80s Food Week: Suncheros

English: Keebler delivery truck, US 23, Michigan
English: Keebler delivery truck, US 23, Michigan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can’t say that I ever had the pleasure of chomping on the tortilla crisps from Keebler that were Keebler Suncheros but I sure remember the adverts with an American Indian gentleman singing away as he crunched on a bag that Suncheros were light and crispy cause they’re made by pequeños Keebleros! Goofball.

Introduced in 1988, Suncheros were part of Keebler’s answer to Frito-Lay‘s millions-maker Ruffles chips along with O’Boises and Ripplins to round out it’s foray out of sweet stuff and into salty snacks. Suncheros came in 3 flavours: original, salsa and nacho and were billed as being ‘cholesterol free’ and ‘lighter’ and ‘thinner’ than regular tortilla chips on the market. In 1988 a 7oz bag cost $1.49.

Suncheros ad courtesy Gary Flavin

Chicago Tribune

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