80s Toys

See Also: Boys Toys, Girls Toys, Baby Toys, Fast Food Toys, Collectibles, Building Toys, Arts/ Crafts, Learning Toys, Building Toys,  Playsets,  Tv/Movie Toys, Toys that Go, Stuffed Toys, Video Games Ah, toys, toys, toys! It seemed everything in the 1980s existed for one purpose: to sell toys. Cartoons? Chock full of ads: Coming to a local Kmart near you just in time for the Christmas rush!  Fast food? Buy the meal and get a free toy!  Breakfast cereal? What’s breakfast cereal?!  Oh, that crunchy crap we dumped out on the table to get– the toy!  Marketers knew that the all-powerful toy marketing scheme had to start somewhere and they made good use of that other omnipresent selling machine to get their wares out to the masses: television. Here’s some of my favourite ads from the 80s and I bet some were your favourites too. Lite Brite courtesy ilovetvcommercials80 Teddy Ruxpin Show and Tell courtesy adobro Star Wars toys courtesy mr80stvshows The Animator courtesy xBeatrushx MadBalls courtesy RecreationBerkshire Blurp Balls courtesy wheezebucket Baby All Gone courtesy kagemusha168 PogoBall courtesy SpacedCobraTV Puffalumps courtesy iencoder Fantastic Flowers courtesy weatherguru76 NKOTB Dolls courtesy Ecossaise HuggaBunch dolls courtesy Lauren Gainey Gummi Bears Shrinky Dinks courtesy amtelevision My Buddy / Kid Sister courtesy weatherguru76
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