Patch Kids Appalachian ArtworksCPK Champagne (2000 made)
Cabbage Patch Kids Appalachian ArtworksCPK 1983 Christmas edition (1000 made)
Cabbage Patch Kids Appalachian ArtworksCPK 1984 Sweetheart edition (1500 made)
Cabbage Patch Kids Appalachian ArtworksCPK Bavarian (1000 made)
Cabbage Patch Kids Appalachian ArtworksCPK World Class edition (2500 made) 
Cabbage Patch Kids Appalachian ArtworksCPK “E” Bronze signature (30,000 made)
Little People Appalachian ArtworksLittle People Pals – dolls for the Little People dolls
Cabbage Patch Kids Appalachian ArtworksCharacter Editions
Cabbage Patch Kids Appalachian ArtworksA Kid for All Seasons (Fall, Crystal, Sunny, Morton)
Xavier RobertsAppalachian ArtworksDebonair Xavier Bear
Cabbage Patch Kids Doll Lines in the 1980s came with outfit, diaper and adoption papers and some came with additional accessories such as pacifiers, crayons, glasses, etc. Owners (“adoptive parents”) took an adoption oath in the store and sent in the adoption papers to receive an official birth certificate and personality trait card. Once papers were “filed” with Babyland General Hospital, dolls were sent a one year birthday card in the mail, the “birthday” being the adoption date recorded. Early CPK dolls (1982-’83?) had birthdays assigned of either September 1, October 1 or November 1 1982-1983 16-18″ tall Head molds #1-4 used. #1 has no dimples. #2 has 2 dimples and some caucasian dolls had freckles. #3 has one dimple. #4 has 2 dimples and a mouth shaped to take a pacifier. 
Kids and PreemiesColecoHead molds 1,2,3,4
Freckled KidsColecoHead mold #2
Porcelain Kids  ApplauseNumbered editions
“Crayon” Kids ColecoHead molds 1,2,3,4
“Paci” (Pacifier) Kids ColecoHead mold #4
1984  14-15″ tall 
PinupsColecoSmall CPKs the dolls could hold
KoosasColecoFull-sized “Pets” for the dolls **
Preemies 13″, Babies Coleco Head molds #3,4
Poseable FigurinesPanosh Place 
Couture Kids Coleco (Canada) Head molds #1,2,3,4
Foreign KidsJesmar, Lili Ledy, Tsukuda, Tri-Ang Pedigree 
International Kids Coleco  
**More information on Koosas on the Koosa and Furskins page! **There was no #7 head mold made but there is speculation that it may have been an Asian Kid prototype
Coleco paci girl and Jesmar girl both in Jesmar clothes with Coleco shoes
Worldwide Distributors of Cabbage Patch Kids 
North AmericaColecoCabbage Patch Kids
MexicoLili Ledy“Nenes del Huerto de la Col”
CanadaColeco“P’tits Bouts de Choux “
South AfricaTri-Ang PedigreeCabbage Patch Kids 
JapanTsukudaCabbage Patch Kids 
SpainJesmarCabbage Patch Kids 
EnglandIdeal“Cabbage Patch Kids”
Germany (Jesmar) Arxon“Kuschel Kinder” (Cuddly Kids)
FranceJesmar“Les Patoufs” (The Kids)
ItalyJesmar“Bamboli del Campo Incantato” (Field of Enchanted Dolls)
FinlandJesmar“Kaalitarhan Tenavat”(Cabbage Nursery Peanuts)
SwedenJesmar“Kal Ungarna” (Cabbage Kids)
DenmarkJesmar“Kålhoved børnene” (Cabbage Children)
1985  Head molds 5,6,8,9 added. #5 has 2 dimples and a front tooth (some dolls came with a retainer or “headgear” for braces). #6 has 1 dimple on the left side and a mouth shaped to hold a pacifier. #8 has 1 dimple on the left side and larger ears to hold eyeglasses. #9 has 2 dimples.
