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TG babysitters club game
I am a board game fan and I recall trouncing the crap out of my parents in Trivial Pursuit, Genius Edition and Monopoly (my mothers advice: buy everything you land on and have no mercy with houses). My best friend’s family still collects board games but for the most part the personal EVERYTHING has replaced those corny family times trying to bankrupt each other or get to the end of the game of LIFE first. Fun times gone by…. Does anybody remember setting up Mouse Trap and then being too exhausted to play the game??? Board Games 80s kids grew up with: Boggle Battleship Twister Pictionary The game of LIFE Go to the head of the class Guess Who? Operation CLUE Trivial Pursuit Yahtzee High-O Cherry O! The Care Bears Game Kerplunk! Don’t Break the Ice Hungry, Hungry Hippos Monopoly Parcheesi Mouse Trap Scrabble Scrabble Connect Four Checkers, Chinese Checkers Chess Backgammon Disco Dice Sorry! Candyland Shoots and Ladders, Snakes and Ladders Pick up Stix

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