You remember them – from the words of wisdom in One to Grow On to the pot-smoking dad and egg-cracking teen trying to steer your kids away from drugs, 80s Public Service Announcements were both whimsical and disturbing.  Here’s some of the cream of the crop:

Drug PSA: Parents who do Drugs have Kids who do Drugs (ticklemeozmo)

Time for Timer– healthy afterschool snacks (tracy80sgirl)

AIDS PSA – Don’t Share (MediaBurnArchive)

Drug PSA Mr. T (CaptainOT)

Drug PSA Do Something (Matt Pendergast)

Drug PSA- McGruff with Regina (lloydbentman)

Drug PSA – Your brain on drugs (Anthony Kalamut)

Drug PSA Nobody wants to be a junkie when they grow up (CoolOldVideos)

Drug PSA Peewee and Cocain (trailerboy415)