PlaymatesColecoSmall CPK with their own soft playsets
First Tooth Kids, Glasses KidsColeco / Foreign MarketHead mold #5,8
TwinsColeco / Foreign MarketHead molds #2,3,4,5,6,8,9
Western Kids and Show PoniesColecoHead molds #1,2,3,5,6,8,9
World Travelers- China, Russia, Spain, Scotland, HollandColeco Head molds #2,4,8,9
Circus/ RIngmaster KidsColeco Head molds #1,2,3,5,6,8,9
Bean Bag Babies (Bean Butt, BBB) 12-13″Coleco Head molds #1,2,3,4,6,18,20,21
All-Stars: Atlanta Braves, Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, California Angels, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, Detroit Tigers, Houston Astros, Kansas City Royals, Los Angeles Dodgers, Montreal Expos, New York Mets, New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, St. Louis Cardinals, San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants, Toronto Blue JaysColecoHead molds #5,6,8,9,10,11,1214,15.16,
Circus Kids Coleco Head molds #10,11,12,14,15,16
Young AstronautsColecoHead molds #5,6,8,10,11,12,14,15
Cornsilk Hair KidsColecoHead molds #5,6,8,10,11,12,14,15,16
Popcorn Hair KidsColeco Head molds #
**There was no head mold #13 made Head molds 10,11,12,14,15,16 added. #10 has 2 dimples and 2 teeth. #11 has 2 dimples and a tongue. #12 has 2 dimples. #14 has 1 dimple on the left. #15 has no dimples. #16 has a dimple on the chin.    1987
Talking KidsColecoHead molds #17,18
Splashin Kids ColecoHead molds #17,18
Head molds 17 and 18 added. #17 has 1 left dimple and a soft, open mouth. #18 has 1 left dimple and an open mouth and bottom lip. 1988
Toddlers/ The Kid in the Middle! 13″ColecoHead molds #2,3,4,9,15,20
Growing Hair KidsColecoHead molds #8,9,15,20,22,23
Head molds 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 added. #19 has no dimples and an open mouth with 5 teeth. #20 has no dimples, a rounder face, and large ears. #21 has 1 left dimple and an open mouth. #22 has a soft, smiling mouth and 1 tooth. #23 has an open smile with tongue, no dimples, and some dolls had freckles.  **There were no #24, #25, #26, #27, #28, #29 head molds made. 1989
Birthday Kids (1st Edition)Hasbro 
FriendsColecoLarge/small doll sets
Designer Line (transitional kids)Coleco/ HasbroHead molds #3,4,18,19,36,44,45
Babyland Kids Coleco Soft body babies w/attached bonnet
Sippin’ BabiesColeco / HasbroHead molds #18,21 
Poseable Kids (1st Edition)HasbroHead molds #11,12,15
Transitional (“tranny) KidsColeco/ HasbroHead molds #11,12
Head molds  #30, #36, #44, #45 added. #30 has no dimples and a lopsided smile. #36 is the “Asian” ethnicity head mold with no dimples. #44 has a small open smile and a dimple on the chin. #45 has one small dimple on the right close to the mouth. ** There were no #31, #32, #33, #34, #35, #37, #38, #39, #40, #41, #42, #43 made.    Post-Coleco Kids in the 1990s Hasbro took over Coleco in 1989 and began manufacturing Kids that year using up Coleco stock. Kids from the 1989-1990 year are often called “Transition” or “Tranny” Kids as they are sometimes made of both Coleco and Hasbro parts. Hasbro manufactured CPK from 1989-1994 when the line was handed over in 1995 to Mattel. Special Edition Anniversary Kids 
10th Anniversary KidHasbro1992Coleco-styled
15th Anniversary KidsMattell1998Coleco-styled
20th Anniversary KidsToys ‘R Us2003newer styled
25th Anniversary KidsPlay Along2008Coleco-styled
30th Anniversary KidsTarget Exclusive2013newer styled
35th Anniversary Kid w/ Adoptimal PetWicked Cool Toys 2018newer styled
1983 AA Doll
Bumm Signature Colours The signature of Xavier Roberts is stamped on the bumm-cheek of every ‘Kid. First edition ‘Kids have a small date on the bottom of the signature but later editions do not. The colour of the signature tells you what year the doll is from.
