1959 Barbie Repro - greymehiiiBarbara Millicent Roberts, known to fans everywhere as Barbie, been around since 1959 and celebrated her 50th birthday in 2009. I wasn’t a Barbie collector as a kid but my mother and her friends passed me down their Barbies from the early 60s; stuff like Barbie and her friends, lots of accessories and a huge camping van for outdoor adventures. Being the snot that I was, I gave the dolls haircuts, confiscated the shoes and took the camper apart. Oh that I’d have only known eBay back then…. Here we’re going to look specifically at the Barbie doll lines that came out in the 1980s, starting with a quick list of Barbie and her friends that preceded the 80s.

A little history first though: Barbie premiered at the 1959 Toy Fair by Mattel. During the 60s and 70s Barbie’s styles reflected the contemporary attitudes of young women at the time. By the 80s Barbie’s look was international, rock, and high fashion. Mattel had lost a lot of money on their gaming ventures during the 80s and went through several reorganisations in management. Mattel was downsized and they switched their focus to two main toy lines- Barbie and Hot Wheels with Barbie soaring ahead in sales and pulling the company back into profit. Barbie became the toy world’s “Princess of Power.” Move over She-Ra.

1959-1980 Barbie and Friends

Ken (Barbie’s boyfriend)
Midge (Barbie’s Best Friend)
Allan (Ken’s Buddy)
Skipper (Barbie’s Little Sister)
Ricky (Skipper’s Friend)
Skooter (Skipper’s Friend)
Francie (Barbie’s MODern Cousin)
Tutti (Barbie and Skipper’s Tiny Sister)
Todd (Barbie and Skipper’s Tiny Brother)
Casey (Francie’s Fun Friend)
Chris (Tutti’s Friend)
Twiggy (Celebrity Doll)
Stacey (Barbie’s British Friend)
Christie (Barbie’s New Friend)
Buffy and Mrs. Beasley (Celebrity Dolls)
P.J. (Barbie’s Best Friend)
Truly Scrumptious (Celebrity Doll)
Julia (Celebrity Doll)
Brad (Christy’s Boyfriend)
Pretty Pairs: Angie ‘n Tangie, Nan ‘n Fran, Lori ‘n Rori
Fluff (Skipper’s Playmate)
Steffie (Barbie’s Friend)
Miss America (Celebrity Doll)
Tiff (Skipper’s Friend)
Kelley (Barbie’s Friend)
Baby Sweets (Barbie’s babysitting baby)
Carla (Tutti’s Friend)
Curtis (Ken’s Friend)
Cara (Barbie’s Friend)
Ginger (Skipper’s Friend)
Donny & Marie Osmond (Celebrity dolls)
Jimmy Osmond (Celebrity doll)
Kate Jackson (Celebrity doll)
Cheryl Ladd (Celebrity doll)
Kitty O’Neil (Celebrity doll)
Eli (Korean / Japanese doll)
Wonder Woman (Celebrity doll)
Debby Boone (Celebrity doll)
Kristy McNichol as Buddy (Celebrity doll)
Moon Mystic (Celebrity doll)
Sun Spell (Celebrity doll)


Beauty Secrets Barbie, Christie, Barbie Pretty Reflections
Scott (Skipper’s Boyfriend)
Hispanic Barbie
Sport & Shave Ken
Black Barbie
Pink & Pretty
Ebony Christy
Chantal Goya (French Chantal Celebrity doll)
Malibu Barbie Beach Party
Parisian Barbie (France)
Royal Barbie (England)
Scottish Barbie
Italian Barbie
Oriental Barbie

Eskimo Barbie
India Barbie
Hawaiian Barbie
, Ken
Swedish Barbie
Spanish Barbie
Swiss Barbie
Irish Barbie
Japanese Barbie
A Boneca Que E Uma Estrla Barbie
Golden Dream Barbie
Western Barbie, Ken, Skipper
Roller Skating Barbie, Ken
Happy Birthday Barbie
My First Barbie
Superstar Barbie
Disco Barbie, Ken, Skipper
Pink & Pretty Barbie, Christie

