McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys from the 80s- 1986

McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys from 1986 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990-1993 Airport snap together airplanes– Fry Guy Flyer, Big Mac ‘Copter, Fry Guy/ Hello Copter, Ronald McDonald Seaplane, Grimace Ace, Birdie Blazer Under 3 – Grimace Smiling Shuttle, Fry Guy Friendly Flyer Happy Pails 3 – Sand pails with shovels and sand-sifter lids that doubled as Happy Meal containers- Beach, Parade, Treasure Hunt, Vacation, Picnic Play Doh 4- 2 oz cans, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, pink Stomper Mini 4×4 big wheel cars– AMC Eagle, Chevy S10 Pickup, Chevy Van, Chevy Blazer, Dodge Ram Pickup, Ford Ranger Pickup, Jeep Renegade, Toyota Tercel, Stomper Special Offer Under 3– Jeep Renegade, Chevy Van, Toyota Tercel Young Astronauts– snap together space craft models- Apollo Command Module, Space Shuttle, Argo Land Shuttle, Cirrus Vtol Halloween Pumpkin Pails that doubled as Happy Meal containers -McBoo, McGoblin, McPunkin Lego Little Travelers Duplo sets– Roadster, Tanker, Airplane, Helicopter An American Tail storybooks– Fievel’s Boat Trip, Tony and Fievel, Fievel an Tiger, Fievel’s Friends Old McDonald’s figures by Playmate- Farmer, Wife, Cow, Rooster or Hen, Pig, Sheep The Story of Texas story books with Texas map- Part 1: the beginning, Part 2: Independence, Part 3: The Frontiet, Part 4: The Twentieth Century Beach Balls– Blue/ Birdie, Red/ Ronald McDonald, Yellow / Grimace Beach Comber pails– pail with shovel that doubled as Happy Meal containers- Mayor McCheese with birds, Ronald McDonald with Sea Shells, Grimace with Fish Construx building parts– Cylinder, Wing, Canopy, Axel Crayola stencil sets with crayons or markers- Blue Triangle / orange or green marker, Red Circle/ crayons, Red Rectangle/ flourescent metallic crayons Tinosaurs characters by Aviva- Dinah, Merry Bones, Time Traveler Fern, Tiny, Grumpy Spell, Kave Kolt Kobby, Baby Jad, Link, the Elf High Flying Kites– Hamburglar, Ronald, Birdie Colourforms– Ronald McDonald / farm, Birdie / Outdoors, Hamburglar / Picnic, Grimace / beach, Professor / camping Glo-Trons Spaceship containers and glow in the dark stickers- Green pointed spaceship, blue engine at rear, red four engines, gray windows Fry Guy golf game, Grimace golf game, Grimace bowling game Berenstein Bears Other Promotion items for 1986 Mighty Mac Robot Dozer Football / Super Spinner Helicopters- Big Mac, Hello! Copter Grimace Mighty Mac Shuttle Finger puppets- Birdie, Fry Girl, Ronald McDonald, Grimace Fry Guy Friendly Flyer Fun Times Magazine Grimace Smiling Shuttle 7″ Plates– Ronald and Friends in Space, Ronald and Friends w/ Dinosaurs, Ronald and Friends on Train American Tale Stocking Ornaments free w/ $5 gift certificate book–  Fievel on a Holly Leaf, Fievel on a Christmas Ball, Fievel on Sled, Fievel Dancing (also came with a $5 off coupon for the 18″ doll from Sears) Gillette Minitrac razor “We’ll change the way you look at breakfast” 1986 McDonaldland / dinosaurs life pad 1986 McVote ’86 glasses 5 7/8″ 1986  He’s the Big Cheese in burgers / train, All the Makings of a Winner / car Book– Behind the Arches, John T. Love, 1986 Images: Images in the toy pages are courtesy McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys from the Eighties – Joyce & Terry Losonksy And courtesy McDonald’s Collectibles 2nd Ed.– Gery Henriques & Audre Duvall

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