BlackColeco Preemies/ Foreign Market Kids1984
GreenColeco / Foreign Market Kids1984
BlueColeco/ Foreign Market Kids1985
RedColeco/ Foreign Market Kids1986
BlackMattel1998 15th Anniversary Edition
Cabbage Patch Kid Abbreviations
CPKCabbage Patch KidAAAfrican American
PaciPacifier KidBBBBean Butt Baby /Beanie Baby
Head Mold Examples: Copyright Notice Styles on Coleco Head Molds
Notice of copyright written in 3 lines with head mold # at bottom middleCopyright notice written in 1 line with no mold #Copyright notice written in 1 line with mold # at bottom center and additional # at the right of this
Copyright notice written in 1 line with mold # at the top middle and additional number at bottom middle (may be a factory batch #)Copyright notice written in 1 line with mold # at top middleCopyright notice written in 3 lines including “Made in Hong Kong” with mold # at bottom middle
Other Copyright Notices on Head Molds
Notice of copyright written in 3 lines including “Made in Spain” (or Italy) and mold # at bottom middle – JesmarNotice of copyright written in 3 lines including J5 or J6 at the top middle and mold # at bottom middle – TsukudaNotice of copyright written in 2 lines with mold # at bottom middle- Tri-Ang Pedigree
Notice of copyright written in 3 lines including “Made in Mexico” with mold # in bottom center- Lili LedyNotice of copyright written in 4 lines or 1 line with no mold #- Coleco/Hasbro transitional lineNotice of copyright written in 3 lines including “First Edition”, mold # on bottom left and additional circled number – Hasbro First Editions
First Edition Hasbro ‘Kid- author unknown
Coleco Hairstyles and Colours There are several hairstyles and colours to be found on Coleco ‘Kids with a ton of combinations, some more rare than others.
Brown coloura medium brown colour, shade used in both caucasian and AA ‘KidsBoys with looped brown hair and girls with long brown are most commonboys with fuzzy brown hair are rarer.
Red colour Girls with double braids are most commonboys with fuzzy red hair or girls  with single red or double ponytails are rare
Wheat/ tan / beige colourash blondeCommon with looped or poodle hair 
Lemon colourlightest yellow-blonde  
Butterscotch/ Mustard colourhoney-blonde  
Fuzzy styleSoft, short non-looped hairOnly on boysAA fuzzy is rarer, more common on foreign kids. 
Single Pony styleSingular ponytail in the back of the headOnly on girls 
Double Pony stylePonytails on the sides of the headOnly on girls 
Shag styleShort hair style- not fuzzy or loopedOnly on boys 
Loops styleShort loops of yarn  
Popcorn styleTightly curled yarn hairOn girls, in both single and double ponytailsAA popcorns are rarer
Lion Mane styleHair framing the face is short and cut, not loopedOnly on girls 
Cornsilk hairSoft, combable non-yarn hairIn various colours, girls only“Shirley Temple” style has cornsilk ringlets
Poodle styleLooped bangs, straight hairBoth single and double ponies. 
Single Braid styleSingle braid on top of the head, hangs to the sideOnly on girls 
Double Braid styleBraided ponytails on both sides of the headOnly on girls 
Baldie/ tuftEntirely bald or bald with a small topknot of hairOnly on babies and preemiesStraight or looped hair
Basic Coleco Eye Colours
Light BrownGreenBlue
LavenderGrey (Koosas)Dark Brown
  Coleco CPK Factories The tag on a CPK doll can tell you what country and factory the doll was made in. Kids from each factory have some common features. The tag on a Coleco CPK doll (domestic or foreign) is located on the doll’s side somewhere between the arm and bumm. On the tag is small circle with a 1,2 or 3 letter code. Sometimes there is also a separate number.
