G1 My Little Pony Basic Fun Releases

Basic Fun, a Florida based company that secured rights to reproduce multiple vintage toy lines including Weebles, Pound Puppies, Lite Brite, Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, Care Bears, Arcade Classics and Tonka Trucks, began releasing their My Little Pony Classic line with the advent of My Little Pony’s 35th Anniversary. These ponies come with either a sticker, ribbon, hairbrush or comb and are really pretty faithful to the originals insofar as colouring, symbols and poses go. The hair is not exact to the orignal Hasbro G1 ponies but as picky as I am, I’d say it’s pretty decent. 

Series 1: Collector’s Pose

These ponies came with a fold out poster, comb and ribbon.

Blossom– body colour is darker than the original


Minty – body colour is brighter than the original 

Cotton Candy

Blue Belle 

Snuzzle -body and symbols are bright than original



Series 2: Earth Ponies

These ponies came with a fold out poster, brush and ribbon.

Apple Jack

Bow Tie -body is darker than original, hair a bit lighter.



Rainbow Ponies series 1

These ponies came with a  ribbon, comb and puffy sticker. Ponies in this series are also scented.


Skydancer -body is a little darker than the original.

Windy -body is a little more lavendar than the original.





Rainbow Ponies Series 2

These ponies came with a ribbon, comb and puffy sticker.




Flutterbye -body is slightly darker than original 

Pinwheel -body is slightly darker than original 

Starflower -body is slightly more aqua than original 



Unicorns and Pegasus series 1

These ponies came with a brush, ribbon and pull out poster.







Unicorn and Pegasus series 2

These ponies come with a comb, ribbon and puffy sticker.


Heart Throb




Pretty Parlour

With Peachy and Twinkles 

Special Issues

Majesty -from San Diego 2019 Comic Con

Upside Down Apple Jack– from Stranger Things on Netflix

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