Magic Curl Barbie
All-Star Ken
Fashion Jeans Barbie
, Ken
Sunsational Malibu Barbie, Ken, Skipper, P.J., Christie, Black Ken
Dream Date P.J.
Barbie and Friends set
Angel Face Barbie
Twirly Curls Barbie
Twirly Curls Barbie
gift set
Barbie and Ken Camping Out set
Horse Lovin’ Barbie, Ken, Skipper
Tracy (Barbie’s friend)
Todd (Ken’s friend)
99 the Great Gretzky (Celebrity doll)
Crystal Barbie, Ken
Loving You Barbie, gift set
Sweet Roses P.J.
Great Shape Barbie,
Ken, Skipper
Sun Gold Malibu Barbie, Ken, Skipper, P.J., Black Barbie, Black Ken, Hispanic Barbie, Hispanic Ken
Ballerina Barbie
Peaches n Cream Barbie
Dreamtime Barbie
Day-to-Night Barbie
, Ken
Hot Stuff Skipper
The Heart Family
(Barbie’s Friends)
Dance Sensation Barbie
American Doll Barbie
Excelina Barbie (Japan-issue)
Boy Friend Ken (Japan-issue)
Dream Glow Barbie, Ken
Gift Giving Barbie
Astronaut Barbie

Magic Moves Barbie
The Heart Family New Arrival
Barbie and the Rockers Barbie, Dana, Dee Dee, Derek, Diva, Ken
Tropical Barbie, Ken, Skipper, Miko, Black Barbie, Hispanic Barbie, Black Ken, Hispanic Ken
Deluxe Tropical Barbie
Celebration Barbie
Fabulous Fur Barbie
Blue Rhapsody Barbie
Jewel Secrets Barbie
, Ken, Whitney (Barbie’s friend), Skipper
Funtime Barbie w/ watch
Super Hair Barbie
The Heart Family Kiss and Cuddle
sets- Mom/ Daughter, Dad/ Son
Pink Jubilee Barbie
Feeling Groovy Barbie
Perfume Pretty Barbie
, Whitney
Perfume Giving Ken
Doctor Barbie, Ken
Nurse Whitney
Barbie Sensations Barbie
, Becky, Belinda, Bopsy, Bobby
California Dream Barbie, Ken, Midge, Christie, Teresa, Skipper
Island Fun Barbie, Ken, Skipper, Miko, Christie, Teresa, Steven
Teen Fun Skipper
Teen Sweetheart Skipper
Happy Holidays Barbie 1988
Mardi Gras Barbie
Skating Star Barbie 1988
Calgary Winter Olympics
Olympico Ken 1988 Winter Olympics
Superstar Barbie, Ken
Dance Club Barbie, Ken, Devon, Kayla
Animal Lovin’ Barbie, Ken, Viky, Nikki
Animal Lovin’ Barbie set w/ Ginger or Zizi
Style Magic Barbie, Whitney, Christie, Skipper
Cool Times Barbie, Ken, Midge, Christie, Teresa
Beach Blast Barbie, Ken, Skipper, Christie, Steven, Miko, Teresa
High School Jazzie (Cousin of Barbie), Dude, Chelsie, Stacie

Teen Dance Jazzie
Teen Looks Jazzie
Homecoming Queen Skipper
Teen Time Skipper
, Courtney
Garden Party Barbie
Pink Jubilee 1959-1989 Barbie
Golden Greetings Barbie
Party Lace Barbie
Pepsi Spirit Barbi
e, Skipper
10th Anniversary Barbie 1989 Mattel Spain
American Beautties Army Barbie
Barbie All-Stars Barbie
, Ken, Midge, Teresa, Christie
BillyBoy’s Le Nouveau de la Mode Barbie
BillyBoy’s Feeling Groovie Barbie
Barbie and the Beat Barbie
, Midge, Christie
Dance Magic Barbie, Ken
Flight Time Barbie, Ken
Ice Capades Barbie, Ken
Western Fun Barbie, Ken, Nia (Barbie’s friend)
Wet ‘n Wild Barbie, Ken, Skipper, Teresa, Kira, Christie, Steven
Cool Tops Skipper, Courtney, Kevin
Sun Lovin’ Jazzie
Children’s Palace exclusive Barbie (w/ Mickey Mouse outfit)
Evening Elegance Barbie
Magic Curl Barbie
Party Sensation Barbie
Friendship Barbie
– Berlin Wall 1 & 2 versions
Bob Mackie Barbie

Barbie Sets
Barbie Ferrari
Barbie Dream House
Barbie Pool

Contemporary Barbie Dolls 1980 and Beyond 1998 Edition- Jane Sarasohn-Kahn
Collector’s Encyclopedia of Barbie Doll Exclusives and More