OK (Kader)Coleco, JesmarChubbier bodies, good colouringRegular ‘Kids, Popcorn ‘Kids, Preemies
 UT, UT1, UT2 (rare), UT3 (Taiwan)Coleco Thinner, “porcelain-like” complexion, tendency for head to turn yellow 
 P (Perfecta)Coleco, Tri-Ang Pedigree (“Tri-Ang Pedigree”)Longer legs, head vinyl has tendency to form “pox” from exposure to moistureTwins, last Transitional ‘Kids to be made by Coleco 
PMI (China)Colecohead vinyl extremely prone to “pox” from exposure to moistureRegular ‘Kids, single lemon ponytail girls 
KT (Kam Yeun Toy Factory)Coleco Shorter, stocky bodies, heads can turn greyRegular ‘Kids, CPK Pets, Koosas
SSColecoPre-1986 ‘Kids prone to “pox”from exposure to moistureCPK Pets, BBBs, Preemies, Preemie clothing
WSColeco  BBB, Preemies
 IC, IC1, IC2, IC3, IC4, IC5, IC6, IC7, IC8 (Taiwan)ColecoThicker hair, tendency for head to get “seasickness” and turn a greenish hueCowboy ‘Kids, freckled #1 head mold ‘Kids
WJ/ SY (Korea)Coleco Show Ponies, Circus Ponies, Koosas (SY)
CY, EX (Taiwan)  CPK Clothing
FW, LF (China)  CPK Clothing
CC Coleco Circus Ponies, Show Ponies, CPK Clothing
JJesmar1-2″ longer than Coleco ‘Kids, hand-painted freckles, nice complexion“Made in Spain” “Made in Italy”
TP, P (earlier ‘Kids)Tri-Ang PedigreeSmudged, “filmy” eyes“Made in South Africa”
Lili Ledy (Mexico)Lili LedyBody poorly attached to head, very close in appearance to Coleco Kids 
Tsukuda (Japan)TsukudaVery good complexionBride & Groom sets, Kimono clothed ‘Kids, All-Star ‘Kids
CANADA LTEEColeco Boxed clothing and accessories
HasbroColeco/ Hasbro Transitional ‘Kids
  Cabbage Patch Kids Adoption Papers Adoption papers that came with CPKs came in a sealed envelope marked on the bottom with the logo of the type of Kid as well as the language of the market the Kid was manufactured for. For Coleco ‘Kids at least, the envelope style indicates which year they were manufactured in.   Rare CPK By no means is this an entire list but some rare combinations known are:
Coleco green-eyed bald ‘KidsColeco brown-haired, blue-eyed boysColeco #5 head mold, brown single ponytail girl w/ blue eyesColeco #19 head mold brown double ponytail popcorn hair w/ brown eyes
Coleco/ Hasbro Designer Line boys w/ brown hair and blue eyesColeco #4 head mold preemies w/ green or blue eyesColeco KT factory kids with embroidered side tags and “Designed by” stamp above the bum signatureColeco #2, #3 boys w/ fuzzy red hair
Coleco lemon, gold or auburn fuzzy boysColeco brown fuzzy boy w/ blue eyes.Designer line lemon double pony girl P tag  
Coleco freckled #2 AA, or Caucasion boy w/ red loops/ brown eyes, gold loops/ green eyes, girl w/ brown double poodle ponies/ grey eyes, gold loops/ green eyesColeco brown fuzzy boy w/ brown eyes and freckles Coleco girl #3 single red ponyColeco girl #1 double red ponies
Coleco #4 preemie with green, undated signatureCanadian-market only Couture Kids Coleco #5 girl w/ single brown side pony and blue eyesColeco boy w/ brown shag and blue eyes 
Coleco #1 and #3 grey-eyed girlsColeco Twins that came in Animal SleepersColeco French Canadian Mounty boysColeco #6 popcorn girls w/lemon single ponies, or red/brown double ponies 
Coleco Twin popcorn girls in fur coatsColeco AA Talking KidsColeco AA girl #14 w/ brown popcorn double ponies Coleco #4 toddlers, AA toddlers
Coleco #4 single red pony Coleco/ Hasbro Designer Line- all Coleco/ Hasbro Poseables- allTri-Ang Pedigree #1 girl w/tooth 
Tri-Ang Pedigree girls or boys w/ “gaudy gold”, “rust”, “taffy” hair only used by that makerJesmar boys w/ gold fuzzy hair w/ or w/out frecklesJesmar #3 single toothJesmar girls red poodle
Jesmar #4 girls w/lavender eyes and freckles Jesmar #4 red or lemon boys w/ or w/out frecklesJesmar red fuzzy boy w/green eyesLili Leddy all, freckled, Mexican dress
  To identify CPK and other helpful services try these sources: To have dolls repaired, hair rerooted or customized:  (Soft-faced originals only) Bath Camp , Repairs and Baby Hospital , DIY cleaning To order a customised doll: Pick a baby like your own from Babyland General , Or a big ‘Kid , To have a soft-faced CPK adoption certificate re-issued: follow the directions on the CPK Names Page here Identification Helps:  Coleco hairstyles , Head Molds , Foreign and Rare Kids , Buying and Researching Sources: Doll College MyCPKCollection CPK Worldwide Collectors Facebook Group (closed group) Cabbage Patch Kids RARE & HTF and Related htf Cpk items Facebook Group (closed group) Diana’s Patch Cabbie Timeline Babyland General Encyclopedia of Cabbage Patch Kids the 1980s, Schiffer Books  Fantasy: the Incredible Cabbage Patch Phenomenon, William Hoffman  Ebay CPK Guide